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Build Android Apps with Top Android App Development Company in India

The Mobile Phone Industry, as we know it, has seen a complete transformation, in the past decade or so. The transformation from the erstwhile feature phones to the present day smart phones, iPods and iPads, has been steady and brisk at the same time. Though we know which company developed Android! The answer being the one and only Google, it is definitely a challenge, if not impossible, to zero in on the top Android App development company in India. Thanks to Android App design, we continue to see, a sea of change, in the very architecture of mobile phones that has made things very easy for all of us.

DeveloperOnRent did not take much time, in getting our Android developers, accustomed to the high profile features of the Android operating system and within a very short span of time we are recognised as the best Android App Development Company in Bangalore. When you hire an Android App developer from DeveloperOnRent, you are actually hiring the best of the talent in industry, who let their work speak for themselves. Our Android App development services are clinical and driven with the very latest trends to surface with respect to the Android Operating System.

android app development company

Our Android App Development Services

At DeveloperOnRent, we focus on using developing the best quality Android Apps by making use of the most latest Android App development tools, to have entered the market. Over the years, Android Apps have seen constant version upgrades. We leave no stones unturned in equipping ourselves with the latest developments and upgrades in the world of Android development. We have efficient Android App developers who have already dived into the world of Android 9, the latest version from Android, which has a touch of Artificial Intelligence into it.

Our Android application development services include Android App designs which combine simplicity, speed and many new innovative features. With this confidence behind us, we continue to develop quality applications which make use of the niche tools and software. We are one amongst the very few Android App development companies in Bangalore, who not only extend Android App development services but also share knowledge on how to develop an Android App. Hire Android Developers from DeveloperOnRent, where knowledge and brilliance combine with each other and give you more than what you would have anticipated. Our list of services is self-explanatory.

Android Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development has risen incredibly. With Android ruling the world as it is now, DeveloperOnRent has utilized this opportunity, to equip itself with the best available Android Mobile App Developers who are well versed with the latest app development tools like PhoneGap, AIDE and IntelliJ. As an Android mobile app development company of repute, our mobile app development services include the best of the options, aimed towards business growth, for Startups, Small and Medium Scale enterprises as well as large corporates and fortune 500 companies.

Android Customization Apps

As one of the top Android Application Development Company in Bangalore, DeveloperOnRent is an Android Application design company which specializes in Android customization apps. With abundant subject knowledge and loads of project experience, our Android Developers can develop the best quality customization android apps, in line with prominent apps used like SwiftKey, IFTTT and Navigation Gestures.

Android Development IDE

The Android Development IDE (Integrated Development Environment) plays a major role in enhancing the speed of an Android Operating system. Android studio 2.0 is the official IDE for the Android operating system. At DeveloperOnRent, one of the premier Android Application Development Company in Bangalore, we equip our developers with complex and challenging projects, built around Android 2.0 and get them all set for any innovative and creative Android App development project, coming our way at very short notices.

Business Apps for Android

Developing Business apps is a complex subject which involves considering various parameters business size, size of the team, acceptance of the app in the larger markets etc. DeveloperOnRent is one of the unique Android App development companies in Bangalore, which is known for extending Android development services, by making use of some of the most modern Android development tools.

Android for AI

The significance of AI is very well known in the mobile app industry. We are an Android App Development Company who have proven expertise in developing Artificial Intelligence based Android Applications which are secured, easy to install and fast.

Enterprise Android App Development

One of the major attractions at DeveloperOnRent is the ability of our developers to build feature rich enterprise level apps. We have worked on major projects which include applications for large businesses, Government and charitable organizations.

Different Industries We Serve

As an Android App Development Company of promise, we use cutting edge technology, in delivering quality rich applications. Our Android App Developers have the expertise in developing a wide range of applications. Our competent team is a well-knit team with perseverance, collaborative spirit and possess a thirst for abundant knowledge, which helps us think beyond just a regulation Android application and develop Android Apps across various sectors like,

 ReactJs integration


We are a custom Android application development company who help you build Android App based solutions suitable for the Healthcare sector, which are HIPAA compliant and help in guarding against fraudulent transactions.
 Joomla application


Our Android App development services include developing Apps suiting various critical business activities. One such key area is Logistics where, our well-equipped Android developers excel in helping you track shipments and get hold of status as it appears through a sophisticated Logistics Management system.
Joomla plugins


As one of the top Android IT based development companies in India, we have not left the most critical sector in Finance, unattended! Included in our Android app development services is Finance Management, which has been a challenge for many organizations. With an indigenously developed software application, we address every key detail, our customer requests, with respect to queries on Finance Management.
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Retail and E-commerce

Education and E-learning modules are fast replacing the erstwhile classroom based education. Keeping in tune with these technological changes, at DeveloperOnRent, we focus more on retaining the student's interest in Education, through most innovative and meticulous Android App designs.
Joomla updates

Education and E-learning

Education and E-learning modules are fast replacing the erstwhile classroom based education. Keeping in tune with these technological changes, at DeveloperOnRent, we focus more on retaining the student's interest in Education, through most innovative and meticulous Android App designs.

Travel and Tourism

Our Android App developers are proficient in building travel based applications like payment gateways, e-ticketing systems and guided virtual tours to offer an enthralling user experience.

Key Benefits to choose DeveloperOnRent as an Android Application Development Company

The innovation of Android Apps has been a phenomenal invention by the use of technology. Android App designs have created a wave amongst mobile phone users. With the availability of Android App driven Smart phones, users could download the convenient app on the phone and use it whenever they wanted. It was not just this factor. For us at DeveloperOnRent, it was a thought, to take this technology forward, in an even more fruitful way. To hire Android App Developers in Bangalore is a challenge, as it requires them to be equipped with, minimum basic requirements. At DeveloperOnRent, when we hire dedicated Android App developer, we look into developers, with a good hold on the most basic building block for Android Apps and a working knowledge of Java. In addition to this, our competent engineers have a sound knowledge of XML and SQL which play an important role in Android App development. DeveloperOnRent strictly focusses on the following key points of customer satisfaction,

Android Mobile Application Development

A reduced cost of development is always what any customer would be happy with. Interactive and responsive Android mobile application development is what satisfies a customer, the most. We have embraced the digital revolution to perfection, over the past few decades, and been vastly successful in churning out competent and competitive Android mobile app designs.

Android Customization Apps

Creative and skilled Android developers who can meet the specific needs of any customer.


Multifaceted developers who have the ability to develop Android mobile applications and contribute immensely to the growth of any organization thereby opening up doors for larger profitability in business.

Meet stringent delivery schedules

been a challenge and top web development companies, strategize their delivery schedules to perfection.

Input Data Integrity

We are a company who believe in and understand the value of data integrity and confidentiality. As such, we maintain the highest degree of input data confidentiality by co-ordinating only with the authorized customer representatives.

Extensive Post Project Support

At DeveloperOnRent, we continue to be associated with our customers with extensive post project support which includes periodical maintainenece and upgrades to the app as per customer needs.

Our Android App Development Process

Android app development warrants a focussed approach. DeveloperOnRent being one of the top Android Software Development companies in Bangalore adopts a measured approach, aimed towards delivering a quality end product, commencing from.




This phase comprises about studying the scope of work, business requirements, operations and technical requirements.




This phase calls for a complete understanding of the key data for mobile application development which includes scope, timelines, repetitive data and risks involved.


team deployment


Right people for the right job are of paramount importance as they form the backbone of any development project. We leave no stones unturned to rope in the best in business.




We value our customer’s time and our time. As such, no time is lost in beginning the project, once approved from all quarters.




We maintain transparency in project status and adhere to strict deliver schedules. Our clients are well-informed of the progress made at various stages of the project development.

Why Hire Android Developers From DeveloperOnRent

We offer efficient Android App developers for hire who have already dived into the world of Android 9, the latest version from Android, which has a touch of Artificial Intelligence into it.We follow a framework driven approach in android application development to focus on continuous improvement. We maintain the highest degree of business transparency and data integrity. This is an Android mobile app Development Company where the smallest of the input is kept highly confidential and handled only under strict consent of project managers and client representatives.


Delivering flexible, scalable and secured Android Apps has been our core area of focus. As an Android App Development company of great reputation, we hire Android App developers, who bring in the much needed expertise and skill sets to develop cross platform Android applications. Our USP has always been customer satisfaction.

Android has been a global phenomenon with huge investments and it is only going to increase with the ever growing need of upgraded versions, to keep pace with technological changes. The last few decades has seen technology taking over the world in a real big time. So much so that even the products we purchase, the way we communicate, the way we live, and learn has been vastly influenced by technology. Android has contributed immensely to this innovation and continues to contribute.

We hire Android App developers in Bangalore who have the basic operational knowledge of Java, XML and SQL.

It surely is with its wide range of applications. In addition to cost, it saves on time especially for companies, who look to begin their journey in this competitive world, with minimal expenditure.

The immensely popular Android App has every opportunity to be scaled up. With technology at its peak, the need for Android Apps will keep increasing, by the day.


Apart from Android App development services we excel in hosts of other technologies. Have a look at them-


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