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DeveloperOnRent is one of the reputed Angular JS web Development Company which offers world class Web and Mobile Application Development services, to clients in over 50 countries. Our team of efficient Angular JS Developers have been successful in developing user friendly solutions to over 300 satisfied customers. Over the years, our expert Developers at DeveloperOnRent, have completed close to 750 Angular JS projects, with an aim to deliver safe and secure web and mobile app solutions.


Build quality apps with top Angular JS Development Company in India

The Angular model comes in with some specific and attractive features which has motivated many companies to choose this platform. When it comes to building dynamic web applications, Angular JS is one of the first choices. In addition to this, Angular JS is one of the most popular platforms to develop Single Page application.

DeveloperOnRent, one of the versatile Web Development Company in Bangalore, has executed many projects using Angular latest version which is Angular 7, released in 2018. In addition to this our Angular developers have also developed user friendly applications on the earlier Angular versions which include Angular 4, Angular 5 and Angular 6.

The incredible rise of Angular JS which is easy to understand and develop as well as has strong testing protocols inspired DeveloperOnRent to take up web development activities using the Angular framework. In addition to this, the following features are an additional asset,

  • Angular JS supports Two Way Data Binding process
  • Angular JS implements the MVC or Model-View-Controller model which helps in a structured website development process.
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    Our Angular Web Development Services

    At DeveloperOnRent, we focus on using developing the Angular JS has the backing of none other than Google. This is enough to make it as one of the significant, open source, development framework. As an Angualr.JS company with potential, DeveloperOnRent has well understood the vast advantages, which Angular JS, brings along. At DeveloperOnRent, we have strategized our service deliveries with an aim to take complete advantage of the capabilities of Angular JS and in return, deliver competent and strong solutions, to our clients. The applications developed by our Developers give our clients, various options to choose from,

    Custom based Angular JS development

    DeveloperOnRent is an Angular JS Web Development Company which makes good use of the Angular technology to develop customized solutions. All our Angular projects are directed by specific customer requirement and developed to work across any platform and suiting any screen size of various telecom devices.

    Enterprise Level Angular.JS development

    As one of the best Angular JS Development Company in Bangalore, DeveloperOnRent has the ability to build user friendly, enterprise level solutions to good effect. Our Angular web development services include developing budget friendly applications for businesses, schools, charities, Government and private organizations.

    Angular UI Bootstrap

    DeveloperOnRent does not limit its technical competence to only customised websites, we strive to use Angular programming to offer the best solutions to our customers. Our Angular services also include web front end development using Angular UI Bootstrap components.

    Angular Mobile App Development

    DeveloperOnRent is one of the fast growing Angular JS Development Company. When you Hire Angular JS developers from DeveloperOnRent, you get to work with a team who are well equipped with all the pre-requisites required for Angular based Web Development. In addition, we have a team, who has a good understanding of the Angular Node Package Manager which is a general requirement for web and mobile app development.

    Support Scalable Learning Platforms

    Angular.JS developers at DeveloperOnRent, think beyond the present and look into the future by designing Apps which are scalable, dependable and capable of meeting technological changes, as and how they unfold. This makes DeveloperOnRent, one of the most sought after company for Angular JS Development Company.

    Portal based Angular Development

    DeveloperOnRent is a company which uses the best and latest technology in its development process. With E-Commerce gaining a user's attention in a large way, DeveloperOnRent has a committed team involved in building Angular.JS applications towards online business portals and giving our users the most memorable browsing experience.

    Different Industries We Serve

    As a web development company, at DeveloperOnRent, we use the latest Angular versions, in our Angular JS projects. Hire Angular JS developers from DeveloperOnRent, who are capable of developing best and high performance applications. Our experienced development team can build Angular websites suiting any industrial sector. DeveloperOnRent is the best Angular JS development company in India, which has a team of Angular Developers, who are a right mix of knowledge and ability, with a hunger for success. Hence, we confidently use the Angular technology to build applications across various sectors.

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    DeveloperOnRent is one of the fast growing Angular Web Development Company in Bangalore, where we build user friendly Angular Mobile Apps for the Healthcare sector. Our mobile app developers are experienced in Angular Programming. Our Angular JS development services include applications for healthcare administration and insurance claims, taking into consideration all the required compliances which have to be met as per the instructions given by the Healthcare sector.
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    As an Angular JS web development company of repute, DeveloperOnRent has executed many challenging projects for the Logistics sector. To meet our customers requirements with respect to managing Logistics, our professional web and mobile application Development Company, has effectively made use of the Angular model and developed a high performance, Logistics Management System, which helps you track your shipments and know the exact status.
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    Finance management is one of the very critical responsibilities for any company to handle. Hire Angular JS developers from DeveloperOnRent, the best website development company in India, who have put great efforts in finding a solution to handle Finance Management. As an Angular Mobile Application development company, Our Angular developers have developed a software application which is aimed at simplifying the process of Finance management and solves the user's problems to a large extent.
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    Retail and E-commerce

    When you hire anAngular developer from DeveloperOnRent, you can be rest assured of quick and timely delivery. We are a website design company who have executed challenging Angular projects for the E-Commerce companies as well. As one of the top Angular JS development company in Bangalore, DeveloperOnRent offers the best on line shopping experience through well-designed E-commerce portals, keeping in mind customer guidelines and requirement.
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    Education and E-learning

    DeveloperOnRent has also developed Angular applications for the Education sector. Angular Mobile Application development has played an important role in the Education and E- learning sector as well. DeveloperOnRent is one of the upcoming Angular JS development companies in Bangalore which has kept a track of the latest changes and developed creative and user friendly E-learning modules, which have generated lot of interest in the students.

    Travel and Tourism

    We are rated amongst the best Angular JS Development Companies in India, capable in building attractive Angular Mobile Apps, for the travel and tourism industry as well. Our Angular developers have successfully developed travel based applications which include payment gateways, e-ticketing systems and applications for guided virtual tours, to offer an exciting end user experience.

    Key Benefits to choose DeveloperOnRent as an Angular JS Development Company

    Developers, across the Angular framework, have been able to significantly make use of its nature as an open source framework. The MVC model makes it easy for developers as far as writing Angular codes is concerned, as no extra coding is required. DeveloperOnRent, as an Angular.JS Development Company, has the experience and a team of quality developers, to develop User interfaces using HTML. There is no need of incorporating the Document Object Module or DOM interface as DOM manipulations are not necessary for applications involving Angular.JS. Our Angular JS development services are focussed on and based upon the following key parameters.

    Android Mobile Application Development

    Fast and secure web application development is what every customer desires and hence our Angular JS developers have taken advantage of the Angular technology to perfection, over the past few decades, and successfully developed attractive designs.

    Android Customization Apps

    We have a very creative and skilled Angular Resource team who can meet the specific needs of any customer.


    Multifaceted developers who have the ability to develop Android mobile We are an Angular Development company of repute who have the ability to develop a strong and user centric Angular websites. Hire Angular Developers from DeveloperOnRent, who contribute immensely to the growth of any organization, thereby opening up doors for larger profitability in their business.

    Meet stringent delivery schedules

    In addition to ensuring quality, our Angular Developers meet the deadlines, as required by our customers. We stay in constant touch with our customers and jointly work towards meeting our project deadlines.

    Post Project Support

    DeveloperOnRent is amongst the very few companies who stay connected with its customers, long after the application is successfully installed and commissioned at our customer’s site. We are preferred for our exquisite and continued post project support as we attend to customer queries on top priority.

    Flexible payment options

    DeveloperOnRent places complete faith in its customers. We have flexible payment options to suit our customers and as such you pay us only on complete satisfaction with our work.

    Our Angular Web Development Process

    Developing an Angular application requires an organized and focussed approach. DeveloperOnRent being one of the best Angular Development Company in Bangalore follows a systematic approach, towards delivering a quality end product. Our process begins with,




    In this stage, our Angular JS Developers study the project inputs and analyse the scope of work, business requirements, operations and technical requirements, related to the development project.




    In this stage, our developers get a complete understanding of the inputs and data received for the Angular model on hand. This also involves the technical risks involved in making the best use of the input received, repetitive inputs and delivery schedules, based on complexity of the Angular application development project.


    team deployment


    DeveloperOnRent is one of the topAngular Application Development Company in Bangalore which does not compromise on the best manpower required for the Project.




    We value our customer's time and our time. As such, no time is lost in beginning the project as soon as our customers approve it.




    We maintain transparency in project status and meet strict delivery schedules. Our clients are well-informed of the progress made at various stages of the project development.


    The earlier data models had to keep a track on the flow of data. But with the POJO or Plain Object, Java Object model, there is no need to do that. POJO provides a clear and consistent code for developers, to construct user friendly Angular JS based, web applications.

    Not compromising on quality at any stage and complete customer satisfaction continues to be our USP. At DeveloperOnRent, we follow a streamlined development process. Our Angular.JS developers own the project, right from the commencement stage, through the development stage and right up to the completion, installation, testing and post project customer support.

    As an Angular JS developer, exposure to languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, will be of complete advantage. Additionally, basic understanding of MVC and DOM will be very helpful.

    Yes, Angular JS development saves on cost and money with its proven ability to work at a rapid pace and give an ultimate user experience for users who work pre-dominantly with web sites.

    The immensely popular Android App has every opportunity to be scaled up. With technology at its peak, the need for Android Apps will keep increasing, by the day.At DeveloperOnRent, we have a complete and well-equipped Angular.JS Development team. We work with a definite plan and program to adhere to customer’s delivery schedules, without compromising on Quality. Our Angular.JS developers maintain complete data privacy and exhibit transparency, right through the project schedule.

    Ionic Angular Development makes use of the Ionic user interface to build hybrid mobile apps with the help of technologies like HTML and CSS.

    Angular JS provides facilities to create single page applications. The Angular code is easy to write and simple to understand. Additionally, Angular.JS Platforms also support Travel Apps, Weather Apps, E-commerce Apps and Video Streaming Apps.


    Apart from AngularJS development services we excel in hosts of other technologies. Have a look at them-


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