Having a great working career is everybody’s dream, especially, when people invest a huge amount of money on education.

  • Given an opportunity, everyone would like to start their careers with an MNC or Multi-National Company, as it is well understood.
  • Why not?! The advantage it offers is huge, in addition to its operations in more than one country.
  • However, it come as, bit of a surprise, if we say that working in an MNC, may not suit everyone! Why so?  This article tries to figure out the reasons.

Don’t wait for everything to be perfect before you start to enjoy your life!

The MNC Touch

Before we actually get into why MNC’s may not suit, let us take a brief look at what is our understanding of an MNC.

  • The most common answer we receive, while asking anybody, what they mean by an MNC, is that they have a branch in a foreign country or one or more countries!
  • This is absolutely true. MNC’s actually establish their parent office in one country, while extending operations, subsidiary and branches, to several countries.
  • An MNC is always a dream beginning for many career aspirants, due to the sheer investments they make, to ensure world class facilities, ambiance, infrastructure and security.
  • Most of the times, MNC’s strictly adhere to work ethics and follow high standard of efficiency.
  • And the most important of all, it does give job aspirants, an opportunity to travel overseas, either on training or project, should their job profile require that.

But amidst all these plus points, MNC’s too have certain loopholes which actually might make it, not the first preference, amongst quite a few career aspirants, if not all. What could those be? Let’s take a look

Why people look for an alternative to an MNC?

  • Congratulations!!You have finally succeeded in getting you dream job, after a 4 year long toil, in finishing your graduation. You will no doubt be itching to get hold of that first pay cheque of yours, which you so richly deserve.
  • You are one amongst those millions in the world, who now possess the identity, of being working with an MNC!
  • You should no doubt be proud about your achievement, but have you really thought about the fact, that you could have considered alternatives too!
  • It’s quite understandable that, the excitement of having got an opportunity, to work for a corporate company, might not really shift your thinking to have an alternative, in your wildest of imaginations!
  • That though is not the case amongst many people as there is a shift in thinking and as such, an MNC may not turn out to be the best choice for many.

The Facts which might matter in decision-making

  • MNC’s pay you a hefty amount alright! But definitely not without, indirectly asking you to compromise on your lifestyle. Working with an MNC, there is no 9-5 business. Work load might warrant you to spend 12 hours at work and only few hours with your family at home. This is sure to deflate you to a large extent, though a hefty paycheque at the end of every month may excite you completely.
  • It’s just not about what you do. It’s also about enjoying what you do and there comes the big difference. Are you enjoying what you are doing, irrespective of the fact that, you have to do it, for various practical reasons?
  •  An MNC atmosphere might make working for most, an obligation towards the organization, than an opportunity, to enjoy your job.
  • Any lay man would agree that an MNC is a big ocean and you are just a small fish. What does this actually do to an opportunity to identify you with the organization? Is there any opportunity at all, first of all! An employee has every possibility to just remain as a silent spectator in the big bash!
  • MNCs do not care that extra mile for you unless you are a big time revenue earner for them.
  • One of the major reasons people may not prefer a corporate culture is because of the problem of generation gap. There is every possibility that your boss many be much younger to you or may be less experienced than you are, in your chosen field of interest. This surely will give rise to lots of thoughts in the minds of those employees, who face these situations, practically.
  • As such, it is much easier to get identified in a smaller organization of 150 people than in an MNC with 1500 people.
  • Climbing up the ladder in an MNC is always a painful task. It’s no walk in the park. The simple reason being, that dreaded politics, which has made its way into every other activity, including identifying a common and deserving man!
  • A small organization, might well give you those extra opportunities, to prove yourself, after taking a look at you for the first few days. Small organizations often expect you to know a bit of everything so that it works well for them while they plan for resources.
  • This does not happen in an MNC as your immediate Manager may not like to give you creative controls, just because of the fact that you are new to the organization
  • Last but not the least, an MNC atmosphere, very rarely propels you to exhibit your talent, as you will always be working under someone, who is more established than you and does not have the same drive as you, in just about every activity, which might even be recommending your name to move up the ladder.

MNC’s may not be the best option for most of the employees, simply because there is something called work-life balance, which is hard to come by

Recap and Revisit

Does an opportunity to work with an MNC solve all the problems of a career aspiring employee?

Though an opportunity to work for an MNC, may have solved your monthly budget planning to a certain extent, in return, it binds you down with a whole lot of responsibilities on your shoulders, for which there is no limit.

Why MNC’s may not be the best choice for most of the people?

MNC’s offer whole lot of attractive benefits, but the chances of growing up and getting identified are very slow and most people may lose out on patience, having put in their best, but yet to get recognized amongst the people who matter.

Do stringent MNC rules, contribute to an employee disappointment?

Yes, it does to a large extent as MNC rules do not permit employees to flex their minds, beyond certain limits.

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