All right! It’s official. WordPress isn’t going to be the Da-Vinci Code mystery in 2017. We bring you a list of top 10 WordPress trends that will set the tone of the digital world in 2017

Trend 1: The War of the Designs

Okay! The war of the zombies is getting tough with each passing day and the only way to have an edge is to stand out. With even small business lords entering the fray like never before, the competition among the websites is bound to get really dirty this year. If you want to attract the attention of your audience, think a bit smarter. Think about their taste and think about more customized elements on the web pages. Personalize things for your audience with platforms such as JS and HTML5 among others which can help create attractive animations. So start with proper planning and effort this year and hook your audience with creative animations. Genuine designs with personalization are the going to be the trend this year.

Trend 2: Less is More; The Single Page Story

Gone are the days when people would flick through pages to read the story. In this age of zombies dating women, the mantra is ‘less is more’. More and more business leaders are fast opting for one-page websites because they are convincing. Too much about a brand in too many pages is not only cumbersome but also very boring.

Users find it extremely irritating to flick through different website pages for information that can easily be incorporated on the same page. So keep it crisp on the first page; keep it beautiful; and keep it creative. This year is all about “Less is More”.

Trend 3: Parallax Scrolling will break all the barriers in 2017

So do you really know what a Parallax Scrolling is? Well, let’s shed a bit light on this first. It is also called as asymmetrical scrolling wherein the background of the website moves slower than the foreground creating an illusion of depth in a 3D scene. Well, this marvel of developers is known as parallax scrolling or just parallax.

According to a study, parallax has helped increase the traffic of millions of businesses by manifolds in the past few years. The trend is likely to go on this year too.

Here’s an interesting insight we would love to share! Having a high amount of bounce rate on your website, is really a bad thing which can affect the overall performance of your website. Try switching to parallax designing concept as this design can be a great deal for retaining your visitors. Instead of visitors having to browse endlessly through a maze of content on your website, they stick to a single page. What this all boils down to is the fact that parallax website design trend can decrease the bounce rates to its lowest point.




Trend 4: Themes Remain the Heartbeat of the WordPress Design

Okay. Those were old vampire days when developers would spend days scouring the internet for the right theme for their websites. The whole process delayed the projects and businesses could not hit the podium as expected and took time to hit the Internet—sometimes resulting in the loss of business. But that seems to have changed a lot recently with the advent of WordPress Theme applications. You can now search your perfect theme and then customize it according to your requirements. This is surely going to be the flavor of 2017.

In 2014 alone, almost every business had a suitable WordPress theme and there were total 123,498,018 theme downloads from

Dazzling is an unrivaled responsive theme which can be the right one for you if you’re building your first corporate or portfolio site.

Trend 5: The Drag and Drop Feature

The popularity of the drag and drop feature is growing exponentially. The sidebar layouts are now slowly disappearing into oblivion. They are so old school. The drag and drop feature provides both flexibility and control to developers for showcasing their content on the website.

The best part about this feature is that developers do not feel tied to a regular WordPress format. They can have the widget on the page and they can position the content accordingly for optimization.

Trend 6: Typography

Your website may have a catchy design but if you are using flat and monotonous fonts, it’s time you should check out some real eye grabbing typography trends. If you are using flat and boring fonts on your website, it’s similar to committing a huge faux pas as wearing black on your own wedding and as wearing crocs and lycra to a business meeting.

Presenting the content in old fonts using H2 and H3 headers is an old school thought. Today designers are marching towards more effective textual presentation. So this year chuck out default fonts and default headers out of your WordPress website and create your own creative fonts to set the tone you are hoping for. We have got a useful insight to share. The use of large typography is catching like a wildfire because today screen size of various devices is increasing considerably which is paving a new way how people read text on your WordPress website. So adjust your font to large font style in custom imagery to target your audience better.

Now it’s time to dig the facts!! Typography accounts for over 90% of the design. People come to your website and start reading the content what you are offering to them. Whether they are reading a blog post or checking out your portfolio, there is always going to be text to read. This means if you choose the right font and if you know the art of typography, like how to play with the alignment and different colors, you can spice up your user experience in a matter of seconds! Pep up the fonts you use and you can automatically ensure your website is 90% successful.

Geometric, playful design has dominated design and typography.

7. Mobile responsive WordPress site

Be it social media, gaming, browsing the internet, shopping or using native applications, the majority of people nowadays are spending time on their smartphones and tablets. The use of mobile devices has unquestionably exploded which means that now smartphone comes in handy even when consumers are looking out for their favourite products and services. So the role of a mobile compatible website is imperative that can no longer be ignored. Especially if you are a retail store and your business relies heavily on your website, you cannot skip a mobile responsive website it is the best way to generate revenues.

Now more than 80% of the people have their eyes glued to their smart gadgets for reading blogs and sites. If your web pages do not get displayed properly on Android or iOS, you are risking lots of potential visitors. So get ready to have a mobile responsive website this year.

8. Images, images, and images

Use more photos and give you WordPress website the zing factor.

Today the generation is a social media-inspired generation and they are getting increasingly used to watching photos and videos and sharing it across the web. Do you really think lengthy descriptions or explanations without images can keep up with their interest when they land on your website?

A bland and run of the mill looking WordPress website does not engage with the users. The old world adage a picture is worth a thousand words will play a crucial role in the modern web designing era as they help in breaking up long pieces of content which otherwise might be skipped by the users. Images are the one stop shop factor which invites them to engage with the content and share it generously with their friends.

In a nutshell, photos are becoming the “universal language” for customers. Perhaps they are one of the best ways to tell your brand’s stories. Unless your website is supported by graphic illustrations, it will not be of much interest. So get ready to embrace the power of photos to market your brand and take inspiration from so many images across the Internet.

9. E-commerce

Getting your own e-commerce website up and running is a lot easier these days with WordPress. Today many developers vouch for WordPress as their ideal e-commerce solution due to its unique blend of functionality, support and documentation which makes building your own ecommerce website supremely easy. E-commerce functionality can be easily added using an e-commerce plugin.

Most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress is Woocommerce, which can handle all of the essential functionality needed to sell online. Conventional coding is giving way to the content management system that is not only user-friendly but also optimized to create business for the owners.

10. An increase in VR-Optimized Themes

The way in which we experience and interact with technology has evolved greatly ever since Virtual Reality has come into the picture. Virtual Reality (VR)-optimized theme is a new bubble ready to burst into theme markets.

The applications of VR are not just tied to gaming, there’s more to VR and the next big thing is WordPress websites with VR-optimized themes. In the near future, developers will be pushing for VR standards and we’ll be catching up with VR devices to browse the internet. WordPress has already started successfully implementing Virtual Reality for the web and sites are already beginning to support VR images and videos. Well now there are even more promising solutions available, such as the WP-VR-view plugin which allows users to display Photo Sphere, VR images, and 360-degree videos on WordPress website– and it’s compatible with Google Cardboard too.

Imagine a site that provides information of different famous places. Now imagine if instead of reading about it, you could feel the experience of being right there virtually. Isn’t it better?

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