SEO Factors 2019

2018 was the year in which Google introduced striking changes to how it ranks sites. For instance, Google used AI for approximately 30% of search queries. The web page with the most links does not always rank at the top anymore. Here are the five Essential SEO factors that I believe will be important for 2019.

Become Familiar with Structured Data

Structured data is threatening. But it’s really easy to become familiar with how it works. The simplest way to become familiar with it is to copy and paste and start working with it.

Avoid Structured Data Mistakes

Sites have been receiving penalties for wrong implementation of structured data. It’s probable to make an honest mistake and receive a penalty for it.

The five common structured data mistakes to avoid:

  1. Using incorrect structured data
  2. Structured data doesn’t match on-page content
  3. defy Google’s Guidelines for a specific data type
  4. Violates Google’s Structured Data General Guidelines
  5. Shortcuts and taking liberties (aka manipulative behavior)

Consider Podcasts for Your Marketing Strategy

Podcasts are an increasingly accepted way to consume content. You have to consider investigating if potential customers are listening to podcasts related to your niche. And if they are then it may make sense to build a strategy to reach those listeners.

A plan could range from sponsorship, appearing on the podcast, and by promoting specific content that may be of interest. Podcasts are content that is inspired in a digital format. Marketing with podcasting can be believed an extension of content marketing.

Focused Content

This is perhaps the most significant part of Internet marketing for 2019. Unfocused content is one of the major mistakes I’ve been seeing all year for sites that have lost ranking.

Web pages rank because websites link to those web pages. Websites link to those pages because those pages resolve a problem, because it scratches an itch.

No one ever linked to a web page because of its keyword relevance.

Improve Your Image SEO

Images are more than something to create your page pretty. Images are essential for SEO. Treat them the same as you treat your title and heading elements because they all work together to help the page rank good. Images can also increase your ranking power by showing up in enhanced listings.

Image SEO Best Practices

Use images that tell a story

Readers achieve clear understanding of concepts with symbols or images that illustrate your point. If the article is about hire android developers, show appropriate android images.

If the article is about the Artificial Intelligence, perhaps consider an image of Robots or something like that.

Communicating an idea or a point quickly with an image can assist readers understand what your article is about, which will help them decide to read it.

Illustrate Step by Step Instructions

Readers always love step by step instructions. Screenshots and illustrations are super useful and Google tends to use these kinds of images in enhanced listings. A one image that illustrates how to do something can be ranking gold.

Optimize Images

Using images that can be calculated in megabytes may slow down sales and rankings. Weighty images will contribute to higher bandwidth demands on your server, which can cause additional charges from your web host. Heavy images can contribute to slowing down the server when a crush of site visitors arrives at your site at the same time.

Bonus: Keep Up to Date

In addition to these tips for developing your SEO, you may wish to focus on security as well. Keeping the software that underlies the website updated is significant. Use tricky to guess passwords. Think undertaking an audit of all third party add-ons and plug-in to make sure they are regularly updated and well written by a company that can be trusted.

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