Developers are the primary resources we bring into our businesses to create functional and secure websites, servers and other online applications. To hire developers we often encounter with the set of questions in our mind and let’s discuss few things

Know your needs: Before going to hire any developers first and foremost thing is to know what our need is, how it has to be done, what are all the ways available, what will be the best fit for our business. You have to research on these things in order to have a clear view about the need, and then only you can hire a most suitable developer for business.

Check out portfolio and references: once you have a clear view about the needs now it’s time to look for a good developers/company. One of the best ways is to go through the references, ask for references from customers and associates and look at the sites they have designed, ask how well they communicated throughout the project and relationship even after the completion of the project because after the completion in future you may need some updates, so the company should be taken care of that.

One of the best ways is to evaluate their portfolio, read it carefully and to hire developers, take a look at their site, videos, clients, photos, and etc. Even looking at their website, you can get an idea of whether the developer is ideal for your business or not.

Conduct interview personally or video conference: conducting an interview is the best to way to evaluate the candidate to hire. The interview will allow you to have a clear image of the candidate’s personality, knowledge, and skills.

Prepare a set of questions in general before heading into the interview, few topics like

  • When you can start the project?
  • What is the duration of the project?
  • What are the information do you need from me?
  • What are the total budget of the project and any hidden cost?
  • Do you offer post-launch maintenance of the project?
  • Who will actually do the work?

When you conduct video conference if possible record the video so you can remember your ideas of that moment and might also get to note some important aspects about the project.

Use a Trial Period: The only finest ways to understand the ability of the persons are we should be collaborative with them. Many companies provide a trial period, on that duration hand over the section of the project that requires less than a week of work and from the output of this trial period you can decide whether to continue with the company or not.

Write a fair and strong contract: Once you come with mutual understand about the process that we touch little earlier, you are ready to hire dedicated developers for your business but before going to onboard, have to complete the contract. The aim of the contract is to never have to use it; the contract is to be clear about the terms and policies.

Some of the major things that you should make sure to specify in any contract or standard service agreement.

  • Some of the major things that you should make sure to specify in any contract or standard service agreement.
  • Make sure you clearly specify all the consequence in a job statement.
  • Create an agenda with the deadlines for delivery and evaluation of a project.
  • Make sure to include review periods.
  • Agree on the costs and no extra or hidden cost.
  • In the case of finalization, be sure to clearly establish the terms of the partial compensations.
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