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9 Reasons to hire android developers from DeveloperOnRent


In last decade people don’t even hear about android most of the businesses (all most 95%) were working on offline marketing, then in the year 2008 android first/initial version was launched and from then Android was growing in rapid speed. As smartphone users are growing across the world (around 86% were Android phones) Business is willing to reach their customers through android apps and to fulfill the needs of the customer on their fingertips.

For any business that desires to develop mobile applications, the first step is to find out its app development requirements. Does your company need an app on single platforms or multiple platforms? If it is on multiple platforms, then you have to make a decision between native apps or cross-platform apps. At last, you have to decide if you wish to hire a mobile app development company or rely on the in-house developers, or possibly consider a Freelancer to create the app.

Each of these options has their Advantages and Disadvantages, let’s discuss reasons to hire Android App Developer from DeveloperOnRent,

  1. Dedicated Developer: One of the key benefits in hiring a developer from DeveloperOnRent is that we provide dedicated developers to enhance your business. Each and every developer is experienced in various business different verticals.
  2. Cost Effectiveness: At DeveloperOnRent you can hire dedicated developers for the particular duration of time, we strictly fallow pay as you use. Our developers are available for monthly, weekly, and hourly basis.
  3. Flexibility and Scalability: You can easily scale up or down your developer team with higher flexibility and scalability offered by DeveloperOnRent. According to the requirement of your project, if you want to get your project done earlier you can increase the size of the team as we have a big team of experienced developers.
  4. Integrity and Transparency: We believe in providing complete transparency to the clients which will help in taking a real-time decision regarding the project. According to your wish if any changes to be made during the development process you can suggest us.
  5. The Developer of Your Choice: We facilitate to select the developers of your choice; we arrange interviews and facilitate you to choose the developer team for the app project. We have a pool of talented and experienced developers; you can select the most suitable ones for your project.
  6. Availability: This is one area where we differ from others when you hire a developer from us to handle the development of your apps, you are not hiring an individual developer you are hiring us. Means if the developer falls sick or not satisfied, you can easily transfer another developer of your choice.
  7. Focus on client satisfaction: We are focused on satisfying corporate clients, we own talented developers and strict quality check and use advanced technologies to provide outcomes of the client-centric approach. Developers strive for developing a user-friendly and interactive app with high quality and performance.
  8. Continued relationship: Once the Apps developed and delivered for you it won’t end up there only, as the time goes apps need to be updated, improvement of functionality and etc, it is important to stand by your side all along the way for better service satisfaction.
  9. NDA based development: Under the Non-Disclosure Agreement, we provide you the confidential development services.  Clients always want to keep their app idea confidential to get a competitive edge over your peers.



DeveloperOnRent provides experienced and dedicated developers for the development of mobile applications and focused on client satisfaction by providing quality service.

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