A day in the life of a developer

Written by Faizan

No matter you want to book a restaurant table, an appointment with your doctor or book your favorite movie show, a multitude of apps are now available at your disposal. With this game changing technology trend and many others, the demand for developers is significantly on the rise. It is the kind of talent being valued by startups and new businesses more than ever to get more customers.
You may wonder what a day in the life of a developer looks like. At workplace, developers are known for their analytical mindset, curiosity and inquisitiveness. As a developer, they keep in mind that the end product is ultimately about people and user experience, thus their empathy towards their users comes as a natural phenomenon. They are flexible when it comes to adapting a different approach or putting in extra hours, as they know that code can be unpredictable and one might have to switch contexts. There’s always something new to learn and explore in the tech area and developers have the love of learning always budding in them.

Problems they encounter with a project can be unique and challenging; so they are pragmatic in their approach and strive to find the right solution and not just the best one. Most developers do exactly what you tell them to and you can’t blame them for that…they were born with a technical mindset and see the world with a different lens. But mind you developers are also team players. They not just work closely with managers but co-ordinate with various people including marketers, graphic designers, content creators and many others at workplace.
A typical developer wakes up at 8 am in the morning and they start the day pretty much at 10.30 am right after going through the list of tasks that are to be completed on that particular day. By 9pm, they are done for the day and at 11 pm, you might catch them coding again accompanied with a cup of coffee. This summarizes a typical day in the life of a developer. Every day to them is a new challenge and new learning creating products that can solve problems for millions of people across the globe.

But what measures do you take to make sure they stick around? While talent retention is crucial in all industries, it is especially vital for technical employees. It’s sad when some workplaces undervalue their rigorous efforts and patience, due to which they might switch the job and companies end up losing their dream developer in the door.

What measures we take as DeveloperOnRent to reward them for their efforts?

We @ are working on building a complete pool of engineers who are passionate about technology, have the desire to win and are hungry to work on challenging different products, business models, stakeholders, global competency. Below are some measures we take to reward them.

1. Transparency in process – The developers are a rare breed, extremely talented and smart thinkers who try making sound decisions, through other approaches. But they often get left out of and aren’t included in important decisions. We believe in a transparent approach rather, seek advice and tips from our developers too. We believe having the best team starts with building relationships.
2. Developer Training – We take out the time to train our developer workforce which not only helps in an individual’s performance but ultimately results in a positive impact on the whole organization. Besides acquiring new skills and knowledge which keeps them at par with the industry, it also helps them address their weaknesses. As a result, developers feel more supported and fluent in their work.
3. Participation in workshops and meetups –Our industry is moving ridiculously fast, so how developers can slow down. We understand that developers are always caught in the daily grind of their 9-5 jobs and beyond, which leaves them with no time read articles, tutorials and books. We are happy to make all the arrangements for them to attend workshops and conferences, and they receive an instant power-up.
4. Exposure to global businesses –In today’s rapidly changing business environment and to withstand continuous market challenges, exposure to global businesses and cultural know-how is a must for the developers. Because such developers can drive sustained performances, withstand the market challenges and it also feeds their hunger for learning and passion. We encourage our developers to work with global businesses and keep on exploring more and more.
5. On-time appraisal – While our developers work hard day and night to perform to the best of their ability, at the end we should not forget that they deserve to earn appropriate rewards. We believe employee is not the only beneficiary to gain this reward, the organization benefits too as it is an opportunity to give feedback as well as receive it.
6. Work hard and party harder –It isn’t enough to build a great company, it’s always good to build a great family! We take our team on a fun trip every year to keep them motivated and make them feel that we value them..while they work hard and patiently with us.

Developers, stay tuned for more surprises. We would soon be launching Developers Café. Interested to work with us? Register yourself with DeveloperOnRent and wait for our assistance. Developers across the globe are welcome.

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