ANDROID is getting a new update from Google focused at making user devices more secure and this is everything that is new

Android is Google’s operating system that is used by the majority of phones across the globe that are not manufactured by Apple Inc.

The operating system received its latest update, dubbed 9 Pie, back in August that brings a number of notable new features to the table.

Android 9 Pie attempts to upgrade device battery life overall with two new features.

The first one is: dubbed Adaptive Battery that harnesses the power of machine learning to divert power away from applications that are not used to focus on the ones that are.

Meanwhile, Adaptive Brightness tries to alter the nits of a display depending on the circumstance.

Android 9 Pie also brings gesture navigation to the operating system that Google claims should make navigating simple on larger devices.

Although Android receives large numbered updates on a yearly basis, the software is also granted smaller updates that bring fresh and exciting functions.

The hottest of which appears to make your phone more secure by identifying spam messages.

Android Police recently noted the tech giant’s Messages applications have been spotted showing a new toggle for a “spam protection” feature.

Google already has measures in place to avoid spam callers, but it appears the tech giant is determined to refine such functionality

The latest feature has been described by Google on its support page.

Essentially, if the user chooses to turn the spam protection function on, messages can be reported as spam or safe.

Google revealed it will then attempt to use the information provided to better identify spam texts in the future.

The firm said: “To keep users safer, Messages identifies suspected spam and lets users block and report spammers.

“If a user sees a suspected spam warning in Messages, the user can let Google know if it’s actually spam by tapping ‘Report spam’ or ‘Report not spam’.

“Spam reports include a replica of the spammer’s messages (up to 10) and go to Google, so Messages can better detect future spam for you.

“Mobile operators that support spam reporting can get a copy of the spammer’s previous message.”

The American tech giant insisted if a spam detail is submitted, only the spammers messages will be sent to Google and not any responses from the user.

Moreover, Google also emphasized such a feature is optional, means users do not require to send any messages to the firm if they do not want to.

The Mountain View Company move on: “If you submit a spam report, we include the spammer’s messages to you but none of your responses (if any).

“The spammer won’t sight or know about your report.

“It’s not compulsory to send spam reports to Google.

“You can also simply block a phone number without reporting spam.

Android Police noted the feature appears to be rolling out slowly to Android users, meaning not all users will have it just yet.

Google since confirmed the function’s existence and stated it is currently reaching in a “few countries” but will release it in other areas “in the coming months”, according to The Verge.

Important note is that, the function will only work for Google’s messages application and does not apply to other message software that may be installed on devices.

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