Android version 10 Q

Since its inception nearly a decade ago, the Android Operating System has been a talk of every mobile driven family! Talk about a new mobile device, coming up in the market, it is followed by two important facts; Smartphones and Operating Systems. Such has been the phenomenal rise of the Android Operating System, over the last 10 years, that every 8 out of the 10 devices, run on the Android Operating system. We are now all set to welcome the latest offering by Google, which is Android 10 Q! How different could this turn out? What could it be called? This article tries to throw more light into the process as it unfolds.

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The Android Excitement

With rapid changes in technology, design and development of many key products, saw a radical change.

  • The Android operating system was no different. Though we do not have a complete concrete detail, whatever is out for the users to ponder about, promises a large scale, user friendly and potent operating system.
  • Google tends to keep millions of brains guessing about what its next offer to the world of technology is and that begins right from what it is supposed to be called! The Android Juggernaut continues with the same tradition.
  • Speculations are already ripe in the user market on what it is supposed to be called. This technology driven world already has a few suggestions, up their sleeve! Let’s take a closer look.

The Android Nomenclature

Naming an operating system is quite exciting as much as it is challenging. After all, it should sink into the user’s mind and get as familiar as a Google and The Internet. Going by Google’s practices, they have always looked into something sweet to sound and easy to recollect. One of the earlier Android Versions was named Android P and the sweet Pie was instrumental in Google choosing that name! Something similar is expected on the cards as far as Android 10 Q goes as well. Even though we may not come across many deserts starting from Q to uphold Google’s practices, here are a few names which are already doing the rounds;

  • Android Quesadilla
  • Android Quinoa
  • Android Quiche
  • Android Quail
  • Android Quesido

These names are tongue twisters for sure, though social media gives us some inclination into what could be chosen and that could well be a Quail or a Quiche, as it is easy to pronounce. There could be other choices too which could keep us users guessing! The million dollar question to follow the expected names is when would Android 10 Q come out?!

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The Big Day

Usually Google has a perfectly planned program for any of its innovative product releases. Android 10 Q is not slated to be any different.

  • Google also has had the practice to release its products for the first user review by March and later on based on the feedback, another version with changes is also released.
  • Going by the release of the previous three versions of Android releases, there could be every possibility that Android 10 Q would be out this August, though an official confirmation from Google still awaits us.
  • The big day follows with what’s big about Android 10 Q and users have already started a healthy debate surrounding Android 10 Q salient features. Let’s take a look what available data can enlighten us with.

Android Version 10 Q – What to look forward to?

Android 10 Q is expected to come out with certain unique features. Users surely are looking at something different which the earlier Android versions did not have. Some of the user’s long standing requests for betterment of the operating system is looked out to be fulfilled. Let’s take a closer look.

  • One of the exciting features expected be a part of this version is the much anticipated dark mode theme or feature. Users have been requesting Google to implement this feature which might see the light of the day soon. The dark mode feature is expected to save on battery too.
  • In today’s world of smartphones, the number of users still active on PC has started to reduce. However, Google has something for them too through Android 10 Q. A desktop version of the operating system is being anticipated, which could give the users a PC like experience, with standard desktop based apps.
  • The Android 10 Q is expected to come out with far more superior security features. User privacy is also slated to see a boost with a feature to track spy apps operating in the background.
  • Few more attractive features which we could visualize is a built in screen recorder and a screen sensor shutoff facility. This will help in disabling all sensors from the phone, by moving the phone to say something like an airplane mode while flying.
  • It is also learn that Google plays to come out with well-designed file sharing facility which could also see the light of the day as a specific feature of Android 10 Q
  • The much acclaimed and sought after face recognition system is looked at being a part of the Android 10 Q set up. If this comes true then this built in security system can take user experience with secure features, to the next level.

What we have shared is just the curtain raiser! The actual film is yet to begin!

Revisit and Recap

What can be expected out of Android 10 Q?

Though Android 10 Q is expected to answer certain unanswered questions like for e.g. the introduction of the dark mode theme, it is learn that key focus will be given on data security and an ultimate user experience. The Android 10 Q is also expected to come out with a built in feature which could warn the user against using very old versions of Android.

Is Android 10 Q expected to be a game changer?

A. With the data gathered so far, it is evident that certain unique features would be a part of Android 10 Q. Erstwhile versions of Android have had their share of specific features, but whether this could be the game changer, we will have to wait for the day to dawn!

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