What Artificial Intelligence is?

Artificial Intelligence or machine intelligence is a field of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and reacts like humans and other animals.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Web Development

We live in a digital era which is largely influenced by the Internet and Digitization.  The very process of doing business has seen a complete changeover from the pre- digitization and the pre-internet era.

  • As a result, Business promotions and Marketing to have seen a big change. This change as we know was due to the introduction of online business promotion and websites.
  • The necessity of websites for companies to reach out to the maximum audience is ever-increasing and with this also increases options and opportunities for companies into Web Development.
  • However, going with this transformation, the very process of web development to has seen many variations and alterations.
  • People now would like to have a more robust, more potent and more secure web application. This is where Artificial Intelligence has played a huge role. How? You will know as you continue to read this article.

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The Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Web Development

Automation is the key for every key business activity these days. The post Internet era continues to see many business processes being automated.

  • As such, web development is not to be left too far behind either! It is Artificial Intelligence which has been instrumental in bringing about a radical change in Web development, where most of the tasks of a web developer can be automated and the end-user can look forward to a unique experience.
  • Rapid changes in technology have seen the evolution of laptops which took over from the traditional desktops and now we live in the mobile world where everything happens just across mobile phones.
  • There is been a phenomenal increase in internet speeds too as we have seen a generational change from the erstwhile 2G setups to the forthcoming 5G setups.
  • Social media too has been a revelation with platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, taking users experience, across the world, to the next level.
  • As people now demand more visual experience, AI and Machine Learning have been more looked forward to fulfilling end-users expectations.

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How artificial intelligence is transforming web development processes

A few decades ago, we would never have imagined of an opportunity to deal with digital assistants in our day to day life! Yes, but that’s a reality now with Alexa and Corona, which are an Artificial Intelligence-driven phenomenon. Web development could well be in for a major AI induced change. Let’s get a bit deeper and see what’s in store.

  • The digital world has given us digital assistants and virtual assistants! Where AI has been of immense value is by enabling web developers to add on layouts templates on web pages, which were a challenge earlier. AI’s main aim will be to help web developers, strategize the project development and just guide the machine to perform the necessary tasks; A Human – Machine Innovative Combination!
  • We have heard about web analytics being continuously used for making a web site SEO compliant and reap the best possible reward. This AI-driven idea is focused more on allowing developers to create more powerful SEO compliant contents and achieve the larger objective of connecting with the target audience.
  • Web Programming with AI-driven Algorithms is the next big step which could be thought about while considering automating the web development process. Without Human intervention, these programs can themselves take care of updating databases as well as even analyzing and solving critical problems.
  • We continue to hear about the Chatbot view, used to simulate conversation with human users, over the internet. When combined with an AI input, it can take user interactions to the next level. It does this by gaining data from the existing conversation and converting it into a new user experience. These chatbots can also bring in a proactive approach by visitors, by responding to their questions.
  • One of the key aspects of web development is web testing. The influence of AI can automate web testing and go one step ahead in helping developers solve bugs and errors, appearing during the testing process.
  • Artificial Intelligence is the right tonic for web development to gain more momentum towards growing to the next level. Ultimately, it’s the user experience that makes all the difference and AI is very well the source of getting that user experience.

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Frequently Asked Artificial Intelligence Questions

Where do we see Web Development in the near future with AI as a partner?

Web development is surely set to scale greater heights in the years to come. AI will not only change the traditional website to function more like an intelligent website but also make the web developer’s life a lot easier by taking over their key activities. With organizations preferring websites to reach their target audience, the addition of AI will not only improve the rankings of the websites on Search Engines but also help in increasing website traffic as far as the end-user is concerned.

How AI induced web development can influence human thinking?

As AI looks to automate key processes in web development which require human intervention, the humans will be left with just thinking of having a pro-active relationship with the machine and give instructions for it to follow. Going further, AI algorithms could well be an answer for a completely automated process approach without the need for human intervention at all!

Can you use artificial intelligence in web development?

Artificial intelligence can make easy web programming too. Therefore, web app developers can build smarter apps and bots using artificial intelligence technology at much quicker rates than before. However, they would have to educate these machines and feed them with good data sets, to begin with.


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