If you decided to build an App startup it’s good to come up with an on-demand and new ideas. Sustainability of the app is all about the fulfillment of the needs of the end users. Here are the 30 smart app ideas that always in-demand at the market.

Top 30 On-Demand Mobile App Ideas for Startups

The app you create should focus on essential needs that people engaged in regular.

30 Best Mobile App Ideas to Grow Your Startup
S.NOIdeas for Creating App
2Tax and Invoice
3Restauran Reservation
4Health Inspector
5Local Food Delivery
7Packers and Movers
9Gifts and Special
11Dating and Matrimony
13Tours and Travels
14Security Control
15Car Parking
19Mutual Interests Share
20Caller Manager
26I’ve been there
27Am I Original
29Smart Receipt
30Interior Designer

Grocery Apps

Sourcing monthly provisions is a must for every family. There also exists a possibility that your grocery store might add on something new and exciting for you as a consumer. In which case, if an app is designed for the grocery store where the customers frequently buy their monthly requirements and which has the facility to add on new introductions, at regular intervals, it would benefit a great deal. Apps such as Any List and Grocery IQ show us the way to be more innovative.

Tax and Invoicing App Best App Ideas

Generally, you spend hours around this time of the year, i.e. May and June, to calculate and file your IT returns as well as companies getting the last minute invoices done, during the end of the financial year. One of the best ideas for a company keen on building apps would be a Tax / Invoicing App, which could help the individual by not only calculating the amount of tax he has to pay, but help in ensuring that he has paid the correct amount as taxes. Some of the examples of apps in this sector are Think Tax and My Tax India.

Restaurant Reservation Best App Ideas

Planning a dinner with family and friends is always a wonderful feeling. Irrespective on any special occasion to plan that, it could just be a perfect option to escape your normal life and relax. However, with work life getting hectic by the day, it is actually difficult to sit down, search the best and nearest restaurant and call them to book a table. Modern technology has given an option to simplify this process where user friendly Restaurant Reservation Apps can be created so that every arrangement can be made just on fingertips. Examples which can work as a guide are Open Table and Yelp.

Health Inspector

Medical field is one of those fields, which plays a very important role, in contributing to the economy of the country. Though there are apps which are already in function like 1upHealth, ACT. md, Airstrip etc. startups would do good to develop a single app which can give a customer, all the desired information, under one single roof. For e.g. it could be the list of pharmacies in his area, list of all doctors categorized by profession like allopathy, Ayurveda, homeopathy etc, list of medical terminologies and their meanings and even a list of chronic diseases and their symptoms.

Local Food Delivery

The busy world does not allow anyone to relax freely. The hectic professional setup, more often than not, eats into the major portion of the day, leaving little time to decide upon what after work! Once such key activity being what’s for dinner! How about startups thinking on coming out with an app to solve this issue, especially when customers thin of ordering food from outside, but are not able to find the best choice. The Food Delivery App, for e.g. in lines with a Swiggy or a Zomato, can help the user find the cheapest and best food delivery service.

Education Apps

The Education sector continues to see lot of researches being carried out towards improvement. This sector is largely untapped and is full of potential for the startups who would like to venture into it. Though gifted apps like RefMe, StudyBlue and Oxford Dictionary have been a sensation, there is always a room for Startups to go deep and explore new avenues. Think of an app for the availability of the nearest stationary shop. An app of this magnitude can be very useful to students in terms of educating them with the availability of the nearest stationary shop as well helping them compare the cost of each book.

Packers and Movers App

Shifting residences close to the work location is a common sight these days everywhere. In addition to spending time on how closest to the office, you need to move, there is also considerable time spent of finding out how to organize shifting. Finding the best available goods vehicle service is always a challenge. Emerging companies can think of an app to address this issue on the lines of TruckLoader, which can help in identifying which company offers these services, including the costs, risks involved and time taken for the entire shift.

Entertainment Apps Best App Ideas

One of the most sought after industry in our country and globally is the entertainment industry. Movies are a great way to kill time. Though the entertainment industry has streamlined many of its operations which include booking of tickets online and checking in online, for e.g. BookmyShow, Paytm and Ticket New- Movie ticket booking, Startups can consider developing simple apps which could enlighten the audience on the best choices, across generations, which the present generation audience would have missed.

Gifts for Special Ones Best App Ideas

Presenting Gifts and Goodies to celebrate a loved one’s happy occasion, can be made more exciting, by using an app to do the job! Many times, the hectic work schedules may not permit us from going to a gift shop and choosing the best gift. Even if it is with a florist for e.g. we may not have the time to buy the best bouquet for the occasion. An app for florists, in line with Giftster or Gift Planner would be a great assignment for Startup companies, wherein customers can directly place an order, online through the app, with the recipients address and surprise their loved ones!

Your Cook

One of the good app ideas and new app ideas which could be thought about is the cooking app. GeniusKitchen, Food.com and Yummly can motivate any Startup to think equally. Infact, this could just turn out to be the best startup ideas. Suppose you would like to cook your favourite dish and you find out suddenly that you are short of the required ingredients, then this app can work wonders for you! It could still guide you to prepare your dish in the best way with whatever ingredients, you have with you.

Dating 2 Matrimony

Starting a new relationship is often seen as a challenge for the inexperienced, so to say!! Modern technology however has made even this activity simpler with the introduction of dating apps. Not only do these apps help a user fetch all the information about his friends on social media, but also pick and choose them by ranking them based on how attractive, repulsive or accommodate, they could be. Startups can think about creating efficient yet secured dating apps in line with either a Tinder or Coffee meets Bagel.

Merchandise at your doorstep

The best Merchandise could be infectious! This will always be on everyone’s wish list. Emerging Startups can get the enthusiasts more excited! How about building an app which would enable you to buy the merchandize of your choice! You would come across a person with the nicest of the jackets or shirts and you feel like buying one. But you are not aware where you could buy that. An app which could analyze the merchandize through its photo and help you with its detail will be a great step forward in the right direction for an aspiring startup, which can be inspired by Amazon or E-Bay.

Tours and Travels

App ideas can be extended to travel and tourism, another profitable sector. Red Bus and Make My Trip are two of the most popular mobile apps which have made touring and traveling, much easier for customers. Not all will be aware of the best and safe destinations to travel. A collective travel app which can educate people on the most popular destinations in the world, the best place to lodge on arrival and the safest way to reach your planned destination, can work wonders with the ever growing travel crazy public.

Security Control

Startups can come forward with new app ideas which concerns security on the lines of App Call or a Secure Call. Security is always a challenging issue and with growing concerns due to theft and robbery, a sophisticated app, in consultation with the local police authorities can be developed, which can keep enlightening the citizens about, wanted criminals and anti-social elements, roaming around in their area. Modern technology allows the Startups to freely use a GPS system with the help of an alert button, which can help residentsco-ordinate with local police and track down the position of those criminals.

Car Parking Apps

Many of us would agree that finding a car park at the work place is always a challenging task. It is sometimes next to impossible to find a proper car park facility. An innovative app to solve this problem will definitely be worth an effort. This could prove to be an excellent opportunity for startups to consider developing an app whose main function would be to locate a vacant parking space and alert the user with the directions to the parking spot, through GPS.

Gaming Apps

The subject of gaming is discussed extensively in every household these days. Everyone would agree that Gaming has taken the world by storm, especially the youth who have been fully influenced by gaming. An app for gaming wherein the user is aware of an introduction of a new series would work wonders for the user and give him the ultimate user experience.

Atmosphere Weather Best App Ideas

Weather forecasts are extremely important to plan your day to day activities. A weather app of the magnitude of Atmosphere Weather, can give you weather forecasts for a complete week. Upcoming startups will do very well to consider developing a technology driven weather forecast system with a properly designed user interface. Consider coming out with a model which help the user can visually see the weather as changing during the various courses of the day!!

Music Trainer

Music is one of the favoured sources of relaxation as well as enjoyment, all over the world. As such, there seems to be no end to the number of people taking to music as a professional career prospect too! With music continuing to attract people in huge numbers, this could be one of the best sectors for startups to explore and come out with innovative and attractive music apps, in lines with Music Trainer, which not only trains beginners on how to read the music sheets and gets the rhythm going, but also has mini games which can make learning music more interesting.

Mutual Interests Share

Every individual would be interested in having a good friend or acquaintance who shares common thoughts and interests. This could be quite a challenge. However, an app gets like minded people together and share common thoughts. Startups can think innovative about developing a network of friends with a common mind-set and common interests! This is another unique thought where an app can connect you to people with common interests and with whom you could share subjects of mutual interests.

VinoCell – Wine Cellar Manager

When it comes to wines, it can have many factors; learn more about wine, choosing the best wine, get the best deals, record your tasting experiences or find expert ratings. You are a lover of wines and would like to taste the best available choice. Emerging companies can think of an App which can help you source your best taste, order online and enjoy that magical moment! This app can be further designed to enlighten you on the ingredients which go into the manufacture as well as the process. It can even help you have a virtual tour of the winery and experience the entire process, without having to visit the winery in person.


Time is money in today’s business world and maintaining time at work has a huge influence on the employee’s progress in his organization. This has led to the emergence of a number of companies which offer car pool or share taxi services. Think of an app which can help you schedule a ride, pick you up and drop you at your destination. This service can extend to travelers other than employees as well. Waymo is currently available only for self-driving cars in the USA and yet to gather pace and identity. But the concept is well worth a consideration for emerging startups.


Sharing Screens is quite common with mobile phone users these days. This could be one of the good prospects for Startup companies to think of an app which helps in sharing screens with your near and dear ones. This can work our well as a professional app as well in addition to domestic use. You can connect with another user so that he can say what you do on your screen and vice versa. Lightbeam is a fine example for Startups to refer.


Enjoying lighter moments and a having a good sense of humour is one of the best ways to relieve yourself of stress. One of the creative activities which Startups can think of could be creating an app which could inform a user about the top available comedians and comedy shows and when they can be accessed. This can be in the form of podcasts as well. This could serve well in the interests of every individual.


This could be a really exciting venture for Startups. Many times we execute an activity and delete it once our purpose is served. At an important juncture, we might regret the thought of not saving that activity for future references. An app could just be the answer what everyone’s looking for. This app could be designed in such a way that it helps you retrieve past data as well as undo tasks.


A part of the Android user interface which enables users to customize home screens and launch mobile apps is called a launcher. Designing a Launcher as an Android Mobile App with multiple features can be a very exciting business prospect for Startups. This can go a long way in helping the Startups generate the best possible user experience and expand business horizon.

I’ve been there

This is a very good concept to consider which can inform enthusiastic travelers and picnickers on which place to visit by personally vouching for the worth of the place of visit. This could let the travelers know beforehand about your experiences on visiting the place and give them some key insights which could make it easier for them to plan and enjoy their trip.

Am I original

Before we buy any product, it is important for us to find out whether the product is original or duplicate. There are many duplicate goods circling around in the market and as such the chances of getting cheated are very high. A mobile app to address this critical issue can be a great idea. The app can be designed in such a way that it analyses the goods and suggests only those vendors who deal with original products. This could also serve as a confidence boosting measure for the genuine vendor and help him increase his profits.


An app like WishList can be one of the rarest and unique gifts to a user. Every individual will have a Wishlist or an aim which he/ she pursues in life. An app which could first analyze the user’s Wishlist and then lead him to the profile of successful people in similar category could just be the confidence booster what the user was looking for. Not only would this app help the user with standing examples, but also guide the user on the right path to achieve his Wishlist.

Smart Receipt

The digital world aims towards converting every key activity from a manually driven process into an online process. Mobile Apps are designed just to make that happen. Think about an App which can help reduce paper to print a receipt after purchasing goods and send it to the customer, directly on his email or whatsapp account! This can be an excellent opportunity for a Startup to think creatively and make this happen as a unique achievement.

Interior Designer

Interior Designing plays a very important role whether its office or residential apartment. Much amount of time wasted in choosing best choice and nearest places where suitable item could be purchased. Stratups could consider building a mobile app for interior designing which could analyze the user input / wish list as well as taking a photo of the room for which interior need to be done. The app can then suggest the best possible design option to the user based on the analysis done as well as letting them know the nearest store option from where they could score the materials

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Wrapping Up

We are sure these ideas would fuel the aspirations of many aspiring Startup companies who are thinking of taking the next step forward. DeveloperonRent is one of the fastest growing Mobile App Development and Web Application Development Companies, which has executed complex and innovative projects for our customers. Our strength lies in our team of experienced Android App Developers and Mobile App Developers, who have made our dream turn into reality. In addition to serving top companies in India, we are one of the leading offshore software development outsourcing companies and deliver quality rich and budget friendly mobile applications.

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