Best App Ideas for Startups in 2019

App Ideas

Best App ideas 2019

We have been witnesses to the way businesses would operate during the pre-technology driven era and have now systematically moved on to the era where technology continues to have its say, in almost every industry, key to the development of our country.

  • May it be Steel or Irrigation Projects, power and energy, transportation and education or healthcare and sports, the influence of technology is there for all of us to see. However, technology has not only fuelled these critical areas.
  • It also has had its say in the communications sector where we have seen a complete transformation in the way the telecommunications industry operates now.
  • Today’s digital world has also seen a phenomenal rise in startup companies, who would like to be associated with the major industrial sectors as mentioned above, in any suitable capacity and begin their business journey.
  • With the Internet driving most of the business operations across the globe, and competition at its peak, it has become mandatory for upcoming and aspiring young startup companies, to be in touch with the market trends in their respective business sectors, on a regular basis.
  • The one source which startups have found to their extreme liking and support is Mobile Apps. Mobile Apps have been a revolution and a revelation in the digital world and businesses big and small continue to see huge benefits out of it.
  • Needless to say, every startup idea is closely associated with an App development idea. The range of Apps which have unfolded over the past few decades is just phenomenal.

This article emphasizes on where and how startups can benefit by having App design ideas.

how can you discover the perfect innovative mobile application ideas?

The introduction of smartphones has been a boon for individuals and businessman alike. This has led to the development of many utility based mobile apps. While established businesses continue to thrive on ios and android based app set ups, they have in many ways motivated upcoming startups too, to consider either Android based or ios based app development ideas.

Android App ideas

  • The android operating system as we all have known has been instrumental in creating many user friendly mobile apps.
  • Today’s business world is not only about fast and secure solutions, but it also demands a perfect user experience, at the end of the day.
  • As over 80% of business transactions happen across various types of mobile apps, it is the prerogative of android developers to deliver a world class app, least which could offer the best user experience.
  • Fuelling this effort could well be app development ideas in android which can have a simple user interface, have very few registration fields and be quick to respond. However, android apps have always been pleasantly surprised by Apple, by releasing mobile apps of equal quality, operating on the ios platform!

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iOS App ideas

Ios app development has been a strong competitor for android. What with the name Apple, throwing its weight behind it!

  • The ios app development features have kept android on their toes with their swift coding and reaction features.
  • The main course of this article however has been to focus on app design ideas to benefit startups, before which, it would be good to take our readers on a short detour towards the two main development platforms, which rule the world of mobile apps today.
  • Let’s now take a look at the best app ideas to fuel your startups.

Good App design ideas

For startups, the ideas to consider are as vast as the broad horizon. Here’s a look at a few simple app ideas.

  • Let’s begin with the simple case of sourcing monthly provisions. This is a must for every family. There could be some new choices which would be introduced and a customer would like to explore. In which case, if an app is designed for the grocery store where the customers frequently buy their monthly requirements and which has the facility to add on new introductions, at regular intervals, it would benefit the customers in question.
  • Social Media has always been the pick of discussions on a routine basis in the business world. We have seen different versions of social media like facebook, instagram, twitter etc. However, these sources have to be approached independently. Good app ideas can include the thought of developing a single platform connect to access all these sources.
  • New App ideas can also include a focus towards the medical field. Though there are apps which are in function, startups would do good to develop a single app which can give a customer, all the desired information, under one single roof. For e.g. it could be the list of pharmacies in his area, list of all doctors categorised by profession like allopathy, Ayurveda, homeopathy etc, list of medical terminologies and their meanings and even a list of chronic diseases and their symtoms.
  • Web apps still continue to be a hot choice, though mobile apps have taken over, as far as user experience is concerned as they are easy to maintain and have a common codebase.
  • The education sector is largely untapped and is full of potential for the startups who would like to venture into it. Think of an app for the availability of the nearest stationary shop. An app of this magnitude can be very useful to students in terms of educating them with the availability of the nearest stationary shop as well helping them compare the cost of each book.
  • One of the most sought after industry in our country and globally is the entertainment industry. Though the entertainment industry has streamlined many of its operations which include booking of tickets online and checking in online, startups can consider developing simple apps which could enlighten the audience on the best choices, across generations, which the present generation audience would have missed.
  • Healthcare has been another sector which has been greatly influenced by changes in technology. Aspiring startups can think about developing good apps, especially for the benefit of senior citizens. Think about the amount of time, a senior citizen would have to spend, to book an appointment with his doctor. This app can be designed to save the user’s doctor’s number and immediately intimate him whether his appointment with the doctor, at his requested time, has been approved or not.
  • Presenting Gifts and Goodies celebrate a loved one’s happy occasion, can be made more exciting, by using an app to do the job! Many times, the hectic work schedules may not permit us from going to a gift shop and choosing the best gift. Even if it is with a florist for e.g. we may not have the time to buy the best bouquet for the occasion. Startup companies can think about developing an app for florists as well as gift vendors, wherein customers can directly place an order, online through the app with the recipients address and surprise their loved ones!
  • One of the good app ideas and new app ideas which could be thought about is the cooking app. This could turn out to be the best startup ideas. Suppose you would like to cook your favourite dish and you find out suddenly that you are short of the required ingredients, then this app can work wonders for you! It could still guide you to prepare your dish in the best way with whatever ingredients, you have with you.
  • Startups can come forward with new app ideas which concerns security. With growing concerns due to theft and robbery, a sophisticated app, in consultation with the local police authorities can be developed, which can keep enlightening the citizens about, wanted criminals and anti-social elements, roaming around in their area. Through an alert button, residents can help police track down the position of those criminals with the help of GPS systems.
  • App ideas can be extended to travel and tourism, another profitable sector. Not all will be aware of the best and safe destinations to travel. A collective travel app which can educate people on the most popular destinations in the world, the best place to lodge on arrival and the safest way to reach your planned destination, can work wonders with the ever growing travel crazy public.
  • Many of us would agree that finding a car park at the work place is always a challenging task. It is sometimes next to impossible to find a proper car park facility. This could be an excellent opportunity for startups to consider developing an app to solve this problem. The main function of this app would be to locate a vacant parking space and alert the user with the directions to the parking spot, through GPS.
  • Last but not the least is the subject of gaming. Everyone would agree that Gaming has taken the world by storm, especially the youth who have been fully influenced by gaming. An app for gaming wherein the user is aware of an introduction of a new series would work wonders for the user and give him the ultimate user experience.

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Listed above were few thought provoking apps which start ups can consider working upon, though some amount of initial research has already been made in these sectors and certain apps would also be out and functioning. However, apart from the generic apps, there are also certain sectors, for which apps have been never thought about! You would be curious to know more about them. Let’s find out more in the following section;

App Ideas that haven’t been made or thought about

Let’s look at some opportunities which are quite unique and for which an app can support well!

  • How about building an app which would enable you to buy the merchandize of your choice! You would come across a person with the nicest of the jackets or shirts and you feel like buying one. But you are not aware where you could buy that. Think of an app which could analyse the merchandize through its photo and help you with its detail so that you can search for it! Sounds crazy, but that’s very much possible.
  • Think about developing a network of friends with a common mind-set and common interests! This is another unique thought where an app can connect you to people with common interests and with whom you could share subjects of mutual interests.
  • You are a lover of wines and would like to taste the best available choice. Think of an App which can help you source your best taste, order online and enjoy that magical moment! This app can be further designed to enlighten you on the ingredients which go into the manufacture as well as the process. It can even help you have a virtual tour of the winery and experience the entire process, without having to visit the winery in person.

Frequently asked Questions about Mobile App Development

How much does it cost to make a mobile app?

While typical cost range stated by mobile app development companies is $100,000 – $500,000. But no need to fear – small apps with a small amount of basic features could cost between $10,000 and $50,000, so there’s an opportunity for any type of business.

Still confused why you should invest in mobile app development?

With mobile apps made for mobile Operating system from Android, iOS and others, you can make brand awareness and reliability between the huge number of present and potential customers. Quite a lot of customers now expect a business or brand to have its own reliable mobile app. This indicate that it is not only becoming a necessitate to get a reasonable edge over other businesses. Having dedicated mobile apps enhances to the reliability of the brand.

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