Transforming Business – The Big Data Analytics Way

Any business model sees many challenges, on its way to establishing itself, as the most preferred business model. The challenges include many key factors such as feasibility, economy, stability, etc.  One of the key requirements, which can help us, analyses these three factors is nothing but big volumes of data. Data or information is the backbone of any business model, either to be constructed or implemented. So, how does big data analytics play a crucial role in transforming any business model? This article shows us just how!

The Emergence of Big Data Analytics

  1. The commissioning of any new business activity sees large volumes of data being generated.
  2. From the very initial stage of project feasibility, right up to generating a project implementation report, it is all about big data.
  3. The power of big data analytics has had such an influence on business models that companies can no longer blindly aim at potential customers.
  4. There is always an analysis required to justify your decision and that’s where, sophisticated big data analytics tools, play a pivotal role.
  5.  It would be safe to say, that companies could do well to have a big data developer, in their scheme of things, at all times.

Driven by big data analytics tools, which consist of specialized analytics systems and software, big data analytics helps data scientists and analysts, to study structured and untapped data.

  1. Every technology driven, innovative approach needs an infrastructure support, to get the momentum going and big data analytics is no different.
  2. Data collection and analysis have always been the prerequisite, for any top or medium or even small scale business establishment, to take the next step forward in business development process.
  3. As far as any organization goes, hiring quality big data developers and possessing the working knowledge of the latest big data analytics tools, should be the best weapons, in their armories.

Let’s take a brief look in, into the some big data analytics tools, which companies can consider.

The Big Data Analytics Tools that matter

  • Hardtop: It is an open source software framework which has been instrumental in sorting and analyses big data, for quite a while.
  •  Storm: Storm also falls under the open source frameworks which analyses big data in real time. An added advantage with storm is its ability to adapt to existing technologies, which makes big data analysis, much easier and faster.
  • Map Reduce: Map Reduce is a framework, with a distributed process approach. The Map feature helps in segregating the data to be analyses which is then followed by the Reduce feature which performs the actual data analysis
  • Rapider: Big data analytics will surely involve analysis of text files and images. This is where, Rapid miner, which can analyses unstructured data, can be of good help. Rapider also supports data analysis and data integration at a quick pace, which has made it a preferred tool, for most of the organizations.

Without the availability of the above tools, it would be a challenge for the companies, to unearth some key data, which could well go down, in helping them take calculated decisions, in taking their businesses to the next level.

Big Data Developers – An asset to any organization

Any company will consider sensitive data, as the most important asset, after infrastructure, subsequently, the people behind generating and managing this critical data, the Big data developers, assume significant importance. These contributions clearly justify, why big data developers, can be considered as the backbone for any organization.

  1. Quality Big Data Engineers can help you address critical problems. The best data developers exhibit a lot of patience and are highly focused and persistent, to reach their goals. There is no end to knowledge for these big data engineers as they have a specific understanding of how data transfers work
  2. Efficient Big Data Engineers believe in an effective data management system.
  3. In many ways, data engineers lay the foundation for data analysts and data scientists. With a competent Big Data Developer at your helm of affairs, there is a definite balance of responsibilities which paves the way for data analysts and scientists, to completely focus on their set of responsibilities and leaving the basics to Big Data Engineers.

Big Data Analytics – A positive effect on transforming business models

  1. Driven by various specialized analytics systems, data analytics can point the way to multiple business gains, which includes new revenue streams, efficient marketing practices, bigger customer engagement, advanced operational efficiency and competitive advantages.
  2. Data analytics enable data scientists to manage and analyses the ever-growing volume of data and the other forms of data which are left unexplored by conventional BI tools.
  3. In other sense, data analytics helps organizations get the true meaning out of their business data and make informed business decisions.
  4. Data analytics involves complex applications with other elements such as predictive models, statistical algorithms and what-if analysis, driven by high-performance analytical systems.


Big data analytics helps enterprises embrace their data and use it to discover new opportunities and extract information from your data to enhance products, ensure more efficient operations, higher profits and satisfied customers. Companies can now look forward to a faster decision-making and strategizing business. Big data Analytics has brought about a revolution, the way industries and business establishments have started looking at it. Needless to say that it has changed the world. Companies have understood the need and value, at having a big data developer, as a resource in their expansion plans.

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