Most of us would agree with being self-dependent in some stage of our careers.

However, these thoughts generally come to us after we reach a certain stage in our careers. By then, we would have gained tons of experiences.

One way out for being self-dependent is to start a company or business of our own. The technology sector is no different.

Software development has been the backbone and one of the most critical components of building a tech start up. Hence, everything boils down to how you are going to build that high profile software development team.

Build a successful software development team with right talent is not easy as most of us think, especially for tech start-up companies, it’s really a challenging task.

You might wondering how should be tech startup and its journey?

The Startup Journey

Building a Tech Startup is a dream vision.  It is just like a game with a whole new experience.

The digital revolution has seen thousands of Startups. This has happened in a very short period of time. Most of them are into businesses revolving around the use of latest technology. However, for any startup to sustain the stiff competition there is a need to build a strong software development team. Mobile apps continue to be in great demand. Hence, Startups can have a team of subject matter experts and talented developers, in line with present market requirements. They will then be ready to meet customer expectations .

Top 5 Tips to Build a Successful Software Development Team

Here are the steps to build a strong software development team

Plan your budget

As always, every business venture revolves around the budget you have in mind. Building a Software Development team for a startup is no different. Startups have limited budget to begin with. Hence, it would be a good idea to study the technology in demand and build your initial team of engineers. This also involves the necessary infrastructure to be set up depending upon your prospective client’s project needs.  The team and infrastructure can be scaled up at any time depending on requirement.

Look for a good Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) should be well versed in handle software development team and it’s process. While on one hand, he should understand business goals and processes, parallely, he should have a good expertise in programming. He can then give his suggestions while hiring software developers and manage them. He can even act as a programmer when needed.

Have a concrete hiring plan

The hiring plan should include hiring the next in hierarchy which includes the project managers and team leads. The startup could do well to think about seasoned personnel to fill up these two critical positions. Subsequently, either of them along with the CTO can decide on the type of software developers required to begin with.

Think of Full Stack Developers

As a startup company, the fewer people you have, the easier it is to communicate. As such, your project will be more flexible. Hiring Full Stack Developers can be a worthy choice to begin with. This is because today’s technologies, like Node.js, allow the use of one language for both front end and backend.

Be patient

It is always exciting to have an idea to begin a startup and start working as soon as possible. This is no doubt a good intention. But it’s always good to go one step at a time. It’s good to go through a phased hiring process and expand as more projects come through.

The DeveloperOnRent Model of Building Software Development Team

When it comes to delivering innovative services, DeveloperOnRent, a rapidly progressing software development company, has set an example. The company continues to set high standards while hiring remote software developers with diverse skillsets. The organization is preferred for its patient hearing to its customers before responding with the most productive solution. DeveloperOnRent has been a clinically driven organization with a well balanced team. The USP of DeveloperOnRent has been converting ideas into reality by creating something good with the technology in need.


Start building that dream software development team which can lead your startup to success. Get in contact with DeveloperOnRent. Get in contact with Developers of tomorrow.

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