Does this job profile include an option for remote technology delivery?! Is there a work from home option included?! Not so long ago, these questions, when put forward by employees, would receive a non-committal reply by their employers.  They would only try considering such an option only under very specific and genuine reasons, like bad weather or if the employee is sick.

However, what would organizations do, if the sickness is not limited to one particular employee and in fact becomes a global health hazard? If we take one particular industrial sector, which has evolved over the years and now has become the driving force for every other industrial sector, big or small, it is the Information Technology sector. All of us have seen and continue to see the influence of technology and how it has changed the global business scenario, since the last three decades. Though the IT sector is where it stands today, like any other sector, it can also be vulnerable to a sudden and unforeseen global catastrophe, like for e.g., a pandemic. What would be an ideal solution to deal with such unforeseen developments?

Remote Technology Delivery

There is little doubt that we are all a part of a highly competitive global economy. Unless we build a strategy and plan well in advance, seeing through these unforeseen and intense crisis phases can get extremely challenging, especially since the first target of every global catastrophe is economy.  This is where different companies could do well by working smarter by setting up a remote product development team and leveraging on its manifold benefits.

The thought of seeing through an extremely challenging situation like a pandemic in itself can drain out the entire energy from our body, leave alone thinking about its after-effects on businesses and the economy. This is where organizations can think seriously about establishing a competent remote tech development team with high quality, globally based remote tech developers.

Having said that, it is a fact that remote technology hiring is no walk in the park! Organizations need to think out of the box in not just hiring Remote techies, but also maintain the entire team by frequently overseeing their performance. Thanks to technology again for coming out with a few very interesting Remote technology tools and techniques, which have proved to be extremely useful, as far as both developers and organizations are concerned.

Remote Technology Tools and Techniques

Looking for remote techies to be a part of your highly productive development team! Here are a few technology tools which you can consider getting equipped with before you get into remote tech hiring.

Instant Communication Tool

Setting up a remote workforce largely depends upon how good a communication infrastructure you have in place. At the end of the day, this is what helps remote tech developers stay connected, work in unison and help the business to grow much faster. Organizations can look at globally proven and preferred communication tools like Slack and Google Hangouts to be a part of their remote product development strategy.

Video Conferencing Tool

Remote meetings are extremely essential for Remote teams to work together. As remote technology delivery is fast becoming a reality, it is mandatory for companies to invest in the latest collaboration tools like the right video conferencing tool. While companies look for hiring the right techies globally so that their talent can be used to meet customer requirements and sustain delivery and business, a frequent opportunity for a  face to face connect through video conferencing is extremely important.

Include a Cloud-based System in your development strategy

The cloud-based system plays a huge role in maintaining consistent communication across the remote product development team, irrespective of the location. These enable quick and productive progress through various channels and cope up with various business challenges.

Project Management Platform

Setting up a proper Project Management System is the key to meet business challenges and sustain the business. This enables Remote tech developers in keeping projects and tasks organized.

A secure Password Management System

Remote tech teams will require access to multiple digital platforms. A proper password management system will ensure there is no security breach and safeguard data.

Why Remote Technology Hiring

The importance of developing a Remote product development team is felt more during extreme crisis situation which can have a drastic effect on the global economy. While a local development team ensures consistent contact, it becomes quite a challenge to look into possible solutions at the last moment when the crisis has already set in. Setting up the infrastructure at the last moment can be quite challenging. This might affect the business prospects of the organizations in a big way. On the other hand, setting up a remote workforce can be just the right solution as it has multiple benefits like reducing overheads, gives an opportunity to hire the best available global talent, increases productivity with a collective involvement, increase people to people contact and happiness, thereby leading to a consistent rise in business and contribution to economic growth.


No one can predict the future but many people believe that remote technology hiring is inevitable. Moreover, easy-to-use, cost-effective technology solutions, (like High-five video conferencing), make empowering employees to work remotely a fairly quick and painless process for everyone involved. If you are toying with the idea of having a Remote Workforce, you need the best in business to show you the way. To learn more about Remote Technology Delivery, waste no further time and get in touch with DeveloperOnRent, an organization with subject-matter experts who have spent quality time in Remote Technology Workforce Hiring and continue to serve the best global clientele across business sectors. Your organization can experience the best advantages associated with a Remote Work Set up, with a team of competent developers, sooner than later.

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