Challenges faced by IT Professionals towards Job Prospects – Unemployment of Unqualified

Since the inception of computers, Information Technology has been the most thought about career prospect, for most of the career aspirants. After all, computers were always going to be a revelation of sorts. Unemployment and Lack of necessary Qualification could just be one of the biggest challenges faced by IT professionals, and also those are the major reason to miss out on good opportunities

  • Though technology has fulled changes in many sectors, with digitization of all key services, as the main objective, working in hard-core application development, still seems to be the aim of thousands of graduates and engineers, who are ready to keep their first steps, in their professional careers.
  • However, all does not seem to be very well with the IT Industry, as many of us conclude and it is getting a bit challenging for even fresh engineers, to land into that first big job.
  • What could be the bottlenecks? Read on to know more.

Losers see barriers. Winners see Hurdles

The Key Reasons attributed

  • Every student too will now be aware that the two main reasons, which can help you get that first best job, in your area of expertise and interest, is qualification and experience.
  • Good qualification can put you above the rest for the first job while good amount of experience can help you in getting your best job, irrespective of which area, you like or your expertise is in.
  • However, in this article, we focus more on the IT Professionals or Software developers, as they are also known as.
  • The two main reasons for professionals in the IT sector, broadly,remain the same. However, there could be some additional reasons which could be attributed.
  • It’s always not just experience and qualification. One of the reasons, which may not get an IT professional, over the line, despite having had an excellent interview, backed up with a great qualification, could well be lack of knowledge of the relevant skill set, which the particular project demands.
  • In other words, you as an IT Professional may not be exposed to a certain algorithm, which could be driving an emerging language, which you are likely to use, along with the other relevant tools, about which you are well aware of.
  • Most of the IT professionals would have had an exposure to many different programming languages, as a part of their professional education, but would not have had specific expertise, in mastering one particular and widely used language.
  • Most of the IT professionals find it difficult to get through the finishing line as they project more towards the end result than giving an impression about the knowledge of a particular coding process.
  • With a solid qualification background, sometimes there is a tendency to get into a debate with the hiring authority on a certain issue. A healthy but polite debate is welcome, which, many of the IT professionals might not give due thought about.
  • Many job seekers in the IT fraternity might have the tendency to give in, on challenges, much sooner than actually trying to attempt it and see practically. This might well project a lack of confidence, on their part.
  • Apart from technical skills, there is also something called as passion for the job, which the employers look for, as a very important ingredient while hiring IT people.There is always this inbuilt tendency amongst many professionals, especially new professionals, to put in only the exact working hours and not contemplate stretching beyond working hours, should the situation demand. Many times, this works in the negative way as this flexibility is requested for, during the interview stage itself, by many employers.
  • Another major factor why IT Engineers could fail to make an impression is their reluctance to handle testing, if requested for. Generally, developers would like to restrict themselves to just coding and leave testing to the relevant department. This attitude may not go down well with all employers.
  • Poor and ineffective communication skills can also contribute to IT people, not being favoured by organizations, though academically, they could be well qualified and meet the requirements.

As much as the IT professionals continue to be in great demand, the factors mentioned above, contribute equally, along with qualification and experience, in them being accepted by companies. This shows that it is not just qualification or experience which could play a major role. There are additional factors too.

Revisit and Recap

Why do IT Professionals struggle to get a good opening?

Right from qualifications to experience, there are quite a few factors which could play a major role, though the above two are the key ingredients. Very High expectations from their first job could also hamper their chances of a smooth progress and career prospect.

Can the expectation to stick to one particular area of expertise, hamper the job prospects of the IT people?

In fact it wont to a large extent, because though as a software developer, you would have been exposed to many different features, it is always worth to get exposed to a specific area of requirement where your value, to begin with, will be more visible.

Can reluctance to support in software testing, if requested for, turn out to be a negative approach on the part of the IT professional, seeking a good job?

Though Software Development and Testing are two different activities, as far as the final product goes, both are extremely valuable and inter-linked. Hence a developer is expected to be flexible and contribute to varied areas as required by the project.

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