The influence of PHP as a popular server-side language is gaining immense attention of developers around the globe. Though many companies hire PHP developers for building simple web applications, its utility is much broad-based, with projects that involve C or Java, as premier programming languages. Despite gaining the amount of prominence that it has, any PHP development company will always vary about the challenges it can throw. This is where PHP Frameworks come into the picture. However, how to choose the Right PHP framework that works out perfect for your specific requirement is another question altogether.

Choosing the Right PHP Framework

When you hire PHP developers, you would most likely be looking at the subject knowledge, specific project experience and probably, analytical skills, as the major parameters for selection, which is perfect and there are no two thoughts about it. But how about looking at developers with something more than that as ability? In other words, analyze a developer, by his skills on how to suggest the best PHP Framework from an already enterprising and lengthy list of PHP frameworks available.

For a PHP development company, choosing a PHP framework can get challenging as well as confusing. Many subject matter experts will give varied opinions about which are the best PHP Framework to select. More often than not, a project team focuses on experiences, adaptability, and complexity in usage and framework popularity, before arriving on the best PHP framework. However, there is something more than just these factors behind selecting the best PHP framework.

Important Criteria

Though many PHP developers might feel that less amount of time and energy can be spent before selecting the right framework, it definitely needs a focused approach, as it can impact scalability, future expansions, maintenance, and support. Frameworks play a very important role in performance-enhancing and act like an able guide for PHP developers. A solid framework helps you to streamline the development of web applications with features such as APIs, models, etc.

There are many PHP frameworks which continue to create a wave as far as a PHP development company is concerned. Name it and each one stands out better than the other. For e.g. Symfony, Zend Framework, Cake PHP, Yii, CodeIgniter or Laravel; each one of them is a class apart.

Hence, before choosing your PHP framework, it is essential to have a clear vision of what is your final objective behind choosing the framework.

Application Area

With PHP being capable of developing suitable web applications across a wide-ranging of industrial sectors, it is important to hire PHP developers, who possess the basic idea to analyze which PHP Framework could suit the prevailing requirement.  For example, if your goal is to develop an E-commerce site, you have to choose a framework which provides much-needed benefits like online payment processing, lightweight, fast database connectivity, etc.

Hosting Environment

Hosting environment has an important role in selecting the best framework. PHP frameworks do need to be customized at times, to adapt to the hosting environment.  Prominent hosting environments like cloud need the best framework which adapts to the features of the cloud.

The efficiency of the PHP Developers

While hiring PHP developers, it is important to consider the skillets, strengths, and weaknesses of the developer(s) who are actually building and maintaining the application. If you have an incumbent team, it would be in the best interests of the PHP development company, to choose a PHP framework, which will suit beginners. On the other hand, there are some frameworks, which follow very stringent coding standards.


With changes in technology, there is a need to immediately upgrade the existing PHP framework version. Hence, it will be wise enough to choose a framework which is upgraded periodically and more importantly, it is flexible to fix programming errors and bugs.


Data security continues to remain the most critical part before building any web application as they are always vulnerable and susceptible to data hacking. A PHP web development company will do well to advise its developers to select a framework, which comes with modern-day security functions like SQL Injection etc.

Authenticated and Documented Procedures

A well-documented database of introductions and implementation procedures is important to understand the framework, libraries, and its plugins. So it is always good to evaluate the nature, volume, and quality of existing framework documents.


one of the most important aspects which continue to influence the selection of any PHP framework is how it supports application testing. Testing is an important process in the development cycle and PHP Frameworks which provide adequate testing options will be a good choice to go in for.

Summing up

Good PHP frameworks not only help in enhancing the performance of your web applications, but they also make the development process, an enjoyable activity. An excellent PHP framework is one that provides scalability, has a user-friendly programming platform, and ensures a higher degree of efficiency and correction features.  A well-designed framework, makes developers life, that much easier. So, our best suggestion is to use only what you consider the most appropriate and easy to learn the framework for your project.  Now, choose your PHP framework wisely after going through all the details and the one that meets almost every requirement.


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