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The impact of the Digital revolution is for everyone to see. This is the app age! So much so that we can envision that speed will soon take over as the new currency in business! Companies are looking towards a more comprehensive and flawless customer service model and subsequently, an app for every important activity, related to a particular organization, seems to be the way forward.Keeping in tune with this present day trend, the Apple iOS operating system, which runs on iPhone, iPad and iPODs, was a revelation of sorts, as it took the world by storm, with its innovative features and user friendly approach. The introduction of smart phone created a wave of swift transition in the Mobile Phone Industry. This transition gave rise to Android app development too, which equally became the talking point and kept attracting entrepreneurs. It also prompted companies to include ios app developers and android app developers, as a part of their regular workforce requirements. Having said this, it will also work to the advantage, if the applications of these apps are made platform independent. In other words, they could be designed to work for any platform for e.g. an ios app can be loaded on an android device and similar results could be expected. Else, there could be a possibility of converting an ios app into an android app and vice versa. Is this possible? This article takes us through what needs to be done for that.

Why think of converting ios app to Android app?

Converting an app, from one operating system to another, is seen more like a strategic initiative, adopted by the organizations. Revenue generation is seen as a major reason. Because, though every app, by and large is designed for an ios platform to begin with, ios app developers and android app developers, consistently look into the options of porting ios app into android app as there is every chance to earn more, on the App store. However, converting ios into android is not that challenging or uncertain, as far as achieving return on investment goes. Having an android app in an ios platform, might just open the doors for expanding business across vast potential areas like South America, North American countries like Mexico as well as India, China and the gulf. Though the United States and other major European countries would still go the ios way, a proper porting to android would nop doubt, open broader horizons.  How then is this actually done? There are some tricks up the sleeve which we can think of.

The Trick and Challenging Porting Process for converting ios to Android

As mentioned earlier, the conversion isn’t an easy process. Simply because of the fact that there is quite a difference between the principles on, how ios and android apps are designed. Though the overall content could be retained, there needs to be a certain change in design. Even if it requires a revisit from the scratch too, it would be a good choice. Here are few points which could help.

  1. As much as possible, refrain from using ios specific design tools.  For e.g. even the designing of basic features like toggles and buttons, needs a fresh thinking.
  2. ios app developers and android app developers would do well to even focus on equally important action buttons/ indicators such as navigation indicator and date and time indicator, etc.
  3. The developers would also do well to take a relook at the graphic designing which include animations as some android devices have larger screens and the images need to adapt to the screen size.
  4. It is very important to take into consideration the various versions released and work accordingly as not all devices are likely to support an outdated version.
  5. ios developers would do well to be aware of the coding patterns while porting the app to android. Most of the android apps are built around Java while ios apps run around C. However there are latest tools available which can port business logic from C to Java, which can be explored.
  6. More modern programming languages like swift can be thought of. More so when speed is the major factor.
  7. It would also be good deal separately with ideas involving a business sense of approach and those involving a platform centric approach.
  8. How could the android developers or the ios developers, not think about testing! The testing process always has a major role to play, no matter whatever app you think of either developing or porting. Give equal focus to quality assurance so that your customers don’t get a raw deal.
  9. Development Cost is always a major worrying factor for everyone in business, isn’t it?! However it’s a bit comforting here as the cost of android app development might well work economical.


The major part of the world now stands on an android operating system or an ios operating system, as far as the application of the mobile based app technology, in the business hemisphere, is concerned. The process of converting from ios app to Android and Android convert to ios can literally turn the whole world as your customers!!! Of course, quality and user-friendly design plays a major role. Having said this, android does offer a couple of special features which ios doesn’t, like for e.g., push buttons, navigations and widgets. With a couple of strong and robust choices, companies can very well think of having a profitable outing with both ios app developers as well as android app developers, at their disposal.

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