Do you know what ‘net neutrality’ is? Do you think it’s a perplexed, ‘techie’ issue that doesn’t require your attention?

Well, this is something that affects everyone, including you. If you’re not okay with having to pay additional money every month to use apps like WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Instagram, Facebook, Skype and all the others you spend a lot of your time on, this is an issue that should bother you, and one you should be concerned about.

Know It

All content on the internet is equal, all accessible at the speed you’re paying for, and once you have an internet connection, you have the right to access almost every nook and crevice of the World Wide Web. But not for long if some telecom operators are allowed to have their way!

Telecom operators in the country want to change that. They have approached the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) to be allowed to provide differential internet access to users all over the country. They plan to cut up the internet into different sections, and charge you a fee to access its different parts. Which means, that over and above the amount you pay for your internet connection, you will have to pay money to access different websites and apps.

What happens if you don’t pay up? At best, your internet connection will be slowed down to the point of you being annoyed and giving up on using the app/website; and at worst, you will be denied access to the content altogether.

Telecom operators spend billions on building networks. Over the years, the ways in which we use the internet have evolved, because of which their pipes are becoming more and more clogged with enormous amounts of data. Online services are often provided for free, but all the data goes via the expensive infrastructure that the telecom operators have built. So, they say it’s only fair that customers, whether for private or business use, pay extra to use the network.

What’s more, the end of net neutrality also means the stifling of competition. Smaller players, especially start-ups who cannot afford preferential internet access, could fall by the wayside if net neutrality cannot be maintained. Bigger players with deeper pockets, could pay the telecom companies themselves, and allow users to access their apps and websites for free, but this may not be possible for smaller companies.

Support It

We believe the World Wide Web is a great leveller, where everyone can, and should be able to access everything they need, after they’ve paid the base internet subscription fee. As an online company, we are grateful for the infinite reach and possibilities that the internet has offered us. We wouldn’t exist without it!

Therefore, we choose to not sit idle when net neutrality is threatened. We will not be signing up for preferential internet access. We do not want our users to pay extra to be able to access our app and website. We are, unequivocally, in support of net neutrality.

The upcoming reforms on net neutrality may drastically change the way you use the internet. If you want to join us in keeping the digital highway open and running smoothly, we urge you to spend a few minutes in sending an e-mail to the organisation that is going to be responsible for bringing about these reforms – TRAI.

Your support is just two clicks away. Please visit this link, and send an e-mail to TRAI, demanding a free, open internet:

It is also important to educate as many people as you can about this issue, and get them to join the movement. So, share this post on your wall, in your tweets, and play a part in preserving your ability to do so!

#SaveTheInternet #IndiaNeedsNetNeutrality

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