In recent years, hundreds of programming languages have been invented. And, the era of technology and internet has helped tremendously in the adoption and usage of these languages. Now-a-days, there are many firms who are looking to hire skilled people who know the most popular programming languages so that they can make the best use of digital economy. This has also helped in creating new career opportunities for technical professionals who seek long-term growth in IT sector.
Programming is something vast and businesses choose developers acquainted with programming languages that are more useful for their business. While certain languages have claimed themselves as some of the easiest and most efficient to use, it’s always exciting to know which programming languages are the best picks lately in the programming world. At DeveloperonRent, based on our past six months observation and tech experience working with customers, we have curated for you a case-study that reveals the most preferred programming languages loved by businesses nowadays. Here you go –

Java programming language is one of the most renowned choices among developers for creating server-side applications, video games, mobile applications and smart TV applications. It’s an open source language that’s been around since the 1990’s. The language is class-based, allows developers to “write once, run anywhere” and follows object oriented programming paradigm. According to GitHub’s Popularity of Programming Language Index (PYPL), Java is the most popular programming language worldwide, which certainly appears on the checklist of both large and small businesses that use applications written in Java. Also this language is preferred by most developers @ DeveloperOnRent for its concurrency (comparing it to be better than Node JS, for example), an impressive standard library and steadily good performance. The Community of Java language has a large number of enthusiastic users, meaning Java fans can always get a lot of support.


According to 2017 IEEE Spectrum ranking published recently, the usage of Python ranked number one among the top 10 programming languages. It is the most highly desirable coding skill by recruiting companies and has become extremely popular among data scientists. The free and open-source project has an excellent standard library that contains a huge number of useful models. It compiles fast and many problems can be solved quickly if you are familiar with this language. It’s great with concurrent tasks as well as programs. Overall, many programmers @ DeveloperOnRent view Python as a well designed language with a clean syntax and a comprehensive library; thanks to its longevity, there’s also a third-party documentation, meaning that anyone with a problem or question can (usually) find an answer fairly quickly. It has widespread deployment and is widely used in web development, app development, and data mining. We @ DeveloperOnRent prefer as per business requirement

Progrming languages

The programming language ‘C’ was rated as one of the most popular languages of 2015. The applications and worthiness of C is almost countless. C is a ubiquitous programming language which means whatever the platform, C is probably available. C is the predecessor of C++ and is a simpler version.
While designed to be portable in nature, C programs are particularly compiled for systems with distinct architectures. Even though C is a comparatively old language existing since days when UNIX conquered the world, it is still commonly used for system programming and in embedded systems.
C++, the successor of C language is a multi-purpose programming language. Known to be a very powerful language, it is a major choice these days for many desktop applications. It has crucial, object-oriented and comprehensive programming features. Its speed and ability to cheaply use resources can surpass other languages. This high performance language is often used to develop game engines, games, and desktop apps and even AAA title video games
C# is a modern, general-purpose and a multi-paradigm programming language that enables developers @ DeveloperOnRent to build a variety of secure and robust applications that run on the .NET Framework. You can use C# to easily develop software components suitable for deployment in distributed environments. Developed by Microsoft, C# can be used to create traditional Windows Client applications, mobile apps, Windows Store apps, database applications, and much, much more.

Python speed

Swift is one of the most rapidly growing programming languages in the history of IT sector. Designed by Apple, Swift is used for developing applications for iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS. It’s safe, fast and interactive programming, a fantastic way to write software, whether it’s for phones, desktops, servers, or anything else that runs code. The Swift triggers a run-time crash that provides consistent behavior forcing the developer to fix the issue right away. The bug will be fixed sooner which helps reduce code length henceforth saving energy and time. Developers @ DeveloperOnRent can develop applications and design their codes on Windows or Linux systems using Swift as it is an open source language. The apps designed using Swift are iOS compatible also.


Assembly language
The assembly language is often used as a medium between high-level languages and machine code. The huge demand for Assembly developers is due to the performance benefits of this language and its capability to program an extensive range of devices with access to direct registry, and it being a low-level language. When we say performance benefits, we would like to bring forth the fact that the language is still used by programmers when speed is the issue and when some operations are to be operated which can’t be operated in high-level languages. Some types of data manipulation are faster with assembler language. The programs developed in Assembly language are small sized programs which showcase technical skills of programmers. Lastly, the assembler allows an ideal optimization in programs, be it on their size, speed or on their execution.



Node JS
Node.js is a cross-platform run-time environment and run-time system for applications coded in JavaScript languages. It is used to develop fast and scalable networking applications and real-time web applications such as messaging applications. Built with the support of Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, Node.js is coded in C, C++ and JavaScript programming languages and has various frameworks such as Partial.js, Express.js and Sails.js. Ideal to run IoT app software, the IoT phenomenon is resorting to this platform for embedded devices and robotics. Since the tool uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model its lightweight both for in-memory usage and data dense real-time web applications that work on multiple devices. DeveloperOnRent has built various applications with this programming language for various businesses.

Node JS

Angular JS
AngularJS is an open source web application development framework designed by Google. AngularJS is fully coded in JavaScript. It is widely used to create single-page client side applications where data and view are separated according to the MVC pattern.
The framework can enhance web applications with model–view–controller (MVC) capability, and enables the developers to make the website responsive and dynamic. AngularJS extends HTML with new attributes which allow you to work more productively. Declarative paradigm used for creating patterns in Angular Js is responsible for making code more lightweight, as well as easier to read and support. With a right approach Angular.js can even be used for creating big applications. What’s important is that we could solve a variety of tasks instantly in Angular.Js using ready-made modules, thus there are various solutions for Angular.js. Advanced AngularJS techniques are used for creating ecommerce, media and entertainment websites. For example, one of the top media and entertainment sites which has already switched its website to Angular.Js is Web application development with AngularJS is becoming increasingly prevalent, as confirmed by BuiltWith.



Mongo DB expert
As MongoDB is an open-source database which uses documents and text-based information, it is the most widely used language among many businesses to enhance growth and communication. Its capability to set up small startup businesses and large corporations gives a new level of swiftness to developers. However, this programming language is complex to use and requires knowledge of software and a careful attitude to develop apps. MongoDB Certified Professionals serve as initiators, educators, and specialists sharing their practical knowledge and first-hand experience.

Mongo DB

Mongo DB

According to a research by the 451 Group, MongoDB was responsible for more than 50% of all mentions of NoSQL database in LinkedIn member profiles in 2015 Q3, placing it unbelievably ahead of its competitor.

React JS
React JS is a powerful and open-source JavaScript library for designing incredible user interfaces for big, medium, and small single-page applications. It is maintained by World’s biggest social media platform, Facebook, Instagram and a group of individual developers. By using React JS, developers can build large web-applications in which data and information can be altered without reloading the page again. Its functional benefits are startup speed, runtime performance, modularity, scalability and simplicity.

React JS
Knowing various programming languages and its applications is imperative for businesses. We hope that this article can help you make the right hires for your business needs.

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