A Global crisis of any type or magnitude can have a drastic effect on businesses, all over the world. Not only large corporations, but even SME’s and Startups face the brunt of the crisis. The consequences can be diversified that includes cost-cutting, cutting down on overheads, job uncertainties which in most cases lead to job losses and unemployment. It also equally affects the processes which would have been built, based upon the latest technologies. Subsequently, the economy of the country is hit due to the drop in the Product Development and Production Process.

However, since the past decade or so, organizations, no matter the size, are more successful in implementing a virtual work environment, if there is an infrastructure in place. Having said that, putting up a virtual team, just to tide over the crisis and that too when the crisis has already set in, is not a wise decision at all. It is easier said than done to establish a virtual team overnight. This requires a lot of re-plannings and a phased execution since it involves setting up a diverse workforce with employees working from different Geographic Locations.

The best solution therefore for companies would be to think of setting up a virtual team as a part of their business strategy during the initial stages of manpower planning itself, by clearly taking into consideration and understanding the elements of a successful Virtual team. Establishing a virtual team has also helped companies in successfully executing projects in a cost-effective way, by ensuring good coordination amongst team members, to the fullest satisfaction of customers.

Building Successful Remote Teams

Businesses worldwide are embracing the Remote Teams strategy. It does take a lot of thinking to create a successful virtual team, especially when it will surely have business implications. Building successful virtual teams revolve more around effective communication, especially when it includes members working from different parts of the globe.

The best possible approach towards building a successful virtual team would be to connect with subject-matter experts who have had proven experience in helping organizations with not only setting up the best team but also hire the best of the global talent to be a part of that team.

While organizations big and small continue to adopt the strategy of setting up a virtual team, DeveloperOnRent, a well-established offshore software development company in Bengaluru, India, built by subject matter experts, has played a huge role in supporting the requirements of major corporate and multi-national companies, both in India and Overseas, by helping them build successful virtual teams.

Since its inception, DeveloperOnRent has consistently supported established organizations of varying magnitudes, in creating successful virtual teams, with high-profile and competent candidates. The practices followed by DeveloperOnRent go down to key attention to every detail that includes best protocols, procedures and leadership qualities.

Elements of Successful Remote Team Work

Remote working was very rare a decade ago. Only certain employees with genuine and convincing reasons were extended to this facility. However, with the introduction of teleconferencing and telework technology, businesses have started to embrace the idea of creating a successful virtual team, with employees from diverse cultural backgrounds. Having said that, certain key elements have been useful in meeting virtual team challenges and DeveloperOnRent has incorporated these factors exceptionally well as a part of their governance strategies. Let’s take a look at a few of them which make that all-important difference.

Define a proper work system

Managing a successful virtual team depends upon setting up the right standards to achieve the desired result. This can be done by defining a proper work system. This can allow the necessary freedom for the virtual team members to be on the same page and be most effective by completing the task to the best of one’s ability.

Have Multiple and latest communication tools

For businesses to see through crisis moments as well as perform creditably, establishing a proper and continued communication with the virtual team members is of paramount importance. The significance of establishing multiple tools and technologies can be two-fold. First, it allows you to reach critical information to the right person in your team immediately. Second, it creates a sense of certainty across the team with respect to which tool to use for what purpose. There are some good options for considering Zoom, Web-Ex, and Skype.

Virtual team challenges can be best addressed by scheduled briefings at the same time on the same workday. This can be a routine practice. Video conference or Audio Conference would be the best method to engage with the team so that it can generate a sense of belonging as well as involvement. This can improve efficiency as well as productivity within them as well as the final for the business unit.

Be clear and firm on the deliverable expected

Building successful virtual teams also revolve around how clearly each team member understands and is clear about his/her role and deliverable. Team meetings can also include introducing the roles of individual members in the project to the entire team. This allows every member to know each other and work productively towards a common objective.

Getting the team online at the same time

One of the most challenging, yet very productive options would be to gather every virtual team member to be online for a few hours at the same time. Though this is extremely challenging with members based in different time zones, few hours of co-operation can go a long way in establishing excellent employee relations and in the end, lead to becoming a highly efficient and productive virtual team.

Create a professional work environment

Setting up a Professional and a distraction-free work environment is a practice of any corporate culture. Continuing to practice this as a characteristic can produce more success for virtual teams and put the employees in the right mindset.

Embrace more video calls

Good and successful virtual teams believe more in staying connected face to face. This can very much be achieved through Video Conferencing and Video calls. Contact through messaging platforms could be another option but this might lead to misunderstanding through wrong communication. With virtual teams, video calls or at least regular calls are more than a way to avoid misunderstandings. They connect the team members on a more personal level.

Choose the best and sincere workforce

Managing successful Virtual Teams becomes all the easier if the best and more sincere employees are made of part of the virtual team. Properly analyzing a candidate’s keen interest and his ability to deliver on time and adapting to the company work culture will be the best foot forward. It would also not be a bad idea to double-check all references is a must to make sure you know as much as possible what you are getting yourself into.

Use project management tools

Creating successful virtual teams involves using the most innovative Project management tools. This can help meet project deadlines by sending out alerts and reminders. Google Docs is a good example and can still be a great addition and the same is valid for time tracking applications.

Recognize good work

The list of important key elements of a successful Virtual team will not be complete without introducing and meticulously following the practice of recognizing good work. This can go a long way in boosting the confidence of the members and help them achieve more productivity by putting more hard work.


Apart from creating a sense of belonging amongst each member of the diversified workforce, it is also essential to give them the required freedom to come out with ideas and thoughts towards getting the best output. This has been possible by DeveloperonRent which has shown impeccable qualities in helping corporate organizations in setting up a virtual team with a diverse workforce. One of the most supportive technologies for seamless remote work has been video conferencing, which has allowed team members based in different geographical locations to stay connected. Remote work also presents unique opportunities in the face of crisis, ensuring continued business success. DeveloperOnRent, with its commitment and accountability, to all its customers, is the productive resource that you should be thinking about getting in touch with, to know and understanding everything about setting up a successful virtual team, sooner than later.

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