Getting that best and exciting job offer on hand would be any employee’s dream. But, it does not end here. In order to sustain the opportunity and look forward to a bright career in the organization, one of the very key components, which every employee must be aware of is to develop a strong relationship with your employer. In other words, in addition to other parameters through which an employee is assessed by his employer, a smooth employer employee relationship also plays a huge role in shaping up the future of any employee.

What exactly does one mean by Employer Employee Relationship?

Every new employee, no matter whichever position he is hired for, is more than just a new employee for the organization that hires him. In other words, whenever an employer hires a new employee, he is not just bringing in another new face on board, but he is also starting a new relationship. Since employers and employees often work in close quarters, they necessarily develop relationships. However it’s not just starting these new relationships that matter. It’s all about managing them and taking it forward as it is vital to the success of the organization and in turn, the growth of the employee within the organization. To reap these benefits, keep the dynamics of your employer-employee relationship in mind.

Why is a strong Employer Employee Relationship Essential?

A good work relationship does not build overnight. It takes time and a lot of mutual faith and trust, between both the employer and the employee, to take each other into confidence. Having said this, a strong employer-employee relationship could benefit both the employee and employer in a good way. Take the instance of an employee looking for better prospects. It is sometimes observed that though the present employer may not be too keen on losing a good and dependable hand, but only with the employee’s future in mind, he may give a very good account of his employee to the new employer, as these days previous employer references, form a critical part of the hiring process.  At the same time, the employee too would help his employer in getting a suitable replacement so that no time is wasted in training the new employee. In addition to this, a strong employer employee relationship has many other benefits like;

  1.  Increased productivity for the organization: A Strong employer employee relationship creates a pleasant work environment for the employee. Subsequently, he works with increased confidence and morale. This leads to better performance and increased productivity.
  2. Improved Employee Loyalty: A good employer-employee relationship helps in increased employee loyalty and improves the prospects of employee retention. For most businesses, the increased cost of employee turnover outweighs the cost of the employee relations program that they have in place. Additionally, it ensures that the employer has a trained and skilled set of employees.
  3. A healthy and conflict free work environment: A smooth employer-employee relationship reduces the possibility of conflicts within the work place. This helps in developing a cordial relationship within the workforce too and leads to greater productivity.

How to establish a strong Employer-Employee Relationship?

There are numerous ways this can be done. Some of the prominently practiced ways are given below;

  1. Applauding good performance: Appreciating a good performance of an employee, either personally or before a collective audience, not only boosts the employee’s morale, but can also motivate the other employees as well to do better. This can lead to a strong bonding between the organization and the workforce, leading to better productivity and employee performance.
  2. Set Goals: From an organization’s perspective, it is important to set performance goals for the employee, and support him in achieving it. In other words, achieving strong employee relations is also providing your employees with the image of ambition and success. A strongly motivated employee will contribute his mind and heart for the organization and by and large will be able to achieve the objectives laid down by the organization.
  3. Follow equality and communicate effectively: Most of the employee’s do not follow the path of equal opportunities for all, with respect to analyzing independent employees goes. There is always a slight possibility of favoritism in every organization. This act, if done away with, can really open the doors to unearth true talent within the organization. Also, an employee must be made to feel that the doors of his reporting authority are always open to him to discuss thoughts and steps to improve productivity in the organization. This freedom and felicity to communicate your thoughts freely can go a long way in building a strong employee-employer relationship, leading to an overall growth of the organization and employees.


Good employee-employer relations are sure to have a positive impact on the growth and revenue of a company.  This leads to a positive, happier and healthier work environment. This is not only reflected on the employer and employee, but also on the end customer associated with the organization, through enhanced productivity and quality.  Hence, employer-employee relationship is key to the prospects of any organization and forms the backbone of the organization’s progress.

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