Why Employees Absconding

Every organization, big or small, still continues to face a tricky problem with their employees and that is, Absconding from work. In simple terms, absconding relates to an action on the part of the employee, where he just leaves the organization, without informing his employer. He may either not come back for days or just not come back at all! This puts the employer in quite a fix as he would have invested heavily on the employee and in turn, his work suffers. The reasons attributed to employees taking this sort of an unprofessional step could be many.  The basic reason which anyone could think of is several pressures associated with work. But that is not all. Here are a few another reasons for employee absconding from his company.

The Reason behind and Employee Absconding From Work

Absconding is seen as one of the most unprofessional way of either leaving an organization or prating away with an organization. This act could put an employee’s career in great danger or even end an employee’s career for good. The very fact that absconders just leave hurriedly without giving any reason or any whereabouts is enough to put the organization’s management in a great fix. This could have a real negative effect on the employee as well as the organization’s image with their customers. Dwelling on what could be the major reasons, gets us to these possible facts.

  1. Theft: This is one of the basic reasons seen behind an employee running away or absconding from an organization. In the event of the employee having stolen either confidential documents or products or even money, he resorts to this inhuman act, which is always a challenge for the concerned authorities to handle.
  2. Stress and Work Pressure: This is another common reason attributed to an employee absconding. Unable to handle excessive work load or stress due to frequent management interventions or work related follow ups is known to put enormous stress on an employee. This leads to a considerable drop in the employee’s performance and confidence and at a stage when it becomes too much to handle, the employee may decide to just disappear without notice.
  3. Unapproved Leave: Think of an instance where an employee needs a break immediately due to personal reasons and his leave request is rejected.  The gravity of the situation is better known to the employee and if his multiple attempts to convince the management fails, he may resort to the last alternative and that is just abscond from work.
  4. Better Prospects:  More often than not, when an employee gets a better prospect, he would like to inform about his decision to leave, to his immediate manager and then finish all the necessary formalities and then leave. However, a situation could arise, where the present company does not relieve him of his responsibilities, despite him having fulfilled all required formalities. In a situation where the employee has to report to his new job immediately, he would want to take a big risk and just leave without informing the employee. This can endanger his new job as well if his present employer decides to take legal action.
  5. Personal reasons: An uncooperative management might lead an employee to take the extreme strep of absconding from work. An employee would have some personal issues which he would want to discuss with his organization. In the event of the organization trying to repeatedly avoid him or not heed to his request for discussions, an employee may tend to become unprofessional and abscond from work.
  6. Unable to face a competitive work environment:  This could also be a possible reason to abscond from work. In the instance of an employee not being able to meet the expectations of the management after repeated attempts and opportunities provide, he might develop a feeling of guilt and resort to running away from the organization without information.
  7. Repeatedly overlooked and is a victim of organization politics: This reason does play a big role in any employee resorting to an unprofessional behavior which includes absconding. Despite performing well, if the employee senses being overlooked by his company or even giving preference to another employee who would have repeatedly failed, he may decide that absconding is the best option available.

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Where does the act of absconding lead the employee?

The least what could happen to an employee would be dismissal from work and upholding his salary dues. The worst which he might have to face is isolation. In other words he may not succeed in getting any other opportunity in his entire life, if his present company wants to defame him. There is also a fear of him facing legal implications.

Possible Solution

Strict measures from day one of the employee joining the organization might just help in minimizing the risk for the organization. These measures could include employee’s written consents for background checks and profile checks, before on boarding. Frequent interaction with the employee and knowing his comfort levels, both at work and with respect to work atmosphere and challenges faced, will go a long way in preventing any disgruntled employee from taking drastic decisions.


Absconding is a very tricky issue to deal with. In addition to the above solutions, it could be a wise decision on the part of every employer, to implement excellent employee retention strategies in the organization. Most of the employees’ don’t get either an opportunity or a platform to express their views freely. This creates a lot of friction and they may end up just running away from the organization.  Therefore, it is very important to inform employees ‘what to do’ & ‘what not to do’, to stay away from such hassles.

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