Without a doubt LinkedIn is the most influential B2B platform but why to consider Facebook? Facebook is, of course, a great B2C marketing platform, but will it work for B2B marketing? Is it worth an investment? These are the common doubts that pop up in the minds of B2B business owners when they start creating strategies for social media. But these doubts arise as a result of misconceptions and wrong perceptions. Because business people spend 74% more time on Facebook than the others and 40% of the people use it to send official messages. Also, networking is better on Facebook than LinkedIn and it is easier to populate your business page. Facebook B2B marketing offers unique features like live video, question tool, free unlimited browsing and messaging unlike the other B2B tools dominating the market. Clearly, Facebook is an inevitable platform for B2B marketing. In this blog post, we will be looking at 10 B2B Facebook marketing tips and tricks that can help your business grow.

10 B2B Facebook marketing tips and tricks that can help your business grow.

Avoid monotonous content

“Don’t be boring” is the number one rule when it comes to social media marketing. Sometimes monotonousness and boredom are the same things. Posting the same format of content might be helpful in you retaining a particular style but it will make your page become less attractive. You have to keep posting interesting and surprising versions of your content in order to keep your audience engaged.

Fortunately, Facebook features a good number of options to avoid monotonousness, You can post a demo video of your products or service, a tour video of your workspace, an industry news, share the links to your blog post, picture posts and much more.

Another interesting way to get more engagement is to post the content that will be useful to your audiences which are not necessarily related to your product. An example of this kind of posts is the newsletters sent by Softonic. Unlike the other newsletters that focus on selling their products and services, Softonic focuses on engaging users by providing useful content that the user will be tempted to read. They write about various updates and hacks in the tech industry that literally make the users wait for their next email. They seldom publish promotional content, but when they do, they for sure get a lot of reach by virtue of the trust they have built with the contents that were sent earlier.

Give them incentives for liking your page

Among the plethora of business pages, why would a user like your page? How are you different? It is important to answer this question before you start your Facebook marketing. You ought to give them a unique reason to stand out from the crowd. This can be done easily if you give them an incentive to like your page. It can be an ebook that can be downloaded if the user hits the like button, a free pass for your webinar, a free trial for your software product and the like.

You can be creative and add your own options to the list. For example, you can add a referral program as an incentive. Every user that likes your page will get a promo code. Whenever somebody makes a purchase using this promo code, the evangelist customer will get an incentive from your business. Viral marketing is a great way to augment your reach among your people.

Generate contextual leads

Lead generation is a crucial process for any business. Most B2B companies have their own digital marketing team to generate leads through platforms such as clear bit and LinkedIn. Startup companies that don’t have their own digital marketing teams generate leads from outside of their business by outsourcing or buying off the shelf databases. But it is a bad idea to buy databases from third party vendors. Because, when you buy data in bulk you don’t really get the time to check every contact information. Outdated contacts will make your emails bounce. When you send email to the wrong email IDs, they might find the information relevant and mark you as SPAM. There is nothing as bad as being marked as SPAM for a B2B business. This is why it is important to use the right email IDs.

Facebook lead generation is a great way to find your target audience and information integrity. Facebook marketing is an inbound way of marketing which means you are promoting your content only to the potential customers and not spamming the news feeds of the ‘not so interested’ kind of people. This kind of lead generation will reduce bounce rates and save you from being marked as spam. While generating the leads you can take your customers to your website is a good idea to drive a more traffic. Keep in mind the user experience is very important to keep your website looks to attract and speed. If you’re not more familiar with web designing its good idea to hire front end web developer to get this job done.

Make use of Facebook groups

Facebook groups are amazing platforms to get bulk reach. Imagine having your content reach out to hundreds of thousands of people in a few seconds! All you have to do is find the relevant groups join them and share the content. It would just take an extra few minutes to share in the groups whatever you share on your own page. But this very act can help you reach out to thousands of potential customers who don’t even know you exist.

In addition to joining the groups created by other people, you can create your own group, request people to join. You can use your evangelist customers, your official page and so many other platforms to add members to your groups. You can post interesting questions based on the industry and create a forum like conversations to spice up the comments.

Take surveys using the question tool

Be it a survey for requirement gathering or customer satisfaction (CSAT), it is inevitable for B2B to consider the endpoint user’s opinion in all the phases of business. The feedback that you collect from customers will not just help you improve your offerings but also help you anticipate the direction that the market is headed to. Surveys provide you a window to the industry trends and what your rivals are doing. When you get to know the gaps created by your competitors, it is easy to fill them and pull customers towards you.

Taking surveys don’t have to be a grunt work anymore. While there are exciting tools like type form and google forms, you don’t have to push them into every inbox to get a few questions answered.  The facebook question tools make surveys a piece of cake. It cuts off the extra work of making the forms attractive as the site already has an amazing UI and UX. Survey monkey especially has a tool designed for facebook question creation and this tool brings with it the features to make the content more attractive and efficient.

Facebook online store

E-commerce is growing at a neck-breaking pace. According to Shopify, the global retail market will hit a revenue of 4.5 trillion by 2025. In this space, B2B online stores are dwarfing B2C.

It is not about redirecting people to your e-stores anymore. Customers can view the product, specifications and complete the entire purchase process on Facebook itself. Facebook stores like Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson sell apparel, accessories, music, headphones, puzzles, playset, posters and so many things.

These stores have a conversion rate significantly higher than some businesses that redirect users to the store page. Though the given example is a B2C, you can actually make use of it for B2B by enabling customers to sign up for a free trial or upgrade to premium for services like SaaS. This can also be helpful for B2B hardware products like beacons, vehicle spare parts etc. Facebook stores are a boon to MSME (Micro Small and Medium Enterprises) manufacturers to reach out to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) who make bulk purchases.

Industry influencers

One thing that has been seamlessly working out in the advertisement industry is the influence of celebrities. It is not easy to befriend millions of people but it is comparatively simple to befriend one influencer.

Getting one influencer talk about your product can get a million attention. This is an easy way to send across your messages to a prolific audience in an organic way. But it is crucial to find the influencer who has a sway over the audience you are targeting. Because ignoring context cannot bring the expected results when your messages reach out to a wrong crowd.

81% of marketers incline toward the idea of influencer marketing. Businesses have to be selective about the message that they want the influencer to convey. Messages like testimonials reach to bring a lot more effective than messages like product promotions. Product promotions are conventional and are currently being dwarfed by new approaches.

Paid Facebook ads

Just posting your ads and showing it to all your followers is a thing of past now. Facebook algorithms know your followers better than you do. Not all of your followers are interested in your product and not all the people who don’t follow you aren’t interested in your product. Facebook algorithms analyze who needs what and shows your ads to the relevant crowd. This is why paid Facebook ads result in higher conversion rates.

In general, Facebook offers two tools for creating ads:

  • The Ads manager
  • The Power editor

Ads manager is a universal tool and it suits for all kinds of businesses. But power editor is a highly precise tool that has a very keen targeting. Power editor is mostly suitable for large advertising companies. Talking about budget, you can choose how you pay for your campaigns. There are two ways to go about it: daily budget and lifetime budget. Businesses can choose the plan that works for them.

Use automated tools

There is a myriad of tools exclusively built for Facebook business campaigns. Here is a list of a few:

  • Buffer: It allows you to schedule your posts. It is practically not time efficient to manually post an update every three hours. But it is also important to post several times a day to drive engagement. This is when buffer comes into save the day. You just have to feed the content in bulk and set the time when you want to post the content. You can either concentrate on the other works or just sit back, relax and watch buffer do the marketing for you.
  • Reveal bot is an Artificial intelligence (AI) based tool that can be integrated with slack. Reveal bot gives you live updates on your campaign progress.
  • Zalster is an AI-based tool that is used to optimize your bids, budgets, ad creatives and targeting to give you the best results. It takes targeting to the next level based n the gender, browsing history, like pages, age group, location, job profiles, education and so many things akin to the ones mentioned.
  • ReFUEL is a tool specially built for Facebook ads. ReFUEL reduces ad fatigue. The tool predicts when your ads get outdated and also automatically replace them with fresh ads.
  • Tropica is a tool that in general helps you in targeting. The tool uses conversations to learn the behaviors, interests, and intentions of your campaign audiences.

Create events

Event creation and invitation has become easier than ever after the debut of Facebook event. Email invites are good tools to drive traffic but the problem is the open rate. You cannot keep bombarding the inboxes with invites. Even if your potential customer opens the email, the CTR is again a challenge. In order for the customer to click the Call to action (CTA) button, you will have to spend a few hours in optimizing the nitty gritty of the email.

But with facebook based event creation, an event announcement has become easier than ever. It doesn’t just flaunt compelling content to attract the customer but also integrate the user response with the inbuilt calendar. If the user gives a positive response, the app reminds the user of the particular day of the event. This ensures that the users don’t miss out on the event even if their memory does. Also, you can always get your message delivered to the people who couldn’t attend the event by streaming a live video.

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