As a UX/UI designer, you would have come across many design tools and exposed to working with a few of them too. Prominent amongst them have been Sketch, Zeplin, Invision studio and Mock Flow, to name a few. In addition to these comes the Figma UI Design tool, which is a new tool with features almost similar to Sketch.


Figma is the latest entrant into the family of UI design tools which supportsa UX /UI designer in composing and designing interfaces at a quick pace. Figma is a cloud based tool with the main aim of allowing multiple users to work simultaneously on a given project.

Figma Features that support UX Designers

As a UI Design tool of promise, Figma is quite useful where many stakeholders are involved in executing a common project. For e.g. a scenario where a developer, a copywriter and say a designer, need to commonly work on the same subject, Figma as a UX Design tool is the best option. In addition to these, there are some very interesting features which accompany Figma. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Enterprise Collaboration: As developers, we would have seen how Google Docs works. Figma offers similar features. If in case a team of UX designers are involved in a particular project, then they can now collectively view and edit files, as it is done in Google Docs. The new Enterprise Collaboration feature allows every user in the team to be identified by a cursor with his name being highlighted. The main aim behind introducing this feature is to maintain a balance in the design process, across a team of designers and ensure that there are no deviations. The design head monitors the entire process in this case.
  • Strong Communication: This is an asset as it helps in maintaining a healthy communication across the team. Feedbacks from within the team members is always a crucial factor for a strong design, especially when designing live, and hence this with this exciting new UI tool, you can consolidate feedbacks received  from important members of your team, and guiding UX Designers through the concepts behind your work with the help of “presentation” mode. Another interesting facility is the Slack Channel facility where designers can set up alerts on “Slack” or email, when changes are made too.
  • Prototyping: This UI Design tool being browser based makes collaboration amongst project team members, quick and easy. With a web-based solution, you can continue to use the same tool regardless of whether you’re designing, creating a prototype or communicating with other team members. Figma as a UI Design tool also facilitates version control and audits the development process instantly for the designers to keep a track of the progress of the project.
  • Inflict Instant Changes to Design Thoughts: Figma is a fast and powerful UI design tool. It allows instant edits and transfer edited data through the comforts of your mobile too. For instance, you can tap into vector networks that give you new access to drag-and-drop development options or use 60 FPS interactive editing with beautiful previews and simple exports.
  • Designed for the Digital Revolution: Keeping in tune with today’s digital world, Figma helps in creatingsimple user interfaces.Aimed at creating a better User experience, UX designers can look forward to a robust UI development tool with all facilities to design responsive system which can adapt to various screen sizes. All the tools you need for dynamic product creation are in one place.
  • Facilitates Developer Handoff: Substituting as an Android design tool too, Figma displays code snippets in any frame or object, spread across either ios or Android, for the convenience of UX designers. There is no need to use a third party tool to get the information.
  • From Design to Development: The amazing ability to generate an effective collaboration within team members comes to the forefront with Figma as this UI design tool enables all team members, spread across from the design section to the development section, to view each other’s concepts and ideas in real time and contribute their thoughts independently.
  • Made for Stronger Teams: Empowered teams create better designs – it really is that simple. The need to create more collaborative workflow solutions has been something that’s held design companies back for a while now, and finally, Figma have introduced the solution. With this application, people from different locations can work on a file simultaneously, and in real-time. All you need is a browser to connect to the work. You can export, inspect, and copy code for iOS, Android, and CSS, and quickly communicate new concepts to groups. All work can be constantly saved too, and granular permissions mean that teams can share what they want with who they want.
  • Excellent Support: With features similar to that of Sketch, projects developed with the Figma UI tool can be easily transferred to Sketch. This allows for a smooth project progress.

Wrapping Up

So, we have seen figma comes with a number of unique features including Prototyping, Inflict Instant Changes to Design Thoughts, and many more. And, it is the best time to take your business to the new levels of success with these figma’s design. Now, if you are planning to outsource the UX Design work or hire UX designers then we are always there for you. Because our designers guarantee good work to the clients. DeveloperOnRent is a leading software development company specializing in custom web development services and guarantees SLA’s, have implemented over 5000+ projects, having 12+ years of experience. We are having over 1500 happy customers and provide a zero-billing guarantee. Feel free to Contact Us!

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