The fanfare for iOS App Development across the globe is for everybody to see, iOS along with Android, continue to be the two most sought after mobile platforms, for developers to come out with new applications. Especially, cross-platform mobile or web applicationsThis is the reason why iOS App Development companies and subsequently, iOS app developers are in great demand. While hiring ios app developers, companies look at more abilities than just basic knowledge about mobile apps or mobile operating platforms. Where budget and time factor always plays a key role, one good platform which comes in as an amicable solution is Flutter which is very different from native iOS app development.

How Flutter Better than Native App Development


Developed by Google, Flutter is an open source mobile app development too which comes in with a phenomenal ability! ios App Developers can now use the same code base and develop apps, suitable for both ios as well as Android platforms. With React.JS also being a popular JavaScript coding framework, the features of Flutter gradually support native features which gives more confidence for companies to look into this aspect in a broader prospect.

The Flutter features

The Native iOS Development to Develop iOS Apps too has seen many changes over the years. All this is aimed at creating that extraordinary user experience.  Every ios developer would like to see a new challenge and do something different from having the same, monotonous approach.  Flutter is something which takes you on a new journey. The native iOS development in no way going to die soon but companies to hire iOS developers with something fresh in mind and something new to offer. Here are few exciting features which win Flutter, the vote of confidence, amongst ios developers.

  1. Structure: There is whole lot of technical change which has been brought into Flutter. Being a Google product, Flutter uses Android Studio, IntelliJ Idea, or a text editors like Atom or Sublime Text to develop applications while native ios app developers usually use Xcode. The presence of the Dart technology  with some scintillating features like powerful typing, generics, a rich library, and async-await effective app building only contributes to the excitement involved in app development.
  2. Fast Development: Dart has given Flutter, the phenomenal approach to perform fast and strong. The powerful features of Dart do not require the ios app developer to use regular compilers. Instead dynamic scripting languages can be used to experience a good display of compiled languages. Flutter sees a fast development because Dart as a programming language comes with a strong advantage by operating in two different modes. While the interpreted mode offers a great reload experience, its compiled mode of operation, helps in compiling an application down to native machine code, as you are about to launch the app.
  3. Factors influencing User Interface: One of the attractive features of Flutter is saving on development time. iOS Development through native ios system has always consumed time of the ios developers.  This has always been an issue which has posed considerable challenge to ios developers in particular.  The introduction of Flutter is aimed at eliminating this challenge to a large extent.  Compared to the UI components which a native ios app development system involves, Flutter comes in with a difference, with a concept called Widgets, that helps developers achieve a fast development cycle. Widgets allow you to create any tricky User Interface and make the ios developers life, that much easier.
  4. Enhanced Productivity: For any organization, productivity and return on investments matter at these two components are the basics for strategizing and Business expansion.  Flutter comes in a with an improved and enhanced productivity percentage as an ios developer need not recompile his entire program. Just saving the program and executing it does the job.The very exciting Reload feature makes Flutter different from other platforms, helping developers make small significant changes in apps.
  5. Exquisite Testing Platform: Testing plays a critical role in any application development. A robust testing platform can ensure the performance of the application and in turn win the confidence of the developers and clients alike. Apple has provided XCTest native testing framework for unit, integration, performance and UI testing of iOS Apps. One of the pains of using XCTest is stubbing and mocking especially with Swift. The mocking with protocols requires lots of code and there is no native support for stubbing. When it comes to UI tests mocking/stubbing gets even harder. Flutter comes in a strong and more assured test system with Widget Testing which helps in writing tests at the UI level itself. Flutter also features fast test documentation which shows how a developer can test Flutter applications at various levels with the use of example code. Flutter comes with an individual package named Flutter Driver for running all these tests.


Though Flutter has just stepped in, ios development is already seeing a fresh wave of change. A fantastic User Interface, phenomenal app building speed, reduced cost and flexibility to develop customized applications , has been taking the ios developers and ios development companies by storm. Flutter comes in with a certain degree of economic stability and eases out the burden of budgeting for a project, to a considerable extent. Is quite new in the world of app development, it’s amazing for start-up companies.

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