Github Repository and Codebase Management

The Source Code forms a very critical part of any project database. Subsequently, a whole collection of source codes that is used to build a particular software application is called as Codebase. With the acute complexities involved at the development phase, the management of a complete codebase, is entrusted to, and limited to the relevant database developer or application developer. In other words, codebase management assumes significant and critical importance. One of the prominent sources to evolve with respect to codebase management has been the Git Repository hosting service. Read on to know more!

Life would be so much easier, only if we had a Source Code!

The Github Repository Revolution

  1. Ever since its inception in 2008, the Github repository, has turned out to be a blessing in disguise, for developers, entrepreneurs and enterprises, as far as codebase management is concerned.
  2. Over the years, Githhub, now under the Microsoft scheme of activities, has scaled new heights and helped users, to efficiently maintain complex codebases,
  3. An added attraction for Github users, turned out to be, that they were eligible to get a Private Github Repository.
  4. This Free Github Repository saw Github users get free projects, upto a maximum of three collaborators.

The Github features

  • With plenty of open source projects and source codes, Github is the new hub for programmers and developers.
  • Managing codebases hasn’t been easy before. But with Github’s indigenously designed, GIST feature, a user can now browse, large amount of code snippets, created across a wide range of languages.
  • The GIST facility also allows a user to choose files of his importance and save it across the GIST medium, by just selecting the files and dragging and dropping them, on the GIST.
  • An important feature of Github is that allows the user to manage Github repositories though an inbuilt web interface.
  • With Github’s very own utility, which actually reduces the size of large URLs, the user can now share his/her Github repository, which might include photos and graphic data, over the twitter medium.
  • As explained a little while earlier in this article, Github has an inbuilt file find facility, which help’s users navigate across files, important to them.

The Github version control

  • It is pretty common that software developers have various versions of their applications.
  • As a result, during critical moments of debugging and maintenance, it could become difficult for developers or programmers, to check which version needs to be looked at. With Github’s version control facility, this job is made easier for the developers
  • The Github version control facility, helps to keep a track of your work and identify changes made in scripts, source codes etc., across various versions.
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  • Where Github plays an important role is that user can take a look at his associate team member’s files too and suggest changes, especially while working on collaborative projects.
  • Github’s version control is one of the finest innovations, to maintain codebases online as well as suggest additions or deletions.

Github Repository – Why has it impressed developers and programmers?

Github repository gels well with most of the developers these days. Few factors which justify the user faith in a Github repository are;

  • Being a free resource, it helps the user to focus more on open source projects as well as receive client feedbacks.
  • Github is understood to facilitate the creation of formatted documents with the help of nothing more than just a text editor.
  • More than anything else, the GIST feature is a very popular feature which allows the user to track changes done to scripts and files.

Revisit and Recap

What is GithubRepository all about?

The Github repository is an open source medium which allows the user to effectively handle codebase management, especially where complex codes are involved.

What is Github’s version control all about?

The version control facility of Github, helps the user to keep a track of any changes or edits, he would have done to source codes, scripts, notes etc. irrespective of the version of the applications developed.

What does “Git” signify in Github?

Git is the actual version control system, which is preferred by most developers, which helps them to track codebases.

What does the word “Hub” signify in Github?

While Git signifies the version control system, Hub is the actual space where developers store their databases and source codes.

When did Github come to prominence?

Github was discovered in the year 2008.

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