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It is well known that advertising is one of the key and very critical components of business promotion. It can make or break an organization. Over the years, advertising too has gone through radical changes. Though the print media and electronic media, still have their say, thanks to the digital world, now it’s all about the social media and the online media, driven by the Internet. One of the most anticipated resource, catching the eye of marketers and consumers, worldwide is, the soon to be introduced Lead Form Ad Extensions, by Google, in addition to Google Ads, which is an already popular resource, adopted by most of the organizations, to promote their services. What is online advertising all about and Google Lead form Ads Extension? Read on to know more.

Online Advertising

Online Advertising is associated more with the Internet advertising or web advertising. Online Advertising is all about Internet Marketing and Web Based Marketing. Google plays an extensive supportive role, by extending the facility of Google Adwords.

  1. Over the years, online advertising has surpassed every consumer’s expectations with countries in the west including The USA and UK, adopting this process successfully and now it has become a global phenomenon.
  2. Prominent sources used under online advertising are Search Engine Marketing(SEM), Social Media Marketing, Creative Marketing through Web banners and Mobile based marketing.
  3. Since the inception of the Internet, Google has been one of the largest influencers for internet users and has more or less become a household name.
  4. Compared to the age of print media, online advertising has a much quicker and broader reach. This enables customers to take quick decision on the business front.


Instead of one way interruption, web marketing is about delivering useful content, at just the precise moment, that a buyer needsit – David Meerman Scott, Marketing Strategist

Welcome Lead Form Ad Extensions!

The resounding success of Lead Form Ads across various platforms has prompted Google to introduce its own Lead Form Ad extensions. This is a great extension, planned by Google, to their already available Accelerated Mobile Pages. The soon to be launched Google Lead Form Extensions promises exiting times for the marketers and consumers.

How Google Lead Form Ads Benefit Marketers and Customers

  • With over 80% of the business activities, now being driven through mobile phones and other compliant devices, Google Lead Form Ad Extensions, promises a very high intent quotient, for the user on Google search.
  • Subsequently, the Google Lead Forms promises an enthralling user experience.
  • These Lead Forms are user friendly and does not need the frequent intervention of the tech team, as far as optimization is concerned.
  • Compared to the earlier accelerated mobile pages, the lead forms are expected to open much faster as well as help in creating brand awareness on a much greater scale, leading to generate better leads.
  • Since the ads are targeted to the user based on their earlier content consumption pattern, the forms are more relevant.
  • Compared to mobile pages, the forms load faster and offer a Better User Experience. Similar to how AMP Landing Pages develop the experience.
  • The forms are generally pre-filled with the information of the user, reducing the friction of filling and making it even simpler to hit “Submit”. The Quality Of Leads is something that requires to be tested once the extension is launched.

Information Generated in Lead Reports

  1. Name
  2. Email ID
  3. Phone Number
  4. Gclid
  5. Campaign ID
  6. Ad Group ID

The Google Benefit

Google has been a revelation, so to say, in making ends meet. In simple words, with Google, the world is at your fingertips. One of the most prominently used feature is the Google Adwords. Establishments, big and small, have started to benefit immensely, by using Adwords. Here are some of the visible advantages, taken from user surveys

  1. Though SEO and Google Adwords are both used to generate revenue and increase viewer traffic, Adwords have been more faster with respect to delivering instant results, than SEO
  2. With the use of Adwords, there is an opportunity to place your advertisement, at the top of the page, which offers more visibility.
  3. Generating lead through Google Ads helps in getting more brand awareness and connects with a vast audience base, all over the world.
  4. What more! You will be able to measure the performance of you advertisement and its impact as to how many visitors did it click.

What makes Online Advertising more sought after?

Online Advertising has many advantages as far as expanding your businesses, across a wider horizon. We take a look at few concrete advantages here.

  • Online advertising gives you a prompt output. In the sense, you can plan your budget accordingly and keep a check on expenses which you might have to incur.
  • Where online advertising scores, is helping you in not only creating multiple creative, but launch them simultaneously too. This way you are at an advantage to choose the best design which could be fruitful to your business.
  • Online advertising works out quite reasonable when compared to the other sources of business promotion campaigns.
  • With an SEM compatibility, on line advertising works fast and gives instant results.
  • One of the attractive features of online advertising is the display remarketing feature which appears on the user’s system, whenever he logs on, for a period of close to a month. This will keep the user attached to the subject.
  • Online marketing gives you the added flexibility to utilize the services as and when you require only.

Revisit and Recap

What is Online Advertising All About?

Online advertising has more to do with Internet based and Web based Marketing.

How do I plan my budget for Online Advertising?

The budget you plan for your online advertising strategy depends a lot over the keywords, relevant to the nature of your business or service, which people would be using to search. The keywords you select to find your own product online are the keywords that people use to find you.

How long would it take for a site to be listed in the No.1 Category, amongst the top three search engines?

Normally it could take at least 6 months to a year to get your website listed and for you to start getting identified by customers. This however largely depends on the quality of the content, used to describe your product or services.

What are the prominent sources which users are more accustomed too, with respect to online advertising?

The prominent sources used are Search Engine Marketing, Web Banners, Mobile based marketing and Social Media Marketing

Which of these are faster? SEO or Google Adwords

Google Adwords are much faster than SEO

How are Google Lead Forms different, compared to Lead Forms on other known platforms?

Google Lead Form Ad Extension facility is anticipated to generate much higher user intent, while he accesses Google search and subsequently give a much greater and exciting user experience.


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