Google and Operating Systems continue to be a hit combination. Think about operating systems and your mind immediately goes to Windows or UNIX or Linux. However, when an OS has a Google touch to it, the two most widely used operating systems strike our mind and those are Chrome and Android, which have revolutionized the Digital world. Though Chrome and Android continue to taste phenomenal success, what has caught the imagination and minds of millions of users worldwide, is this new and innovative product!, an operating system from Google known as Fuchsia OS.

The Fuchsia OS has many interesting this to look forward too, though it will take a while before we get to hear more about it in-depth and actually experience working with it. However, if reports regarding its abilities have to be believed, then, needless to say, it could turn out to be another sensational offer from Google. What is so exciting about it?!!!!

The Fuchsia Operating System – What to expect

Mobile App development companies worldwide are excited about this new innovative Google product. Fuchsia is an open-source operating system. Discovered for the first time back in 2017, the Fuchsia OS is slated to be a lot different from the earlier Google offerings like Chrome and Android for e.g. However, with many things yet to be properly ascertained with regards to the behavioral pattern of the Fuchsia operating system, it still remains to be seen whether it will be worthy replacement of the Android OS, as rumors and speculations indicate.

Compared to the earlier OS which was Linux based, the Fuchsia OS is based on a new microkernel, named Zircon (which happens to be a well-known mineral). However, mobile app development companies are hopeful that the Fuchsia OS will support Android Apps for some period of time until there need to be some transitions to be handled at the development level.

This gives Mobile App Developers something new to ponder about and explore more as the Fuchsia operating system is written in Flutter SDK, which also runs on Android operating systems.  As exciting as the news about Fuchsia OS driving creating a wave in the mobile world in the days to come, so are its features, which Mobile App Development companies would be very keen to focus on.

Fuchsia OS – Exciting Features

Fuchsia OS is out here as the new age operating system from Google.  Though Fuchsia is still to see the light of the day, the features it is slated to carry is enough to turn every body’s focus towards it.

  • Fuchsia OS is slated to be a much more advanced operating system, designed with a view to replacing the all-powerful and extremely popular Android OS on smartphones.
  • The UI for the Fuchsia Operating system is written with Flutter that supports cross-platform mobile app development. In this case, it will be Fuchsia, Android and iOS.
  • Fuchsia is also scheduled to have stronger security features as compared to the earlier operating systems, offered by Google.
  • The Flutter Language is capable of producing Mobile Applications using Dart technology, which delivers high-performance apps that are very fast.
  • Moving away from Linux, the Fuchsia OS is developed using a new microkernel by name Zircon.
  • Fuchsia OS is a combination of both, the Android and Chrome facilities, making it one of the high profile offers by Google in recent times.

While Fuchsia OS is being debated in detail by many bigwigs in the industry, DeveloperonRent, an organization that is known to think out of the box and offer the best services making use of niche technology is making significant upgrades in its library of skilled and competent developers, by adding Flutter developers. Hence, if you are getting your organization Fuchsia ready, then look further. You can soon hire Flutter developers from DeveloperonRent, wherein a competent and subject-specific team of developers will take you through the in’s and outs of Fuchsia OS.


Fuchsia is now in its early days and though its competency is compared to the levels of reaching Android, it will have to meet stringent tests in the coming days, to replace the supremely popular giant called Android. However, it is an open-source tool, cross-platform development is considered a sure possibility. No doubt it is going to be an innovation of one of its kind by Google. Whether it will be the gen sensation, which every developer should know, only time will tell.

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