Hackers Target WordPress

Since its introduction in 2003, WordPress continues to be the premier and most sought after blogging platforms. Being an open source web development platform, WordPress has established its own special place, in the minds of every developer. However, like every other software application, WordPress sites are vulnerable and off late have been prone to Attacks by Hackers. Every Developer is aware of this eventuality and it is obvious that security assumes the top focus while using WordPress too. But how do Hackers get hold of possibilities to target WordPress Security? This article is an attempt to find out just that.

Why would Hackers be interested in targeting WordPress Sites?

Hackers would always be keen to know something more about a particular application and what new it has in it for them.Injecting malware and enforcing potential threats to the application is always their target. Malicious software can destroy websites and Hackers take pleasure in hitting straight at their targets. There are many ways which Developers have found about how cyber security can be compromised. WordPress Sites are no less vulnerable.

Possible ways Hackers plan their target and inflict threats

Cyber threats are being dealt with in the most efficient ways these days. Yet, Hackers seem to find some new method to target cyber security. Since WordPress is an open source platform, Developers are always apprehensive of the threats that loom large on WordPress sites. Out of the much vulnerability, some which come immediately to mind are through Themes, Comments and WordPress Core. Another possible way, in addition to the ones mentioned earlier is by using WP Cost estimation plugin. This is gaining prominence amongst the hackers who seem to have taken a liking to exploit vulnerabilities in this fairly popular plugin. How do Hackers succeed in a reaching their target? Read on.

WordPress Cost Estimation Plugin

Every WordPress Developer would agree that plugin is an important aspect of WordPress Developer  and WordPress website development. Developers make use of plugin which is an extended facility, in the form of as mini codes which are used to improve user experience and websites as a whole. WordPress is a free open source platform. This allows developers to extend its functionality by creating plugins and themes that integrate with software. As the source code is readily available to the general public, it doesn’t take long for hackers to find and exploit security vulnerabilities. The plugin allows WordPress administrators to create cost estimation and payment forms. Hackers have found the WordPress Cost Estimation system to their liking due to its very innovative and intuitive design and facilities. Developers have been already seeing consistent possibilities by hackers to create some sort of an alternative source to utilize this cost and estimation provider system. Being a flexible and highly resourceful system, the WordPress cost estimation plugin has caught the imagination of developers and hackers alike as cyber threats continue to be a point of focus.Though the attacks in the form of vulnerabilities have been highlighted much earlier by developers, due to the absence of a Malware and Threats detection system, the websites were left with no security warning. As such many users have not upgraded their system and left it vulnerable for cyberattack.

Where do Hackers Score

Studies have indicated that Word Press cost estimation does an additional job of preventing any malicious malware from being uploaded into the system. Studies have also indicated that any flaw in the plugin associated with the cost and estimation program can lead to a field day for hackers by compromising on security. From a user’s perspective,it would be good to be educated on what are the probable attacks, a plugin can be subjected to.

  • A Possibility of the hacker to access the source code file instead of the intended few files due to security breach while developing plugin.
  • No proper filtering can lead to an opportunity for hackers to download the entire source code file.
  • Insecure SQL coding can lead to malware attacks, going to the extent of deleting critical data
  • Executing any malware from a remote location is quite a challenge to deal with. This is very much possible which helps the hackers to hijack websites.

While a plugin is necessary for enhanced functioning of a website, we have clearly seen that most of the hackers make use of this very facility to install malware and initiate a cyberattack to target websites. Hence we thought it good enough to include few snippets which could enlighten the readers on the possible ways to secure a plugin against a cyberattack.

  • Would be wise enough to choose lesser plugins though there is a facility to use more than one number of plugins as more number of plugins pertains to more coding which increases security vulnerability.
  • To avoid attackers to access key data connected with WordPress cost estimation, it is advisable to download plugin data from select and secured WordPress websites only.
  • Hackers can get easy access to new plugins. Hence it is a wise decision to remove the plugins from the system once it is used.
  • As the owner of a WordPress Website, managing your plugins is a critical activity to reduce vulnerabilities to security attacks and keeping your site safe. Being aware of  which plugins to install, keeping your existing plugins updated to the latest versions, and using a strong firewall on your website, you can ensure that you’re doing everything you can to protect your site data from malicious attacks by hackers.

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Are WordPress Cost Estimation Plugins vulnerable to Hackers attacks?

Yes, Plugins too are vulnerable to Malware Attacks, especially when the Plugins are not properly managed.

Can Hackers threats to WP Cost Estimation plugins be minimized?

Yes Hackers threats can be minimized. Care to be taken while downloading the proper plugin from reputed WordPress websites only or in case coding separately, expertise should not be compromised with improper security.

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