Looking for a platform that allows you to give your dreams a face of its own? DeveloperOnRent brings to you an all new concept that allows you to hire developers for your upcoming or existing business, giving it the outlook you desire.

Take a break from the routine method of hiring a developer, because DeveloperOnRent gives you an all new renting model for developers. This in turn gives you the much needed freedom to innovate and work in collaboration with a developer who knows exactly what you need can be refreshing. Developer on rent has a team of developers who have expertise in varied fields that gives them the ability to handle any form of business or web development.

This innovative startup is based out of Bangalore and was set up in the year 2014 by Kapil Mehta. Kapil is now joined by Jitesh Jain who is the director of this startup and Ridhi Chelawat who is the General Manager for Business. And that is not all. Apart from the top three, they have a great team of 45+ young and enthusiastic developers who look at providing the best solution possible to the clients.


The business model of this innovative startup is unique wherein they understand that the process of hiring developers versus the cost benefits gained is less than a 1:1 ratio resulting in almost no capitalization as there are added cost of managing and leveraging the technology they offer. Coming to the respite of today’s tech culture, DeveloperOnRent has marked a niche in the tech realm by introducing a renting model for developers. Doing away with the hassles of analyzing the needs of developers, time invested to reach them, the hours taken to market the product, ensuring adequate expertise by the developer hired in relation to the product and also the added cost incurred in managing the human resource; Developer on Rent formed a renting model where you can hire  developers with a single click for the time you need, having complete flexibility, ownership and accountability.

This ensures departure from the usual trend of approaching developers to a renting developer model where you can hire full-time developers who not just work for you, but work with you, takes into its purview an all round effective deployment of the right kind of service needed. The developers bring with them a wide range of expertise based on the number of clientele they handle. They bring with them experience not just in technology but also domain wise which is lacking at present.

A simple three step working model of click, rent and work, introduced by DeveloperOnRent has benefits such as pay per use, no long term contracts, low cost model, low turn around time, no outsourcing, expertise of developer within wide professional platforms including expertise in various technologies across Web, Software, Mobility, Cloud, Analytics etc., among many others.

The renting model of developers has cost benefits of over 38%, saving a lot more on the worries that come along with hiring developers on a contractual basis. DeveloperOnRent has a client base of 40+ which spread in over seven countries.

DeveloperOnRent is here to bring about a mammoth of change in the current trend of product Development Solutions.

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