Understanding MVP or Minimum Viable Product

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a development technique in which a new product or website is developed with enough features to satisfy early adopters. The last, complete set of features is only designed and developed after considering feedback from the product’s initial users.

A Minimum Viable Product can also be called as a functioning asset or app, but with limited features (with lots of space for improvement). The main objective of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is to ensure that there your product fits to market requirements, without taking undue risks.

MVP is seen as a huge potential, especially for Startup companies, who are eager to convert their creative ideas into reality, in quick time. Most of the Startups could do really well, to begin by developing the MVP, before moving on to the full-fledged web product. This could be the best beginning as,

  1. It minimizes the risk of product failure while it is being launched: By building an MVP initially, developers can get the initial feel of the product to come and thoughts for improvement.
  2. Saves time: Especially for Startups, MVP is a big asset, as it can help you gain time to enter the market with your dream product, as you will not have to build the entire and finished product with full features.
  3. Helps in Testing your Marketing Skills: The biggest challenge, companies consistently continue to face is, how to introduce the product into the market and that too with limited features initially and try to find out its sustainability. Going with an MVP is a good solution towards finding this out as it helps you to analyze your upcoming product with respect to compatibility and competence.

However, as we discuss about MVP and the need to begin with it, the other question that crosses most of our minds is what is the co-relation between developing an MVP and Full Stack Development, with which we began this article and why hire Full Stack Developers to build an MVP?

What is Full Stack Development?

Full Stack web development is a combination of front end and back end development, The Front End development focuses more on client side development while the back end focuses more towards the server side development. However, to become a complete and professional full stack developer, additional knowledge about JavaScript, CSS and HTML would be very useful.

Advantage of hiring full stack developers for MVP Development

The full stack developers are a complete package. As full stack development requires domain as well as subject knowledge, an expert developer would be able to tell you with their understanding whether your app idea is viable or not and also offer their valuable suggestions on how to better the project plan. There are certain other factors which drive companies to hire full Stack developers to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which we discuss below.

  1. Sound knowledge of front and backend development: This is an important qualification which full stack developers have. This makes it easier for them to focus equally on client side and server side programming. In addition, full stack developers are abreast with the latest changes in technology as well as the challenges associated with building an MVP.
  2. Possesses a strong knowledge of MVP designing: Full Stack development requires developers to be equally good in coding and in particular, UI designs. With an expert Full Stack developer, these important points are taken care of, ensuring a flawless design.
  3. Responsible and Dedicated: Full Stack developers are completely dedicated and focused on the job on hand. Organizations prefer to hire full stack developers due to their ability to take charge of an entire MVP project, right from the development stage up to testing and implementation. You don’t need to explain them much what the MVP is all about as they can understand right from their experiences.
  4. Ability to develop cost effective solutions: Every Organization looks to responsive, fast and cost effective development. With excellent domain and subject knowledge, Full Stack Developers are the best team to hire as they suggest the best and most economical development process, which meets your expectations. Now then!You don’t have to hire individual professional developers separately.
  5. Adhere to customer delivery schedules: Teamwork has been a strong plus point for full stack developers. This makes it rather easier to divide the work responsibility amongst each of the members and they can coordinate well to produce the required result.
  6. Excellent Customer Relations with after sales support: With full stack developers fully aware of the latest updates and technologies, the process of maintaining, and updating the Minimum Viable Product gets simplified. This increases customer’s confidence which can result in good reviews and growth prospects.


A full stack developer is an accomplished developer who is versatile and has vast subject knowledge. They also score over the regular app developer due to their wide and comprehensive knowledge on various aspects of the MVP development. They have the ability to troubleshoot issues and develop applications at a brisk pace. However, it’s not a calk walk and you need years of experience and in-depth understanding of all frameworks and domains to become a successful Full Stack Developer.

Hire Your Ideal Full Stack Web Developers Now

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