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How Dedicated Renting Model Can Reduce Startup Failures

Written by Jitesh Jain

Team building is always a difficult task for startups. Most of the startups cannot afford the traditional models of team building both financially and strategically. This info-graphics explains how dedicated renting model can be the right remedy for startups in getting great talents in the initial and growing stages.



About the author

Jitesh Jain

Extensive years of experience in IT Application, Mobility, Big Data, Software Development working with biggest names such as PwC, BT, Infosys etc..

Build and lead teams across the globe and technology is always the passion.

Doing away with the hassles of analyzing the needs of developers, time invested to reach them, the hours taken to market the product, ensuring adequate expertise by the developer hired in relation to the product and also the added cost incurred in managing the human resource; DeveloperOnRent formed a renting model where you can hire a developer with a single click for the time you need, having complete flexibility, ownership and accountability.

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