Gone are the times when buttoning up the shirt to the neck and hanging up the tie was the thing that candidates were after and tech companies were seeking. Today some tech companies are breaking away from traditional practices and there is room for several freelancers and consultants to work as a team. This relatively new trend, called ‘uberisation of workforce’, or the ‘gig economy’, where talent works on a demand supply model is catching up like a wildfire in the global technology space.
Is your organisation ready to take a step away from the traditional practices and leverage the opportunities that uberised workforce has to offer? Uberised workforce can be viewed as supplemental talent perhaps they may be the best-quality workers for your ongoing projects.
Imagine a flexible and talented workforce always by your side, ready to give you just enough time to deliver key projects on time. That is how powerful uberised workforce is!!
So here’s how we see the future: Organizations could dramatically cut their full-time roster, becoming more agile in the process working with rented tech teams and pre vetted talent instead. Uberisation is surely a win/win situation that works for your existing model. Indian IT companies like Infosys and Wipro are already exploring this idea and it’s a clear indication that how to future of IT industry will take its shape and how it is going to get Uberised to some extent.
Uberised workforce must work as a trusted partner, supporting businesses and the best outcomes can be achieved by a rented tech team who are experts and capable of working on various technologies and tech stack.

While we do agree that today there is an increase in demand for freelancers and consultants as a part of this trend “Uberisation of workforce”, but there is also a question that how reliable is the idea of working with freelancers? The disadvantages of working with freelancers are usually overlooked by startups and businesses, which might lead to panic among the team and failure in the marketplace. So what is an ideal uberised workforce for your business and does it really exist?
Why Developer On Rent is the true uberisation of workforce?
Developer On Rent is a unique rent based model, a one stop platform for developers seeking exciting opportunities and customers looking for hiring the right software developer talent. Below are the benefits of working real time with an uberised and prevetted workforce.
Cost benefit
With DeveloperOnRent, you don’t have to bear the burden of minimum acceptable work just like with freelancers and you pay for what you want. In an hourly pay arrangement with freelance work you will not have an insight into how those hours are being utilised, and there’s always a possibility of costs scaling up.
On Time delivery
For a startup running on tight timelines and budget, time is money. Otherwise the time will come when your CFO or your client will knock on your door demanding to know how much more time!! Working with a freelancer demands constant monitoring and eyes on progress. AtDeveloperOnRent.com we understand that timing is everything. We have a pool of talented developers from which one will be aligned to work with you right from the scratch till you crack it.
Transparency in process
We are always open to the idea of working on site at your premises. We provide state-of-the-art facility for both practical and virtual support which includes offline and online meetings, discussions, war rooms etc. We are sure this is a hard bargain to strike with a freelancer.
We embrace the change
While working with a freelancer you may find it tedious to ramp up the work in the middle as there can be a certain fear of losing out on other work due to readjustment in your schedules. At DeveloperOnRent, we are always ready for anything that you throw at us and can align resources based on your changing needs. For us, ‘Change is the only constant’ and we embrace this to the fullest.
Information security
Ideas are like an asset and converting an idea into a reality is never an easy task, it requires the courage, time and money to take the action. An idea being stolen is the biggest fear that any entrepreneur has. At DeveloperOnRent we understand this risk and strive to make sure that your idea remains safe from prying eyes. We hand over the complete code to you and commit to data confidentiality, something that is hard to get with a freelancer and consultants.
Let’s fix it
Have you ever had an opportunity of escalating the matter to someone if you are not satisfied with a freelancer’s work or attitude? No one will ever care to understand your agony or the dynamics associated with it like you do. At DeveloperOnRent, we have a well defined escalation channel that you can follow should you ever feel the nee87d. We have fulltime dedicated developers and the accountability to fix what is not right lies with the governing leaders who you can always have access to.
Find employees that fit to your tech stack
Here’s how you go! Just submit the request and we handle the rest for you. All it takes to optimize your entire recruiting process is just one click.
Confidence and decision making skills rank highest on the list of skills be it any industry. Particularly challenging is the fact that the hallmark qualities of exceptional programmers is extremely difficult to find and pre-evaluate. At DeveloperOnRent, you work with pre-vetted talent who help you make better decisions in real time. There are no lock-ins, no hourly charges, and no surprise invoices.
So why spend considerable time in on-demand hiring of workforce, pre-vetting, and training etc. when the real ‘uberisation of workforce’ already exists! It is known as DeveloperOnRent.
With the above features in place, if you think we have hit the bull’s eye; do get in touch with us and rest you shall know once you start working with us.

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