I’ve been using DeveloperOnRent.com for almost one year now—hiring for various types of profiles and skills, from multiple locations around the world—and it’s been filled with a lot of learning.
Unlike other freelancing sites such as oDesk, Freelancer, elance and others – We need to have process in place to evaluate the right developer and manage it throughout the lifecycle.
When I was new to DeveloperOnRent.com and got to know their process which is intact with process steps such as “Interact and choose” ; “Governance of Service / Product” made me say WOW, which eliminates lot of effort waste and helps us get the best developer.
Some freelancers quietly vanished in the middle of an assignment; others didn’t actually possess the skill set they said they had or were always behind schedule. But at the end of the day, it was all about the right process —Team DeveloperOnRent.com and I described what we are looking for, When we are looking for what, What is our detail requirement and Key skills needed at a defined competency level.  Long story short, my screening process was broken and DeveloperOnRent.com had an awesome one in place.
I can now say confidently that most of the Developers/ Engineers I’m hiring are awesome, and I believe they enjoy collaborating with me. After all, choosing the right people and managing them well are skills that only become more important when hiring online.
So how can you have the same result? Check out the Process well defined for guidance on how to avail the services of DeveloperOnRent.com – truly inspired by techies and well defined process framework which is need of the hour and required by various start-ups, Small-medium businesses, enterprises and others.  Few Pre-requisites which is needed are as follows:

1. Decide whether you need only Developer / Freelancer or DeveloperOnRent.com do it for you. 

DeveloperOnRent.com process allows you both given the flexibility they have. Pros and cons lies with both of them, so I can’t really advise you to choose one over the other. Based on my understanding – DeveloperOnRent.com model really worked out (Because of their ownership & accountability in process)
In general though, agencies tend to be more cautious with their reputation, so they might go the extra mile to make sure you are completely satisfied with their work. They might also have a broader skillset, so if you have a project that requires multiple skills, you can avoid the hassle of hiring multiple specialized freelancers. Personally, I found a good communication, well organized, process driven, monitored and automated way of connection with DeveloperOnRent.com Developers.

2. Write the world’s most detailed job description

Our Requirement of Skill set should be clearly specified what we are looking for such as Years of Experience, Past Projects, Specific Challenges which is needed for us, Availability, Ideas generated etc…Initially it was too vague for me, but the team DeveloperOnRent.com helped a lot getting it set right. Once again, What makes the difference is their Process Framework and technical skills.
Some like that while others don’t, so stating that upfront will go a long way in attracting the appropriate candidates.
Additionally, try to give potential applicants a sense of the workload, how many hours per week you expect them to work (if this is an hourly assignment), how much you’ll pay, etc.

3.  Set the right expectation / Context 

Now that you have spent a fair amount of time on your requirements, you want to make sure the people applying to it have at least read it.
Set the right expectation / context across the team of what you are looking for, here comes great entrepreneur skills, sharing big picture, motivation and how good hold you have on your requirements.
The idea behind the setting the right expectation is two-fold. You want to make sure the answer you are receiving is not a spammy one from agencies that are just “fishing and you also want to make sure the Developers / Engineers is able to follow some simple instructions.

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