Mobile App development continues to rule the world. With smartphones having become nothing closer to than a personal asset to every individual, it is pretty obvious that Mobile App development is here to stay. Not just stay but stay long and strong. However, what we are going to focus in this article is the significance of one of the prominent coding languages / JavaScript frameworks for Mobile App development, the JavaScript framework and some of the best JavaScript frameworks which can continue to influence Mobile App development, for the year 2019 and beyond.

Significance of JavaScript Frameworks for Mobile App Development

Smartphones have been built to operate on a couple of different platforms. Prominent amongst them are the Android, Windows and iOS platforms. Subsequently, the mobile apps developed to work on these platforms, also use different languages. For e.g. Android compliant apps are developed using Java, Windows compliant apps are developed using .Net and iOS platforms use Object C. However, since its introduction, nearly two decades ago, JavaScript has emerged as the most popular and sought after programming language for mobile apps development today. Statistics indicate that JavaScript scores heavily and is currently being used by more than 94% of all the websites.

Where JavaScript scores, is that it helps the mobile app developer to develop dynamic and interactive web pages, which are client central and deploy custom client-side scripts. Developers can use cross-platform run time engines like Node.js to write server-side code in JavaScript. The combination of JavaScript, HTML and CSS3, also gives the developers an opportunity to create web pages which work well across various browsers, platforms, and devices JavaScript technology is also extremely powerful, efficient and great for building fast and high-performing web, desktop, and mobile apps, In short, it is everywhere because it does everything in the most effective and easiest way. The Year 2019 and beyond, promises more, for this exquisite development tool with a number of attractive JavaScript frameworks hitting the market and giving the developers a good headache to choose the best JS Frameworks!  Read on as we move on!

Top 10 JavaScript frameworks for Mobile App Development

Through this section, we take a look at the prominent list of JavaScript frameworks which have caught the eye of developers.

PhoneGap Framework:

phonegap framework

PhoneGap is a prominent framework which is used for cross platform Mobile App Development. This framework is well recommended for economically viable projects as;

  1. Suits operations on multiple platforms like windows, ios or android, with a single code base.
  2. Application testing and installation is a simple process
  3. There is no intense development knowledge required to work on this tool.

Mobile Angular UI

mobile angular ui


  1. Mobile Angular UI is suitable for all those developers who have a flair for and have considerable knowledge about Angular.JS.
  2. The enhanced architecture and design delivers an ultimate user experience, when it comes to faster and simpler data binding and quicker application sampling.
  3. The combination of Bootstrap 3 and Angular.JS saves on development time and more importantly enables the developer to reuse an earlier written code.

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Titanium framework

Titanium is an open source app development platform which is primarily used to create native mobile apps using the JavaScript framework.

  1. The advantage which Titanium brings is its speed in development in a considerably quick amount of time.
  2. Titanium works out very economical with simplifies and user friendly development processes.

jQuery Mobile

JQuery Mobile Framework

  1. More a JavaScript Library developed by the jQuery team, this framework is simple to use, especially with an additional knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  2. jQuery is well suitable for developing cross platform mobile applications and the applications developed with this resource load pretty fast.
  3.  jQuery is not only easy to develop but it is easy on the pocket too! And it comes in with a remarkably affordable development cost.

React Native

React Framework

React Native is a community driven JavaScript framework developed by Facebook which is aimed at supporting the extensive volume of native and JavaScript developers, willing to share their knowledge.

  1. Building apps with the React Native is far less complicated as it supports maximum code usage.
  2. This works well with respect to cost savings as it gives a seamless performance, especially while building cross platform applications.


Backbone is a very old JavaScript framework tool which provides a seamless event driven communication between views and models and scores heavily as a choice to develop single page applications.

  • What is exclusive about backbone is that it’s lightweight and takes hardly any time to download.
  • Furthermore all the backbone.js models can be routed to the back end making it one of the comprehensive JavaScript tool to develop cost effective mobile applications.


Meteor brings in quick development and an easy process.

  1. One need not have any specific development skills apart from good working knowledge of JavaScript framework.
  2. Meteor as a tool is platform compliant and works across a vast section of platforms and devices.
  3. Meteor also specializes in addressing and eliminating most of the bugs and errors which many of the new age applications tend to carry.


This JavaScript framework is known more for its simple nature and ability to develop applications, just once to work across multiple platforms.

  • Developers can now build native apps across platforms like Android, ios and Windows.
  • Ionic comes with no cost and is mainly preferred to develop hybrid mobile apps using web technologies.


Ember.JS is seen more towards constructing quality web applications.

  1. However being a high performance application tool, it is equally valuable to develop mobile applications.
  2. Apart from speed the other high point in Ember.JS is that this JavaScript framework has its own debugging tool which should enlighten developers more.


Next.js is a simplified application development tool which makes deployment of the application very easy.

  1. However, if an application is developed with a combination of Next and a React.JS, the user gets to experience an ultimate experience with respect to tool usage and justification.
  2. Next.js makes your JavaScript run universally, whether on a server, computer or mobile device.

2019 and beyond will continue to see these apps scale even higher as far as delivering the ultimate user experience is concerned. The list does not end here; there are hundreds more to explore which have seen the light of the day over the years but it goes more on real value functions of the framework than just salient features.

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Frequently asked JavaScript questions

Where does JavaScript see itself in the year 2019 and beyond?

The recent years have seen JavaScript grow considerably in size. There are not one but many options for the developers to choose from. JavaScript is sure to stay for considerable period of time beyond 2019 unless there are seasonal and radical changes which we may come across.

How does JavaScript score compared to the other programming languages?

JavaScript is far more versatile, fast and simple making it an obvious choice across cross section of developers.

How difficult is it to create a JavaScript framework?

It’s quite easy. So easy, indeed, that there are literally hundreds if not thousands out there.
Doesn’t mean that the majorities of them are good, or will be used by a large community, etc. It means that there’s a layer on top of a features-barren language that addresses a use case for the writer.

 Is node js a JavaScript framework?

Node.js is not a framework, it offered environment to run JavaScript on server-side. Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript environment for running programs. There are many JavaScript frameworks for developers. It doesn’t have to; it’s fundamentally a run time which runs the JavaScript.

Is react a JavaScript framework?

React framework also known as react.js or React Js is one of the powerful JavaScript libraries that uses server-side rendering with a unique twist – one that lets it to offer a flexible, performance-oriented, componentized solution for the “V” in MVC (Model View Controller).

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