The open source PHP framework for web development has seen a sensational debut. Extended versions of Laravel too have played their part in maintaining that tempo amongst PHP developers. Laravel development is aimed to ease the development process by simplifying the methods to incorporate common activities in various websites like, authentication, caching etc. The introduction of Laravel 5.0 saw a new wave of excitement amongst developers as it offered facilities like an inbuilt authentication system and multiple file support facility etc. Developers now keenly look forward to Laravel Spark 6.0, the new hero in the Laravel Family!

Laravel Spark

Laravel Spark 6.0 is the latest exciting version of the Laravel framework. Laravel spark come in with a host of attractive features which includes per seat pricing, a new user interface, Location and Boot Strapping, to name a few. Spark 6.0 comes in with some enhanced security features which take Laravel development to the next level.

The Laravel Spark 6.0 features

The spark package from Laravel has acted as scaffolding for many activities such as authentication, subscription billing, invoices, password resetting etc. As such Laravel 6.0 is seen as a huge plus. Laravel comes with many exciting features such as,

  1. Per Seat Pricing: Laravel Spark 6.0 comes with an exciting new feature with a per seat pricing facility which was not seen in the earlier versions. With this arrangement, users and teams in question tend to benefit independently with respect to the hours of usage recorded. Laravel Spark allows developers to charge users / team or teams/ team members. Laravel Spark also extends the facility to charge based on projects developed as well. With the billing taken care, developers can now focus completely on building the application and get it to a logical conclusion.
  2. Localization: This is a very useful feature extended for Laravel 6.0 users who can now translate any Spark based application into their preferred / local language! In addition, Laravel Spark 6.0 also supports right to left text layouts. here is a screenshot of Spark running a full Arabic translation, including a right-to-left layout:Localization Source: medium
  3. Bootstrap 4 Release and A Beautiful UI: Laravel Spark 6.0 is built on Bootstrap 4.0 which is the latest version of the Bootstrap CSS framework. With this the user can expect an excellent starting point towards building a beautiful User Interface. Payment details can now be collected with the help of Stripe elements. In addition, Stripe.js 3.0 and Stripe Elements can be used to collect payment information and transact online with almost negligible possibility of fraud and mal-practice.Bootstrap 4Source: medium
  4. Admin Panel: The presence of Laravel Admin Panel helps in building web applications at a much quicker rate. The Admin Panel helps in controlling data and permissions assigned with no coding required, thereby giving the developer the added flexibility to focus on how to represent the data than how to handle it. Laravel Spark 6.0 is a major upgrade which does require a licence upgrade from Laravel 5.0 As such, it requires a license upgrade. Laravel Spark 6.0 comes with the same pricing as was with the previously released versions of Spark. To make users easily identify the various versions of Laravel Spark, each upgrade will be accompanied by a new code name.

Added Advantages of Laravel Spark 6.0

Laravel Development has reached the next level with the introduction of Laravel Spark 6.0. There are some additional benefits which accompany Laravel Spark 6.0 along with the salient features.

  1. Laravel Spark 6.0 allows the developer to upgrade the applications, developed in the earlier Laravel versions into the newer versions. This keeps you spark installations up to date at all times.
  2. Applications built with Laravel Spark 6.0 can be customized to the user’s liking with minimum coding required.
  3. Laravel Spark helps in maintaining connect with customers at all times by allowing the developer to make announcements to their customers and ensuring that they stay in loop at all times.

Spark 6.0 is contained in a new GitHub repository and has been allocated the serial code name “Aurelius”. From now on, every paid upgrade to Spark will receive a new series codename based on a philosopher. These names make it simple to distinguish between Spark version numbers and major versions of Spark.

Laravel Spark 6.0 framework is continuing to create waves due to its incredible features. Laravel provides continuous community support too hence the future of this exciting PHP framework looks long, bright and strong.

Laravel Interview Question

Why Laravel is considered the best amongst the other PHP Frameworks?

The Laravel framework is one of the most extensively used, open-source modern web application frameworks that designs customized web applications quickly and easily.PHP Developers globally prefer Laravel over to other frameworks because of the performance, features, scalability it offer. Also, since Laravel follows the Model View Controller (MVC) approach, it makes developing web applications much more easily, compared to the other available frameworks.

What is a good Laravel CRUD package?

CRUD Package, associated with Laravel, is not the usually read Create, Read, Update, Delete generator package. It has something more attached to it. The CRUD package here makes use of scaffolding system, which ensures that the developer focusses only on the control and not much on the Model and View. The CRUD package assumes automatic control of activities like Authentication, Assignment, Validation and Database processes, easing the life a developer to a great extent.

What is Helper in Laravel?

Helper is an added function attached to the Laravel framework. A Helper is an activity /function that computes a part of another function. Developers use these functions to make programs more user friendly and easier to read by giving descriptive names to computations as well for a facility for computations to be reused at any point in time.

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