PHP as server-side scripting continues to gain immense popularity and attention among PHP developers. Hypertext Processor (PHP), as it is widely known, is HTML embedded and mainly used for web application development. Though many web developers prefer PHP for creating simple web applications, it has a much broader utility which includes complex projects that use C or Java, as premier programming languages. Despite PHP gaining the amount of prominence that it has, PHP developers will always vary about the challenges it can throw. This is where PHP Frameworks come into the picture. Out of the many PHP Frameworks available, Laravel and Codeigniter continue to catch the eye of the PHP developers worldwide. Though both have significant features which contribute to a PHP based web application, the world now sees a Laravel vs Codeigniter scenario to find out who scored over the other. From a PHP Developer’s perspective, Laravel vs Codeigniter is a difficult nut to crack. To prove its worth further, here is a tabular column that compares these two popular PHP frameworks further.

Laravel Vs Codeigniter: The major difference

Comparison of Laravel and Codeigniter
Supported Version Control SystemGithubGithub
Authentication LibraryDoes possess this feature to a good advantageDoes not possess this feature
Class Auto loadingDoes possess this featureDoes not possess this feature
Programming/coding methodObject Oriented ProgrammingComponent oriented programming
Programming LanguagePHPPHP
InstallationKnowledge about a composer useful in tune with the installation processEasy to install
Database ModelObject-OrientedRelationall Object-Oriented
LicenceMIT LicenceMIT Licence
Template LanguageBlade Template Engine BladePHP Proprietary
Programming ParadigmObject Oriented Event Driven FunctionalComponent Oriented
Supported VCSGit SubversionGit Subversion Github

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework used to develop web applications. Laravel follows the Model-Video-Controller or better known as the MVC architectural pattern of development. Here are some key features of using Laravel for PHP web development.

Key Features of Laravel

Web applications developed with Laravel involve less repetitive code. Some of the notable features of Laravel are,

  1. Laravel framework templates are indicatively designed to create simple layouts.
  2. Compared to other PHP frameworks, Laravel is preferred as it has many preinstalled libraries and Objected Oriented Libraries. These preinstalled libraries come with built-in features like encryption, password featured as well as the ability to know how many active users are present.
  3. A major highlight as mentioned a bit earlier is that The MVC pattern of Laravel ensures complete clarity of logic and presentation. This architecture support helps in improving the performance, allowing better documentation, and has multiple built-in functions.
  4. Exposure to Laravel PHP framework helps organizations to Hire PHP Developers with an opportunity to develop new tools.
  5. Laravel supports the expansion of a database system without the PHP developers actually having to recreate the database again. This feature of the PHP framework helps reduce data loss to almost a minimum.
  6. The Laravel PHP framework helps the PHP developers in enhancing the performance of the web application as it possesses certain specific tools that make life easier for the developers.
  7. An exciting advantage with the Laravel PHP framework is its powerful authentication facility which helps developers justify their decision to give access only to authorized users
  8. Being an open-sourced PHP framework, Laravel has an excellent community of PHP developers and Organizations which help in scaling up the performance of the web application by offering continuous support.
  9. Database Migration is another important facility that Laravel offers which was not available with some of the earlier PHP frameworks used. With this, the PHP developers can share databases with other developers belonging to the same team thereby ensuring transparency of process within the team.

Therefore you can hire laravel developers too if you are looking for such features.

What is Codeigniter?

The other popular PHP framework used extensively by PHP developers is Codeignitor which operates in a simple way with a tool kit to create extensively featured web applications. Codeignitor is a documented framework which helps in easing the development process. As Laravel CodeIgniter also has some unique feature still which attracted by many PHP developers.

Key Features Of Codeigniter

  1. Codeignitor also adopts an MVC Pattern of approach is extremely light weight.
  2. This PHP framework comes with fully packed libraries that enable all the web application enabled activities like a database, form validation, sending email, manipulating images, sending emails, etc.
  3. Codeignitor has the ability to generate SEO friendly URL’s
  4. Offers Forms and Data validation facilities and data encryption facilities
  5. Sending an email communication is much more robust with the CodeIgniter PHP framework as there is a strong inbuilt email support system.
  6. Easy to start for fresh developers
  7. Outstanding presentation and Astonishing performance as it is easy to access modular programs.
  8. Like Laravel to a certain extent, Codeignitor too possesses an active developer community. However, the percentage of new PHP developers taking a look at codeigniter is much larger than Laravel or any other PHP frameworks
  9. Configuration not needed and security can be enhanced based on the client’s requirements. Database encryption is also possible with Codeignitor.
  10. codeigniter is not too complicated as a tool and presents a very simple operational approach. With its unique Data Abstraction facility, developers can create, add, delete or even replace statements.
  11. Simple Active Record Implementation

Here is a chart that compares the popularity of the various PHP frameworks:

php mvc frameworks 2017

Source: Sitepoint

Wrapping up

Though both Laravel and Codeignitor enjoy the same amount of preference amongst PHP developers and are the widely used PHP frameworks, they are different in their own was. In addition to the salient features of both these PHP frameworks which we have seen, each of them carries specific advantages that also contribute to both of them equally being admired and accepted by the PHP developers for building competent web applications.

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