Mentoring is the process adopted by successful as well as upcoming organizations, wherein an experienced individual, guides his team or his immediate subordinate, through knowledge based sessions, which can help the subordinate or team, improve their personal confidence and contribute to the growth of the organization.

After all those years of intense struggle, in getting yourself educated, with the best of the facilities and experts in the field, it is now time to look ahead to a good career. More so, a good beginning to a challenging career will be the better way to put it. There are several factors which can actually influence this like the best organization, best pay package, convenient to travel, best working facilities, so on and so forth. But amidst all this, one thing which is of great, perhaps greater importance is a guide who can take you along during the initial steps of your career. One who can mold you into that strong and independent individual, who you wish to professionally become one day and this, is what we call mentorship or mentoring.  Why do you really need mentors for mentoring when you can confidently handle things on your own? This article tried to throw more emphasis on that.

The Role of Mentoring

  1. Knowledge no doubt is important, to help you not to feel completely new, to a work atmosphere. However, more important that is a professional relationship with someone, who can show you the path to travel, with the help of knowledge.
  2. This very relationship where a senior and experienced person, assists the junior person, by helping him develop his skill sets required, which can improve the junior’s prospects of professionally growing in his career.
  3. However, the process of mentoring need not be understood, to just dumping subject knowledge, theoretically and practically. It also involves around working on a first time employee’s mind and equipping him with the all-important confidence to handle his responsibilities.
  4. This generally happens through skill development, personality development, communication development, work ethics development and so on.

Why is this so important? Read on to understand more.

Mentoring – Key to success.

  1. Keeping those initial steps in a professional career can be very exciting. At the same time, they are no less challenging. It is always profitable to ask a senior or a more experienced professional on how it all works and how to go about shouldering the responsibility.
  2. A mentor can see the importance of a responsibility, from the perspective of different types of challenges, it can throw up and how to deal with those types of challenges. Fresh employees or those with limited amount of work exposure can do great to associate with a mentor, at that level.
  3. Good Mentors don’t restrict themselves just to business perspectives and job profiles. They could even help you with some very useful tips which you can look up to when you think of starting something of your own, at a certain stage of your career.
  4. Mentors can be your single point of contact, not only from a professional perspective, but from a personal perspective too. A Trusted Mentor can help you with suggestions towards having a career-life balance.
  5. The most important benefit, a good mentor may extend, is an opportunity for you to expand your professional network, through his good offices and acquaintances.
  6. Mentors could also be influential in helping you make critical career decisions, when it comes to choosing between better career opportunities
  7. Connect with a good mentor need not be limited to the period of your employment. A good mentor can be a lifelong guide.
  8. It actually is opportunities for a mentor to improve have a better understanding about certain aspects too by associating with you. In a way, you can mentor your mentor to mentor you better!!!
  9. Mentors would have reached the position of becoming a guide to other aspirants with a vision in mind. Hence, approach the mentor with a vision and mission in mind, which will be very beneficial.
  10. It is always good to have a healthy relationship between a mentor and be pro-active which will enhance mutual trust and give rise to better results.


A good mentoring could turn your life fascinating and peaceful, get mentoring with confident and mindful and being a successful person in your life as well as career. Hope this article have tunes your knowledge about mentoring. Thank you so much!

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