We have seen the significance of Mobile Apps and the way any user, whether an independent or an organization as a whole, continues to pursue it. However, for any Mobile App Development Service to be a hit and sustain its acceptability factor amongst users, keeping the app simple and balanced is very import for any company offering Android App development service.  In other words, it’s about choosing a Minimalist UX Design.

What does Minimalist UX Design mean?

As much as an App is seen as the fastest and best solution to meet a user’s instant requirement, it is also important to note how effective and quality driven is the design of the app.A minimalist design refers to designing an app in such a way that the user gets the flexibility to identify important options without much of a stress.

Involving less use of design elements works well towards giving the end customer, the best value for his investment and an experience par excellence.  It is not only about using latest technology, but also how effectively and efficiently, the designer uses it. The more elements a design has, the more complex it will look to the user. It does not take a long time for a user to switch over from one app to another and hence, design of the app plays an equally important role, as much as, the app’s utility value. If applied consciously and correctly, minimal design technique can help us to simply user tasks. Recent studies have indicated that by using less design elements, designers have been able to create more user friendly and responsive websites, with faster loading times and improved compatibility between screen sizes. Google Search is one of the finest examples to understand how minimal designing can help.

Key parameters in adopting a Minimalist UX Design Process

Keeping it low on design but at the same time very accurate, are the key essentials for a successful app design. To create a truly minimalist interface, a designer has to prioritize elements rigorously, showing only those elements of the highest importance and doing away with every other thing that might take a viewer’s attention away from what actually matters and is important. However, at the same time, care must be taken in not hiding critical content too, which could well be a basic parameter, benefiting the user while using the app.

As a confident Android App developer, who carries the weight of the user’s expectations on his shoulders, listed below are some best practices which could enhance the user’s experience.

  • Keeping the Android App simple: As a company offering Mobile App development service, the best practice would be to keep the app simple and not involve any complex designs. Quick and responsive apps is what most of the users look forward to and as such a simple and user friendly mobile app will be the best choice as it  helps to navigate through the app easily without wasting any time. Time is money and users wouldn’t like to waste too much time on irrelevant and complex mobile apps.
  • Incorporate Minimal Design process for Landing pages: A landing page is what creates that first impression in any user’s mind. Loading a landing page with more content might not interest many visitors. Hence, keeping the landing page to the point while enlightening the user on what are the details that would follow will always be a better option.
  • Focusing on the Industry trend: Industry trends also matter for a company into Android App development services. With a knowhow of what exactly is the present industry requirement, an app developer can design a mobile app which serves the purpose of the end user. This would help in retaining viewer interest in the app for a long time. In addition, upgrading the app from time to time, in line with the latest developments, would ensure that the users would not think of the alternatives to the app created by your company offering mobile app development services.
  • Keeping Animations Minimal: Android App development has always been a challenge for Mobile app developers, especially, when users look forward to aesthetics in addition to impressive performance.Like any other element, animations too, if given a limited space and included for specific activities only, will make it more meaningful and functional. For example, you could use animation to save screen space.
  •  Easy Accessibility of the app: It is well understood that any Mobile App scores heavily based on how accessible it is to the users. The best way to find this out would be through user feedbacks and inferences. Every company into Android App development services will be aware of this fact. Ensuring best accessibility to the app with minimal design will go a long way in offering the best ever cognitive experience to the users through the app.The design elements used, if not too complex, will help users in easy understanding of the app. For e.g. using touch screens gives more opportunities to the people for making smart movements and making options accessible with ease and clarity.
  • App icons play an important role: The importance of an icon can never be underestimated during the development of a mobile app. Choice of the right icon depends upon its usage within an app. It would benefit to keep the icon simple, attractive and redefined. The app store holds several apps and it is therefore necessary to keep the design of the app simple so that it stands out within the app store. Neatly designed icons can help in creating a great impression about you mobile app as well increasing possibilities for promoting your app in the market.
  • Negative Space: For any Android App to be completed with the minimal UX design, the most common element is Negative space. Termed also as white space, Negative space is just the empty space between visual elements. More empty space means more emphasis on existing elements. Though negative space is often called white space, it doesn’t have to be white. Hence, focus needs to be given to the inclusion of Negative space in an app design.

Why Minimal UX Design

While we have seen the key parameters which play an important role in developing a mobile app with a minimalist UX design, as mobile app developers each one of us will be curious enough to know why in the first placed should this approach be thought of. Some concrete benefits which a Minimalist UX design may offer are listed below.

  • Enhances Business Potential: With most of the business units switching over to the use of mobile apps to showcase their identity and branding of business, it is the best UI design that can make it happen. In other words, an app reflects a business. Compromising on the features of design in a minimalistic way might, may not help the app to function according to the user’s expectations.
  • Increases user awareness and activity: It is well understood fact that if the app is made according to the features that are made to retain the users on the app, automatically there will be more user awareness and traffic. This also increases more opportunities for the company to increase its revenue through lesser and wiser methods than complex and congested methods. Undoubtedly, minimalized UX design can boost business prospects to a great extent.
  • In great Demand: Minimalist UX design for Android apps continues to be in great demand as more and more number of companies adopting this approach. With a brisk competition amongst Mobile App development companies, Minimalist UI design allows the business apps to stand out among the competitors. The demand right now is really high for Minimal UI design and in the future, it is only going to increase.


Today’s successful businesses owe a lot to user experience. DeveloperonRent has been one of the fastest growing companies in Bangalore which continues to offer Android App Development Services of the topmost quality, using minimalized UX design approach. For your application to be successful, you should design the app in such a way that your user requires fewer efforts to understand and use the app and our app developers in Bangalore ensure that your app meets your expectations. At DeveloperonRent, we are well aware that any app that is difficult for users to understand reduces their interest in the app, and might very well motivate them to look for alternate choices. Therefore, if you are looking forward to developing a successful application for your company or business and the best Android app development companies that are very good with UI and UX designs, your search ends at DeveloperonRent.

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