How Mobile App Will Drive the Virtual Reality Market

Isn’t there a Mobile App development for these services which I can download? This is the common question we come across from every individual whenever a new product or service is launched or an existing product /service is upgraded.

  • Reason as we are all aware of, is the phenomenal growth and influence of Mobile applications in today’s digital business world. It’s not just the increasing demand for mobile applications which is keeping the mobile developers on their toes.
  • This is reality. But what is keeping them more interested is Virtual Reality! Virtual Reality is the new hero in the technological boom and is seen to have a major impact on mobile devices and mobile applications alike.
  • What we have for you in the article, as you read on, is just how Mobile App may get influenced by Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality – The Revelation in the Digital Revolution

As Mobile devices continued to see changes depending on what technology demanded, new methodologies were seen in the horizon which gave mobile applications, a new twist.

  • Virtual Reality is one such revelation. In technical terms, Virtual Reality can be thought about as a three dimensional computer generated environment which can be explored and interacted with, by a person. With exotic features accompanying Virtual Reality, Mobile applications are being designed to work on VR devices.
  • In other words there is an increasing demand for mobile VR apps and Mobile App developers are making this as an integral part of any Mobile App development project.
  • In other words there is an increasing demand for mobile VR apps and Mobile App developers are making this as an integral part of any Mobile App development project.
  • VR Devices have been seen as game changer, especially Virtual Reality Headsets. A VR Headset is nothing but a head mounted device which when worn, presents the individual with a virtually real effect!
  • These are the new features which continue to keep Developers interested as they are already awe struck with Virtual Reality. Name any sector as every industrial sector including aerospace, manufacturing, entertainment, healthcare and housing are getting to know what Virtual Reality is all about.

Mobile Apps Molding Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has transformed the way businesses are done today and Mobile Apps are leaving no stones upturned to take full advantage of this technology and deliver the next level user experience.

  • Gaming is an area where Virtual Reality is being experienced to its fullest potential. The gaming sector is the most sought after by the youth, all over the world, and Mobile Devices compliant with VR devices, have been successful in taking forward the enthralling user experience.
  • The Education Industry too has been immensely benefited by Virtual Reality. Mobile Applications are being developed to conduct virtual study tours where students can derive the pleasure of having visited almost inaccessible places and learning more about them.
  • Google Expedition is one example of a mobile VR app.
  • The Virtual environment has also given opportunities to learn new languages through mobile applications which enable them to get in touch with people around the world and converse with them in their native language.

With the conduct of businesses taking a new dimension, thanks to the introduction of the virtual environment, companies can now organize themselves and save time through having conferences and meetings via the application. This way communication can be more one to one and transparent and at the end of the day, companies would have done their brands, a world of good.

Where Developers see VR can help?

  1. Automotive Industry: One of the major sectors in global business is the Automotive sector. The induction of Virtual Reality has made designing and selling new models so efficient and free that the customer need not physically visit a showroom!!! How’s that for technology!? The realistic elements present in VR technology enable developers and designers to try and analyse how new vehicles will look as well as perform without any need to build multiple models. Companies have now extended every facility from test driving to studying the dynamics of the vehicle, in a virtual environment, before taking spot decisions to purchase. This is where Developers see a fortune in the making through mobile application development with Virtual Reality.
  2. Retail Sector: The Retail Industry contributes to a huge extent to global business. Every Mobile App developer continues to look at the retail sector as new opportunities galore. The Virtual environment has only got the excitement to get bigger with different types of retail clients being able to showcase their products thereby inviting feedback from the concerned customers.
  3. Healthcare Sector: Imagine Developers being given an opportunity to work on designing a virtual environment which can help Doctors to study the anatomy of the human body! Mobile App Developers do have one right away! Virtual Reality has given the opportunity for medical professionals by training them to treat patients in a more advanced way.
  4. Tourism Sector: Virtual Reality can help the ever growing tourism industry immensely. Mobile Devices driven by Mobile VR applications can help travelers see the place, before actually even visiting it. This also helps travelers to explore lesser known places and promote them as well at the same time.
  5. Construction Design: Real estate and Commercial construction have always been soaring high. There are not many occasions when this ever booming sector sees a dip in fortunes. With Virtual Reality, this sector can continue to see a balanced viewpoint from a customer’s perspective and continue to thrive amidst all odds. Virtual Reality helps customers take a guided tour of the construction sites and buildings and then come to a position to take a wise decision.
  6. Virtual Reality and Business: Virtual Reality can help organizations scale up their businesses by selecting the best available talents. The candidates can be screened through video conferencing using Virtual Reality and the decision can be conveyed then and there too if necessary.
  7. Journalism and film-making: Hundreds of developers are working on Virtual Reality games, but apart from this, there is lots of activity around other kinds of entertainment and media channels too. Virtual Reality is helping Journalists and Filmmakers get a hold on to study and analyse developments and give a sensational twist to the tale!
  8. Sports and Music: Sports and Music continue to be the backbone of relaxation to millions round the globe. Virtual Reality is not far behind from getting into these two most sought after mediums and scale up viewer experience. Virtual Reality can deliver a competent display of live streams of action, either connected with a famous concert or an international game, to your fullest satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you want your mobile app to accomplish?

Mobile Apps have created a sensation in today’s digital world.  Mobile Apps have brought efficiency and productivity in every leading business sector, may it be healthcare, transportation, retail etc. Developing a good mobile app is focused towards achieving the following objectives;

  1. Provide solutions to problems
  2. Focus on the core feature of the app
  3. Be  a simple user friendly app
  4. To be flexible in working across both Android and IOS platforms
  5. Deliver an excellent user experience
  6. Help in developing marketing strategies
  7. Help in brand building

Why do we prefer native apps as a mobile app development company?

Native App development revolves around building a mobile application for a particular operating platform. Developers prefer native apps as they are extremely fast and can be accessed from dedicated app stores. Also Native Apps are more secure and they dish out the best performance. In addition to these, the development stage of Native apps sees a lesser quantum of bugs which makes the developers life that much easier.

Why do you need services from a mobile app development company?

Mobile apps have seen tremendous growth and since their inception, businesses have found the need for having an app, to simplify just about every key process. For e.g. a mobile banking application helps customers take a look at their balance frequently and plan their expenses. Similarly a mobile travel app helps customers choose the best destination and the mode of travel. Mobile Application Development companies carry the expertise in terms of subject knowledge and brilliance and help you in achieving your final objective. Moreover, with technology making rapid strides, there is every need for any app to be upgraded. This is where a Mobile App Development company and Mobile App developers could be of help as they constantly upgrade their expertise to meet the new changes in technology.

Did they expect everybody to rush out and buy VR sets as they were the latest iPhones?

Virtual Reality has been a bit slow to take off but all is not lost for this sensational technology based innovation. Virtual Reality takes you the closest you can be to reality in your chosen subject of interest but having said that its needs to deliver that high quality user experience and is affordable.

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