iOS 12 has been around for a couple of months now, but recently Apple decided to turn a new page in its unfolding mobile story. As the majority of users would expect, the latest iOS update, iOS 12.1, comes with an extraordinary collection of feature enhancements and performance improvements.

The new iOS comes with major improvements to the Photos app, Apple News, Stock, Voice memos and Carplay. Enthusiastic followers can see that Apple is vying to exceed expectations with this new update to go above and beyond.

For starters, the latest iOS update assimilates iPhone XS, XS Max and XR with eSIM technology which serves up dual-SIM support. However, there is a swarm of other features that are much more exciting than the eSIM technology.

When you want to hire an iPhone developer for your iOS 12.1 apps, here are 9 of the most stimulating features of the new iOS update that you can harness to enrich the UX of your development.

Enhanced Performance and Faster Load Speeds in Old iPhones and iPads

This is a feature of the new iOS that will be of immense benefit to any custom iPhone application development project. It’s a direct sign of Apple’s aggressive drive for enhanced performance and reliability, and it comes in the wake of a similar software update by Google.

When you want to hire ios developers you need to consider that the new iOS makes iPhone 6 plus 40% faster at launching apps, 70% faster at launching the camera, and 50 faster at displaying the on-screen keyboard. This is really a deviation from the norm of Apple updates which, up until now, have always dragged down the performance of older iPhones.

Greater Ease of Closing Apps in Multitasking Mode

As Apple seeks to eradicate most of the unsettling performance issues of the previous iOS versions, the complexity of quitting apps in multitasking mode has also been addressed in the latest iOS update. In the new iOS update, a user only wants to slide up on an open app in the multitasking menu to close it.

This considerably enhances the user experience, because in the previous versions of the OS, closing open apps entailed pressing down on an app until the red close icon pops up on top of the app, and then tapping the red icon to shut the app.

Screen Time Management

With a tabloid report of user activities that ranks app usage, a show picks up times and shows the apps that send you the majority notifications, iOS 12.1 offer users with great insights concerning their screen time.

Not only does this feature let users calculate how much time they spend on certain activities on their phone, but it also lets users set self-imposed time limits. These can be moreover in the form of a ‘Time is up’ message that pops up according to a set time-limit, or through reminders and temporary app blocks.

The screen-time management feature also let somebody use itself to parental control. Users can schedule time-of-day-based downtime for children, and limit their access to certain apps at certain times of the day. Parents can activate these parental control settings distantly.

Grouped Notifications

When planning for notifications in your iPhone application development for iOS 12.1, be sure to think the fact that the new iOS update gives users much better control over the notifications they receive. With this latest feature, users can sort notifications into groups based on apps, threads, and topics, and can delete every notification in a group with a simple swipe.

As well, when planning for notifications in your custom iPhone application, you require also considering the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature that not only a silence sounds of notifications but also stops new notifications from lighting up the device’s screen. There’s also the immediate Tuning feature that allows users to easily dismiss notifications from apps without having to effect changes to various submenus in the Settings.

Face ID Authentication for More than One Face

Unlike the earlier iOS versions, the new iOS let for the authentication of more than one face in the Face ID security feature. When you hire dedicated developers for your iOS 12.1 apps, you need to consider this new security protocol, because it means your viewers will be more apt to give others access to their phones with the new iOS.

Users can either add a new face to the validation menu, or they can set up an alter ego face. The different face ensures that a slight change to users’ appearance does not lock them out of their phones when the Face ID fails to recognize their slightly altered face.

The transition from Memoji to Animoji

The transformation of ‘Memoji’ to ‘Animoji’ lets users create a more personalized Memoji that bear a much closer appearance to their real images. Animoji uses Apple’s TrueDepth front-facing camera to capture facial features to be replicated in a caricature.

When you hire dedicated developers to make messaging apps for iOS 12.1, you should be keen to take benefit of Animoji in your development. iOS 12.1 offers a richer collection of Animoji, including those with red, gray and curly hairs, a bald head, as well as swathes of Animoji masks. There are also Animoji icons for substitute sports activities such as softball and frisbee.

911 Call Location Finder

By this feature, calls to first responders made through iPhones automatically expose the location from where the call originates to the emergency service. This occurs only during emergency calls, so users can rest assured the feature will not give rise to privacy-related issues. The reason for the feature is to fast-track response time during emergencies.

Smarter Siri

This is another outstanding feature you need to consider keenly when you hire an iPhone developer for your iPhone app development. The smarter Siri comes with a Siri Shortcut feature that let you call for the execution of certain tasks through assigned phrases. For example, ‘Heading home’ commands the phone to notify your roommates or partner that you’re making your way home, and to display a map of the fastest route home, and to turn on your HVAC system.

The smarter Siri can also translate more than 40 language pairs, and offer information about motorsports, food, and celebrities. These are exiting features that you should vie to tie together when you hire an iPhone developer.


These are some of the most essential iOS 12.1 features that you should pay close attention to when you hire an iPhone developer for your iOS development. These features can work speculate for your custom iPhone application development if they’re harnessed properly.

When you hire ios app developers from our company, we’ll make sure that these features, including the ones that give users more control over their user behavior, will be harnessed to promote the engagement rate and reliability of your iOS app. In this fast world, no one likes to build their apps with old features alone. There are many applications roving in the app store, but few of them only often being engaged by users others get uninstall. Why users uninstall apps? Because of its old features, to reduce your apps uninstall rate keep your app always updates!

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