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With Mobile App development gaining prominence and speed by the end of every passing hour, there are also significant talks on which are the best front-end and back-end tools suitable for developing quality mobile apps.

  1. Since this article focuses more on the back-end development frameworks, we talk about two of the most prominent tools used under the JavaScript frameworks for mobile app development, Node.JS and PHP.
  2. These two server side programming tools have turned out to be obvious choices amongst developers and clients alike, making it a tough competition within each of them. In other words, it’s all about Node JS vs PHP now!

Node.JS vs PHP – The server side languages

We are all aware of the significance of JavaScript in Web Development and Mobile Apps. The popularity of this framework tool is so huge that according to recent studies JavaScript is being used by more than 94% of all the websites. What makes JavaScript even more popular is its ability to successfully compete with the server side languages.

  1. Given the significance of back-end Development towards creating an exciting user experience and the different types of back-end framework tools available in the market, developers now zero in on the two most popular frameworks, Node.JS and PHP.
  2. Though both of them are designed to achieve a common objective, they are different in their own ways and the classic rivalry has just begun! Comparing the roles of the two frameworks used by web development companies all over the world is no small feat.
  3. Developers have always found it next to impossible to choose which one of these scores over the other. However, a critical assessment revealed that they are both geared towards different web development projects.
  4. Let’s begin by knowing a little bit about them. We will subsequently get into which of them do Developers prefer more.

PHP is a server side scripting language which was earlier known as Personal Home Page. Now PHP is more referred to as Hypertext Pre-processor. When it comes to Web Development, Developers see PHP as one of the framework tools to go to, considering the amount of period it has been there for which is close to 4 decades.

Node.JS on the other hand as we all know is an open source JavaScript framework tool used to run JavaScript codes on the server side. Developers look towards Node.JS equally as it has brought a paradigm shift in their thinking that JavaScript is significantly used on the client side. Node.JS has emerged as one of the successful backend frameworks which compete and work well with JavaScript.

As a Programming Language, for Developers, it is always a tough comparison with respect to Node.JS vs PHP. Let’s see where each of them score a point over the other as we begin with Node.JS

Node.js server side JavaScript framework

  • Developing a competent Node.JS based application is no lesser a challenge today. The integration of JavaScript, with Node.JS, enables developers, to script command line tools, for server side scripting which is used in creating dynamic web applications and this is quite a complex integration, by itself. However, Node.JS comes with lot of user friendly benefits too and thanks to this technology, which has thrown in immense competition. There are new players emerging day by day, who are getting into Node.JS based app development. Hence, there arises every possibility of Node.JS development companies, promising you a fortune, just to stay ahead in the competition, but deliver a very fragile product.
  • Speed is one important aspect associated with Node.js as it uses the JavaScript event loop to design non-blocking I/O (Input/Output).
  • The following diagram shows a simplified overview of the event loop’s order of operations.

node.js event loop

  • By utilizing JavaScript built-in non-synchronous processing, Developers can create competent and scalable server-side solutions, capable of servicing more co-existing requests. This functionality makes Node.js a great choice amongst Developers for non – synchronous, data-driven applications.
  • Developers would always like to use a robust programming language. While JavaScript continues to serve as the main Programming Language, Node.JS helps Developers use one programming language across the entire development process. This works as a big advantage for Developers especially when maintaining the applications is concerned. This also helps in faster application development, bug fixing, and coordination within your core development team.
  • Developers consider Node JS for Web Development as it is flexible and has room for lot of creative ideas.
  • Node.JS is powered by Google V8 JavaScript Engine.
  • Node.JS vs PHP sees the requirement of more coding in Node.JS than when compared to PHP.
  • Node JS does not need the services of a web server to drive it.
  • Node JS is comparatively new to the game, so lots of teething challenges are there on the way to mastering it. The speed with which Node operates is enough to generate excitement amongst Developers.
  • Node.JS is more suitable for smaller applications.

PHP Server Side Scripting Language

  • Hypertext Pre-processor (PHP) as it is widely known is HTML embedded and mainly used mainly used for website development. Most people prefer PHP development for creating simple web applications, but PHP has a much wider application base which includes complex projects that use C or Java, as premier programming languages. PHP as a software tool has several versions PHP laravel framework noted as one of the best PHP frameworks by PHP developers. The latest PHP version arrive on the scene was PHP 7 with far more attractive features like being much faster than the earlier versions as well as being compatible with new operational procedures with add on operators. It is these features of PHP 7 which renewed its belief amongst developers worldwide as being the most favourable of languages for web development.
  • The Hypertext Pre-processor boasts of having a powerful code which includes development platforms like Word Press, Joomla, and Drupal for Web that enable Rapid Application Development. Managing content is as important as creating them and as far as Backend Development is concerned, the flexibility to use WordPress has a Content Management System, is of huge advantage as it  makes it easy to deploy a blog or an e-commerce site in very quick time. PHP is a strong package which Developers would love to choose, keeping in mind its speed of operation
  • What impresses Developers more is that as a Programming Language, PHP is highly portable as well as being server and platform independent.Developers can now think of writing a code only once to work across platforms and servers.
  • PHP integration and installation iseasier for small companies or individuals who have can run and manage their applications without any knowledge of SSH (Secure Shell) and console commands.
  • As a Programming Language, PHP was more designed for web development. With a complete server-side solution like PHP, there is also no need to bother about JavaScript in the browser since all pages can be easily generated and run on the server. This is useful if you want to avoid overloading of the client side.
  • PHP is powered by Zend Engines
  • Developers will find PHP, a much simpler language to use.
  • PHP runs on Apache Web Server
  • PHP is more matured as it has been around for ages. Developers get attracted to PHP as there have been innumerable number of projects, already written in PHP and subsequently plenty of qualified and talented PHP developers are around. PHP can be seen as a solution for some complex problems pertaining to applications.
  • PHP works well for Developers during the need to process large volumes of data.

The Node.JS vs PHP debate will go on and it is going to get more complicated for Developers as these two continue to gain in popularity and performance. It’s a nice headache to have for the Developers as to which to choose from the two.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How do you combine WebRTC, Node.JS and PHP?

We know that WebRTC provides web browsers and Mobile applications using simple API’s or Application programming interfaces. Combining WebRTC, Node.JS and PHP could be a complex proposition, if not impossible. The best approach could be to develop multiple applications written in multiple languages, in this case, this case, Node.JS and PHP and then design an Application Program Interface for each component to converse with the other.

Why should you hire a PHP development Company?

Whether you are trying to build Mobile Apps or interested in Web Development, hiring a PHP development company can have multiple advantages. Here are some which can be looked at;

  • Experience and Expertise always scores over enthusiastic fresh minds. Though a new PHP Developer may have the talent to develop quality applications himself, it is a safe bet to hire a PHP development company especially due the qualification, experienced and subject matter experts in PHP which they possess.
  • With the rapidly changing technology, developers need to be aware of the latest in the market and that’s exactly expertise present in a PHP Development Company can offer.
  • Professionals involved with  PHP Development Company would help you save time and focus on business promotion activities as they would handle the entire development process and come out with results in quick time
  • Interacting with Professionals from a PHP Development Company could just be the best beginning in honing your PHP skills as an upcoming developer of promise.


Both Node.JS and PHP have been excellent in their own ways. However, while PHP scores on simplicity, Node.JS scores on speed, making it a tough choice for Developers.

How can you prevent SQL injection in PHP?

SQL injection is quite a common method used by hackers to access critical information. One of the common ways of preventing SQLinjection is by using prepared statements. The prepared statements make use of certain pre- defined parameters which help in filtering out doubtful queries which will stop hackers from accessing critical information. Another prominent way used by Developers to prevent SQL injection is by using PDO or PHP defined objects. These also use prepared statements to rule out and SQL injection attacks.

Is Node better than PHP?

PHP and Node.JS are both proven JavaScript frameworks for Back End Development. Though PHP is much simpler to use than Node.JS, the speed of Node is much faster than PHP. Also Node.JS is powered by the Google V8 JavaScript Engine which makes it a better prospect than PHP.

Is PHP difficult to learn?

PHP is simpler compared to Node.JS. However, the complexity of the language depends upon whether the developer has had a brief prior knowledge or he has had a working exposure to HTML, CSS or JavaScript. A better exposure to these three can make understanding PHP that much easier.

Which is the best server side programming language?

There are many server side Languages to learn from like Java, JavaScript, PHP, Node.JS, Symphony, Python etc. Though each of them are a bit different in their own way and have their own specialities, Java comes out on the top as the most preferred language on the basis of sheer popularity and performance over last few decades.

Is Python Client side or server side?

Though Python is primarily a server side programming language, it can be well integrated with client side languages such as JavaScript to deliver optimum performance.

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