As billions of users are already using a variety of easy-to-use mobile applications, the mobile app market is seeing a new wave of growth globally. Today consumers are highly engaged with not just one app but multiple apps on their smartphone. Popular apps such as Zomato, Uber, Ola, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, etc are a total hit among smartphone users and it’s a massive user base out there. Being the drivers of IT and digital transformation globally, opportunities for the software engineers are plentiful and this trend is catching like wildfire.
With uberisation of workforce as the new emerging trend, companies nowadays are open to outsourcing their software development work, and they have two choices to choose from – either they can hire a professional outsourcing company or contact individual freelance developer for delivering high-end technology solutions who work all by themselves. Both options have their own set of pros and cons of hiring. But hiring a freelance software developer is a strict NO as compared to hiring a professional outsourcing company owing to the following reasons.

No Quality Control –
Hiring a creative freelancer sounds like a fantastic option but the reality is totally different than what we expect and it is a scary prospect because entrepreneurs are not in control over the individual’s quality and it adds more complexity for managing your workforce.
There is no way to make sure the code that is being written is high quality or even judge the developers on freelancer sites by their portfolio listed. So freelancers can be completely unreliable to work with. While the benefits of having a flexible workforce may make sense for many companies, employers “should definitely not go into contracting and freelancing employment blindly,” Lillian Chaves Moon, a partner in Akerman LLP’s Labor and Employment Practice Group in Orlando, Fla., told Bloomberg BNA.

Scaling Cost
Sometimes when we hear about highly recommended freelancers we get excited to hire them but when we actually get to know their cost per hour, we would back off. Per hour payments seem way too expensive after all. Being business owners you would properly account for the real cost of your labor and hiring a freelance developer can be cost-prohibitive.
No time to search for the best one
When there are strict timelines and requirements are urgent, and there is no time to test the waters, getting the freelance developer you want who would fit both from skill perspective and cultural perspective can be a daunting experience more than you can imagine. Since demand for skilled developers is so high, finding the right freelance developer may take you away from other pressing issues with your business. You literally have to dip your toes into the talent pool to find the right one hence wasting your time.

Lack of communication
The lack of a communication structure is a frequent problem working with freelancers since talking ‘face-to-face’ is not always possible, and the lack of closeness and personal relationship can ruin your projects. When outsourcing services to freelancers, contact may not be as regular as needed and communication errors may happen. For example, the app developer might not understand the exact requirements of the company and may make errors that will end up delaying the app project. According to research the worst offender is communication! According to the 2013 Pulse of the Profession™ In-Depth Report “Ineffective communications is the primary contributor to project failure one third of the time, and had a negative impact on project success more than half of the time.”

Not available when you need them
As freelance software developers do not work according to the standard 9-to-5 workday and also handle multiple projects simultaneously, scheduling a time when you and the freelance developer are online is a huge problem. You may feel that you can be more productive when you both work together even if remotely.

Reduced Interviewing Options
Bad freelancers don’t exactly come with a warning label. An employer hires a freelancer whom they believe is perfect for the job, but problems seem to crop up when the freelancers may not have all the skills they have boasted about before taking the project and the skills that reflect in their portfolio on the freelancer site. You are the one shouldering all the risks if things didn’t go well.

Online payment security
Conducting online transactions are prone to many risks and we do not want our bank details exposed. One of the thorniest issues of hiring freelance app developers is precisely this. Although there are well-known payment gateways that are currently very safe, security and security is always a concern and with different freelancers, the criterion for accepting the payment is different. Some freelancers are comfortable to work with monthly payments but some may be fussy and ask for weekly payments or daily transactions and so no time is left to review their work.

Your ideas at risk
Your business idea is like your own baby which you incubate and execute. The fear that an original and innovative idea might get copied is a big fear for a budding entrepreneur. You have to hand over the minutest details, the entire access to see your app data to the freelancer. At most times, there is no non-disclosure agreement signed with the freelancer.
So when you get the opportunity of choosing a flexible workforce and decide whom to work with, always pick the best one. The wisest option is to work with more organized rented tech teams. DeveloperOnRent is a unique rent based model, a one stop platform for developers seeking exciting opportunities and customers looking for hiring the right software developer talent.

Why work with DOR and not with freelance Developer?

Cost benefit
In an hourly pay arrangement with freelancers you will not have an insight into how those hours are being utilized, as they do not work in collaboration. Hence there’s always a possibility of costs scaling up.
As the above insights reveal, it is clear that hiring freelance developers to build and grow your operations can be way too expensive and often exceeds your project budget range. On the other hand, when you work with a professional renting company like DeveloperOnRent, you pay per use and can hire a developer with a single click for the time you need. There are no surprise invoices and you are able to save around 30-40% of your cost.

Freelance Developer Rates
Short Term Commitment
The most underrated benefit of outsourcing to rented teams is the ability to bring in an expert on board on project basis without committing long term and just paying the associated costs. As you know there are always different projects coming down the pipeline so skill sets you need for each one are different. At DOR, you have flexibility to choose from a talented pool of developers.

On Time delivery
For a startup running on tight timelines and budget, time is money. Otherwise the time will come when your CFO or your client will knock on your door demanding to know how much more time!! Working with a freelancer demands constant monitoring and eyes on progress. At DeveloperOnRent we understand that timing is everything and it takes a combination of experience and skill set to deliver projects on time. We have a pool of talented developers from which one will be aligned to work with you right from the scratch until you crack it.

Pre-vetted teams
While working with freelancer developer you do not know the person behind the CV. At the end of the day, you cannot be 100% sure the candidate who performed the coding test online is the same one you are hiring due to the nature of freelancing websites. Below are some mistakes which freelance Developer make.
-Most often, freelancers write copy pasted job proposals to win a job opportunity and sadly they are hired by the clients. The pitfalls of hiring the wrong developer are invisible to the client at that time until something goes wrong.
-Some freelancers have bad writing skills and often are a bad communicator, which means there remains a communication barrier between the client and the freelance developer (who is not able to understand your project requirements as clearly as you do).
On the contrary, at DeveloperOnRent you work with pre-vetted talent and there is no need to accurately assess the developers you choose to work with. You are free to choose from a pool of skilled developers, who are trained in all the domains and own an extra edge over others.

Code Collaboration
Collaboration is a huge challenge when outsourcing to freelancers. Software development is organically a collaborative process, but you can’t really expect freelancers to understand what you’re asking because they are coming from a different context and working remotely. At DOR, we work in collaboration with our clients and have professional meeting rooms or boardrooms when needed.

Logistical Challenges
Many entrepreneurs don’t consider the challenge of working with a 100% remote workforce and having a freelance developer in a very different time zone can be even worse. You may have to wake up in the middle of the night for conference calls with the developer team and it always feel a burden to micro-manage them. But at DOR, you can relax and leave everything upon us.
Information security
Ideas are like an asset and converting an idea into a reality is never an easy task, it requires the courage, time and money to take the action. An idea being stolen is the biggest fear that any entrepreneur has. At DeveloperOnRent we understand this risk and strive to make sure that your idea remains safe from prying eyes. We commit to data confidentiality, something that is hard to get with a freelancer and consultants.

Find employees that fit to your tech stack
Here’s how you go! Just submit the request and we handle the rest for you. All it takes to optimize your entire recruiting process is just one click and next, you have a pool of developers to choose from.

Why choose only DeveloperOnRent?
DOR allows you to work with self organized teams, provides transparency into project work, and emphasizes communication at its best, from team members. The fact that all developers follow a framework or process is important to ensure consistency and efficient outputs.
Without organized structure such as DOR, project owners could be left in the dark until work is completed. Having this kind of organized process is super important and saves a lot of time that may have otherwise been lost to freelancers. At DOR, we ensure the best experience to our customers.
Wish you a happy renting!

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