Not so long ago, outsourcing software development activities were seen more towards reducing the operational costs. However, with technology showing us new paths, at the end of every passing day, software development outsourcing has become an acceptable norm. Though, Software outsourcing is nothing but joining hands with an offshore development team or a company, to benefit a bit more from their expertise, it also looks at how innovative, an offshore development company can be. When you hire offshore developers, you look at hiring high quality work. We have some factors listed down below, which could prove helpful, in making your right decisions, in choosing your best offshore development partner

  1. Look out for an accommodate and supportive management team: It is important to know your offshore development leadership team and what different, they can bring to the table. It’s all about taking initiatives, justifying your reasons to tag along with them and this is where, an experienced management staff, with the required experience and exposure, can make a difference, by guaranteeing a seamless transition of work and a successful outcome.
  2. Pricing: Having the best price is what motivates look for a progressive partnership. A comparative research here can help in arriving at a wise decision.
  3. Flexibility: Look for an offshore development centre, which is flexible enough to understand your exact needs and has the ability to give you the most fruitful solution.
  4. Flawless Communication: Any offshore development centre, should possess the ability to communicate freely and to the point, than beating around the bushes. Query handling is a key part of any development process and communication plays an important role, in addressing as well as solving those queries.
  5. Well-Equipped Reources: At the end of the day, when you hire off shore developers, you look at how qualified and experienced they are in efficiently handling your requirements. You look for a team, that goes beyond just mere development and coding and which can be creative enough to suggest something even better than the present solution.
  6. Trust: Every business moves forward on one word and that is, “Trust”. Software Outsourcing services is no different. Infact, here, it is even more important to build trust. So, before signing an outsourcing contract, checking on the infrastructure, back-ups for downtime, safeguards and the availability of the staff will give you a fair idea about the reliability of the vendor.
  7. Time Zone: This is another important factor to choose you offshore development partner. Staying connected with your partner at all times is required to ensure smooth business operations. Hence, at the most, choose an offshore development company, which falls well within your time zone and suitable communication range.
  8. References: Before you know about your offshore partner, it is good to know that how many others have heard about them and their positive feedback. Good references can always ease, decision making.
  9. Track Record: The track record of your offshore development partner can significantly influence your business success. Read through more about your potential partner and take a look at people opinions on the performance of your potential offshore partner, over a period of 2-3 years.
  10. Service Level Agreement (SLA): This is an important document that binds both of you together. Hence, before you actually finalize the SLA, it would be appropriate to tick all boxes and ensure that you and your offshore development partner are in the same page. This can take a bit of time but ensure that when it is done, it is done with no deviations.

You have now got the basics covered up. However, how do you choose the best in business? As mentioned a bit earlier, your offshore development team should be an extension of just development and common coding, and this is where, DeveloperonRent, a company which adds much more value to you and your specific requirements, apart from having the above basics covered, can make the all-important difference.

Why Should You Choose DeveloperOnRent as your Offshore Development Partner?

DeveloperonRent not only understands customer’s requirements, at a greater depth, but also has something more and something different, which is unique. An excellent combination of minds and subject knowledge lead to an ideal and trusted partnership atmosphere.

Offshore Centre

Innovation and quality awaits you and at the same time, eases your recruiting process, by expanding your search, across the globe. You get the benefit on working on your new ideas with a company, which has the right set up of infrastructure, technology and developers, to meet your specific business needs.

Captive Setup

DeveloperonRent adopts a transparent approach. Hire our offshore developers who are more keen than you, to stay connected at all times and keep you well in tune with the developments, as and how they unfold. We work on a win to win model where we ensure faster decision making and greater control thereby lowering the risk of losing trade secrets and internal knowledge.

Partner for Products

Product Development continues to be one of our highly anticipated services.  A combined application of knowledge and brilliance, by our subject matter experts, help us maintain a strong development model and timely delivery, even under most challenging circumstances.

Partner for solutions

Safely choose us as your offshore development partner for innovative solutions as our main objective continues to be to help you on how to maximize your investments. Right from building the strategy, we have a competent team, which works well towards customizing your requirement to meet your needs, configure your system to the new solution as well as help you integrate with existing applications and deployment.

Dedicated Resources

We understand the value of having qualified and dedicated resources and we pick and choose from the best available resource. In this way, only the best developers work for you who have no practice of compromising on quality and timely deliverables.

Ideas to MVP (For Small, Startup and SME Companies)

Here’s something which will motivate you to meet us soon! If you have just taken your first steps in business, we will help you take concrete steps to achieve a phased growth. Come and meet us to understand more about MVP or a Minimal Viable Product!  Our developers excel in building a version of the product that contains the minimum set of features. These features should be enough to satisfy the initial users and show them what makes the product unique and worth using in the first place. Your feedbacks then will help both of us work in tandem and achieve our common objectives.

POC or Proof of Concept Building to prove the idea or innovation

We adopt this approach to help you understand the feasibility of your requirement.  With a working prototype, you have an opportunity to understand where you stand in terms of your requirement and address any unclear areas, before proceeding ahead with your final requirement. DeveloperonRent is capable of addressing your requirements at any stage of development.


It’s much more to an offshore development service as we have seen. To be in tune with what technology has for your today, it would be a wise choice to partner with someone, who has the ability to co-relate what is available with what is coming ahead and DeveloperonRent thinks ahead and thinks positively. That’s where the difference lies.

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