The rapid changes in technology have seen the emergence of a lot of Startup companies, across different industrial sectors. However, one thing which has been a challenge for Startups has been investment, particularly the overheads and development cost. With a view to establishing a good base, Startup companies do go that extra mile in building the best infrastructure and hiring the best workforce on a permanent basis and all this within a limited budget. As such, there is always a risk involved as they are still in the incumbent stages and the threat of competition also looms large. This is where; the pay per use business model has been a huge success and a refreshing change for Startups. Before getting into how this model has helped, let us understand a bit about how it works.

The Pay per Use Business Model

The pay per use business model is not an entirely new concept, as one would like to, visualize it.  The idea was being explored a long time back, during the pre-digitization and internet era itself. However, with the Internet revolution and its commercialization, due to its powerful impact, that followed, pay per use business model was back and started gaining good momentum.

The rise of cloud computing has created a radical shift, in the way technology-driven companies are thinking and going about their businesses these days. We continue to hear about the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) models, which are the nearest examples of the pay per use business model.

How can Startups Benefit with this model?

Startups can look up to the pay per use business model as a relatively straight forward model. One of the major advantages of this model is that the customers pay only for the service, they use, much like pay-per-view TV.

For Startup companies, investing in a large manpower team may be a stressful affair as they may neither be within their budget framework nor depending upon a permanent of the contract employee, in today’s competitive work scenario, be the appropriate path. Irrespective of the futuristic picture, their type of business activity may present, they may have to invest a minimum basic on employee’s salaries and perks. This could be a challenge for Startup companies.

Pay per use business model works efficiently during instances when promising Startups have to invest in hiring quality software developers, on a project to project basis. Such a service, that’s got a relatively limited lifetime, and allows them to pay for the service only when they need to use it, will be the best possible solution and that is where a pay per use business model will be a sensible way to go forward.

Taking this feature forward, umpteen numbers of companies have emerged, over a period of time, with a pay per use service-oriented approach. But, when it comes to offering core advantages on a very consistent basis, like low startup costs, monthly affordability, and convenience to users, DeveloperonRent(DOR), a well-established and well-known organization in Bangalore, makes that important difference, by scoring over its nearest and strongest competitors.

How DeveloperOnRent (DOR) is different from its very effective pay per use business model?

In a very short period of time, DeveloperonRent has established itself, as one of the premier software development services company, which caters to the application development requirements, from global customers, using cutting edge technology. One of DOR’s attractive services, which continue to catch the attention of customers worldwide it’s meticulously, organized pay per use business model.

Understanding the challenges Startups in particular face when it comes to balancing objectives with investments, DOR has effectively been able to meet their requirements, with a matured a thought-provoking design. With this business model, DOR presents an alternative for Startups with an opportunity to pay for only those professional services which are needed.

This is not all. DeveloperonRent’s assures much more through this value-driven service that includes;

Ensuring a Simple distribution and billing processes

This is where a Pay per use business model works well when the service can be effectively metered. For Startup companies, in particular, billing systems and agreements must be user-friendly, simple to communicate and easily understood, so that the customers are entitled to enter an agreement that charges their account peruse.

Ability to manage per-use costs

DeveloperonRent has a well-structured system which helps Startups manage per-use cost-effectively. With a pay per use business model, the value relationship is made very clear to the customer, and they are able to prioritize feature and service development, based on the immediate requirements.

Flexible and Affordable

DOR’s pay per use business model is designed in such a way that customers find it flexible and affordable.


DeveloperonRent is an innovative organization which continues to work towards giving out its best services to its customers. With an efficient pay per use business model, Startups can now strategize their requirements and pay for only those services, they request for. While hiring services of developers from DOR, Startups can look forward to assured services, for the time period, they have opted for. This will save them from challenges towards committing to an employee on a full-time basis and face delays in receiving projects, depending on which, they would have hired permanent employees. This can also help build a good relationship with the developers which allow the Startups to pick and choose the best developers, as and when required.

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