One of the most exciting sectors which software developers aspire to make a career is Product Development. And why not?! This is one of the best opportunities for them to showcase their talent. Before we go into what is the significance of developing a good product, let us understand what product development is.

What is Product Development?

In simple terms, new product development is a process to build a new product. In fact, it is not about just developing a product. It is also the ability of a developer to modify and improve an existing product. This is done to know the viability of the product which is new to the market. Though the product can be industry specific, there are common milestones which it must achieve, as new product. Building a product is all about moving from one challenging stage to the next. But why is building a product very important? Let’s understand this.

Why do you need to develop your own product?

This is a common question asked by many people. What is the need for a new product development, especially when the cost and risk factors are quite high? Here are a few reasons which can be thought about.

Value add for customers

Anything new in life is always exciting isn’t it!  As far as organizations are concerned, building a new product is quite important as it showcases its creative strengths. In a way, it also improves the standing of the organization in the market. More importantly, it adds value to its existing customers as well as invites new customers to show interest. With competition at its peak, new and exciting products can give more visibility to the organization.

Better visibility in the society

Not just building a new product, but even modifying an existing product by introducing latest features is good for any organization. This helps in generating additional revenue for the organization. Building a new product can sometimes improve the company’s chanced in gaining a better visibility within the society too.  Companies can consider developing something which can help people minimize their stress and time taken otherwise to fulfill important tasks.

Inspires Employees

This is an important factor as any new product in development always inspires and motivates employees. They tend to put in their very best in making the product work successfully. It can also be a refreshing change for them from repeatedly working on the same old products.

Builds financial value for the organization

Many organizations look for funding from reliable resources to help them progress to the next level in business. Hence, new product development and feasibility for large scale production, not only improves the financial value of the company, but also helps in getting loans from banks and reliable resources, to take their plans forward.  As such, opportunities to expand the business in the future also gain lot of momentum.

New products attract new customers

Customers always look for something new and something different. They would want to put their new thoughts into action. Building a new product is one of the ways in helping customers achieve that. This can collectively help the organization as well its customers to plan and expand their businesses by taking their association to greater heights.

How Product Development can help your brands become more discoverable?

New product development also includes developing new brands through a company’s own Research and Development effort. Building a product or modifying an existing product can help gain more visibility to the organization’s branding efforts.  Not only does a new product attract the attention of customers within the country but also can open up opportunities to collaborate with global business giants. This can help in improving brand image and brand value.

Our Lucrative strategy to build a great product

  1. DeveloperOnRent has a seasoned team of developers who are proactive and work well as a team.
  2. The organization adds value to product development by getting into the minute detail at every stage.
  3. Every developer involved is clear with his goal.
  4. The highlight of DeveloperOnRent’s new product development strategy is that every new idea is screened for market viability.
  5. Every customer is involved and every stage of development is transparent.
  6. The objective of DeveloperOnRent has been to deliver world class products suiting the customer’s budget plans.


Product development is a popular area and much in demand with developers. For e.g. Agile product development has been a big success, ever since it arrived. The best way to approach a new product development is to understand what it is all about and why it matters. You’ll also want to study the realities of the product you’re actually going to be making. Hence, before making any significant attempt to get into new product development, you’ll want to look very closely at the principles and beliefs you and your organization hold about product development.

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