How much value does a strong product development team brings to the success of an organization? Well, being a part of a corporate set up, most of us will have understood this by now. However, the success of any product development team depends upon how smartly the members of the team use the opportunity, to bring in value to their products, thereby giving the customer, value for his investment. This subsequently helps in the betterment of society.

However, as a product development team grows from saying one or two individuals to begin with a larger outfit, there is a need for the organization to see that the team works for a common cause and works in tandem with the other members. It is much likely that a project team is made up of people coming in from different parts of the country and with varied experiences. Hence, with the final goal of delivering a world-class, customer satisfactory product, it becomes all the more important to keep each member of the team on the same page.

So what exactly does a high-performing product team actually look like? Here are some traits which can give you an idea:

Top Traits of Product Development Team

  • Clarity and Identity across the organization
  • Entitled and Self – Governing
  • In line with Organizational Goals
  • Inter-Personal Communication skills
  • Safe space enablers
  • Continuously Improvement
  • Enjoy each other’s success
  • Be always customer-centric
  • Be Decisive
  • Combine emerging talent with existing talent

Clarity and Identity across the organization

A product development team is identified by how it is being visualized and seen across the organization. A competent project team can analyze the difference between at what stage the product development company has come forward, where it is now and where it sees itself in the nearest future.  High-performing product teams also make information accessible, across the organization, instead of holding it close to themselves.

Entitled and Self – Governing

A successful product development team will like to be empowered to take decisions where it can save the time of the organization as well as enhance productivity. At the same time, they would like themselves to be seen as problem solvers and not just independent contributors. An organization would do well to cash upon the success of the team and empower them to achieve even more by giving them all possible freedom to perform.

In line with Organizational Goals

Every organization will have defined a vision, mission, and goals. A high performing product development team will always be focused on the larger picture; the organization has, in addition to working within its specific domain. It is therefore imperative for any organization to ensure that each member of the team fully understands the overall vision everyone is working towards.

Inter-Personal Communication skills

Effective Inter-personal communication skills is a plus point for any employee irrespective of which domain they are working on and the size of the organization. A product development team is no exception. Moreover, product development teams have to interact with almost all the key departments within an organization and hence, possessing exceptional temperament and communication skills is very vital towards achieving the final objective.

Safe space enablers

Good product development teams depend upon the latest information as it unfolds in the market to help them strategize their approach. This is why they need both customers and colleagues to share concerns, feedback, and ideas with them on a regular basis. To keep that input coming from every corner, product development teams must create an environment where suggestions are welcome and not viewed as personal attacks or criticism. Every product development team must learn to carry other departments and teams along with them.

Continuously Improvement

A determined product development team will strive to achieve more and more and not be satisfied with successes along the way. Both as individuals and as a team, they will look to improve the quality of their output and demonstrates their commitment to quality by starting with themselves.

Enjoy each other’s success

A successful product development team will look to complement the contributions of each and every member of the team. Giving due credit to team members when and where desired boosts the morale of the entire team thereby increasing the efficiency of performance and productivity. For team leaders, praising individual contributors and making sure their accomplishments get proper visibility is also a key to high performance.

Be always customer-centric

An efficient product development team becomes the voice of the customer within both the business and technical pillars of the company. Customer feedback is extremely important for the continuity of the project and the growth of the organization. Working positively on every feedback received and taking every suggestion with a development-oriented mindset will help the company establish a good and progressive association with its customers.

Be Decisive

A capable product development team will have the ability to make decisions and live up to the same. One way to influence their team with this trait is to designate a person who ultimately gets to call the shots and has authority. A well-organized and laid down process helps in setting up a system within the framework of product development and every member of the team benefits with the smooth conduct of this system.

Combine emerging talent with existing talent

A fast-moving product development team will look to mix emerging talent with existing talent. This will help the team build up the bench strength of the team. As well, in the company of established seniors, the emerging talent can get into the groove, understand the way the team works its way up and then slowly start contributing their best towards developing an efficient product.


Top product development teams don’t just follow the rules; they question why they were made in the first place.  An efficient team does not stop after achieving successes at various stages. They convert the opportunity to achieve even more. They flourish by stretching or redefining existing constraints and by bending rules and traditions when necessary.

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