Why Is Python language used for Hacking

Your system is always susceptible to anonymous hackers who are on the constant hunt for exploiting system vulnerabilities. System hacking is one scary cyber trend which is fast catching on. Ever wondered what support do these system hackers actually need to crack the privacy of your data? The sophistication of these cyber attackers and the ease with which they attack your system can be attributed to their deep technical knowledge and know-how. Hacking requires deep technical knowledge, knowledge of methodical testing and a good understanding of networking. Python is one programming language which can help break into the big databases. It is the most loved code-cracker for hackers all over the world. There are many other languages that have been doing rounds as alternates but none works as swiftly as Python for many understandable reasons.

Let’s learn the reasons why and how one can explore more hacking opportunities with Python than any other programming language:

Simple structure

If you are looking for a promising programming language that takes much less time to develop and is shorter than Java programs, then look no further than Python. Typically 3-5 times shorter than equivalent Java programs, Python not just provides great ease for Python developers but the programmer can be more productive in Python. Also with a simple and readable syntax and a code style guideline which facilitates the use of formatting of codes, it’s all praise for beginners. It’s just the right programming language nail it.

Python is a dynamic language with high-level inbuilt data types. It allows developers to declare multiple variables at the same time thus preventing any waste of time. It’s a straightforward language for hackers that use simple functions and variables. If you are a professional hacker and looking for a language with a simple structure Python could just be the answer for you. Strong

scripting language

With some scripting skills, you have all the power to become a professional hacker. Python is an interpreted general-purpose programming language as well as a scripting language. Python is a great language not just because it is widely used in software development, web frameworks, and applications, but the dynamic programming language can be used for everything that is built on Java platform. Python is an advanced scripting language which can readily connect existing components together. What further empowers the hackers is that there are a lot of python-modules that can help hackers to write exploit scripts.

Python has a rich library for assistance

Hacking, as an aim, requires exploiting libraries that can do the code reversal task. Python library combines built-in modules (written in C) that provides you a free hand over system functionality such as file I/O that would otherwise be inaccessible to Python programmers. Python has a huge rebuilt and a very standard library that can make hacking a child’s play for an already well-versed person.

It also has extensive third party libraries which help hackers to get their job done. As it helps the hacker do away with being tracked by Anti-viruses (AV), intrusion detection system and more, it has to be a preferred language among hackers. For example, one would obviously choose an axe to cut the tree and not a knife. Isn’t it? For the same reason, a hacker would choose python and not other programming languages.

Python is an object-oriented language

Since python is an object-oriented language, it makes it’s simpler for any developer to build applications bit by bit by using classes and objects in an organized way. The language is sectioned in a way and this fact makes hacking a simpler task to do since modifying the development as per choice will not be difficult.

Python brings along a helpful community at service

There is nothing better than having help at hand. Python has a fairly large community supported by well experienced and a knowledgeable group of people. The language is raking up miles and enjoys a great degree of support from its enthusiastic fans who are willing to support each other and are dedicated to spreading the use of the language far and wide. Python has the 5th largest StackOverflow community and the 3rd largest meetup community. It is the 4th most used language at GitHub.

Python for Web applications

Python is a programming language which serves as an umbrella to most web applications. Frameworks like Django, Pyramid, and Flask encompass the abilities to create real web applications that have the same power as the sites we use every day.


Besides the given reasons, Python is the most loved programming language used by hackers since it’s an open-source language which means that hackers can use the stuff that other hackers have previously made. Besides being free and high-level language, it also comes with a bank of genius support. Simplistic coding and the language structure of this programming language has magnetized a lot of users and today it has a fairly vast community. It is the 4th most used language at the GitHub. It’s a language highly used for developing web applications for business and also it is very useful for hacking. Therefore it can be interpreted optimistically that Python is definitely the preferred language when it comes to hacking.

Though unethical hacking isn’t an appreciated thing to do but ethical hacking and re-coding in terms of upgrading and modification is an added advantage that Python has in store to offer.

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