In the era of digitization, customer expectations are elevating at racing speed and the IT’s ability to keep up is not sufficient. Companies are doing all the heavy lifting to digitize their processes, roll out applications and are hellbent to be in sync with the changing market. But only 1 in 10 businesses achieve the expected results because the remaining 9 fail to choose either the right development platform or talented developers (sometimes both).

Previous development models were too slow to keep up with the trends of the changing market. Because by the time you launch your applications built with old-school custom coding, it would be outdated already. This is why industries are inclining towards Rapid Application Development a.k.a RAD. In this article we will be discussing why RAD has become the de facto of the digital age.

Rapid roll outs

Customer demands keep changing at a neck breaking speed and it is important to take advantage of them before your rivals do. Successful businesses roll out applications as soon as they encounter an opportunity in the market. But traditional methods can’t keep up with the pace of dynamic market as they take weeks to months to develop applications.

Fortunately, RAD has scaled down the software development time from months to minutes. RAD provides a source of abstract that developers can fill without having to build the whole thing from scratch. RAD platforms also feature predefined templates for the commonly used features of the apps. With RAD the developer has to just pick some templates and put them together in their app.

Change management

Even if you roll out the best app, they tend to get outdated over time. You should be able to continuously update the feature to cater the needs of the changing market. Besides market trends, there are also other factors like a government regulation (say GDPR) that would require you to make changes to the applications. Traditional methods require the developers to rewrite the whole thing even to incorporate minor changes. But with RAD, changes can be done in minutes. RAD’s WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface builder is worth millions of lines of codes. With RAD, you can easily deploy the required changes in minutes.


The size of your customer base is as versatile as the market because of the everyday debut of new technologies and changing demands. Your application must be flexible enough to accommodate the growing customer base. The application’s performance and user experience should remain consistent irrespective of the number of people using it simultaneously. If the app slows down, the user would probably uninstall it. Poor app response time could be one of the biggest reasons why 23% of the users uninstall the apps after the first use.


Millennials want everything in their phones. Right from checking emails to ordering food, they rely on their smartphones for every single thing. The applications you develop must be compatible across the variety of mobile devices. Low-code application development makes it simple. With RAD, you just have to build once and let the platform automatically deploy the app across all the devices. Unlike the traditional methods, developers don’t have to write a different code for every device.

Citizen development

Citizen development is the new buzz word in the development space. RAD platforms are mostly zero code or low code and come with easy-to-use tools like drag and drop using which almost anyone can code.

Any employee in the organisation can develop applications but this doesn’t mean that RAD makes developers obsolete. Developers can distribute the easy tasks to their colleagues and concentrate on the complex tasks.

Since it enables team members to directly develop the applications they need, it saves the time that developers would spend in requirement gathering. Also the deviation of the final products from expectations is due to communication gap is eliminated. Most of all, citizen development makes digital transformation the responsibility of the entire organisation.

Closing thoughts,

Clearly RAD has become the de facto of digital transformation. But different RAD platforms have different functionalities, so it is important to choose the right one. Choosing the wrong platform will put you in a problem bigger than the one you had earlier. This is why you need a hire an experienced developer to do it for you. Be it web application development or mobile application development companies should always pay equal attention to choose the right development platform and hire the right web application developers. We at DeveloperOnRent make it a breeze for you to hire the best Web application and Mobile application developers. If you are planning to develop applications for your business, feel free to reach out to us.

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